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PARIS © method: an innovative formula
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11 training modules

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Proinfluent professional marketing expert
Proinfluent professional marketing expert

Check the box if you meet the ONE
of the following FRUSTRATIONS:

You've spent dozens of hours on LinkedIn ™ without ever understanding how to get opportunities
You are frustrated because you are sending applications and have no responses
You don't know where to start to look for the job of your dreams
You send applications or actions without method
You do not stand out or are not visible

Did you tick one of the boxes? You are in the right place !

 I will help you understand how THE N ° 1 social network for employment can help you land the job of your dreams.

Step by step, I’ll walk you through the screen and reveal its secrets, what not to do and what works.

LinkedIn is essential in your job search

92% of recruiters use LinkedIn ™

92% of recruiters use it ...

... and yet, only 5% of applicants use it to its full potential!

95% of candidates underuse LinkedIn ™

LinkedIn ™ job search


Classic job search

The classic job search

Job search with LinkedIn ™

Success on LinkedIn ™ modeled

Helping you to master the social network as essential as it is powerful for your job search, that is my mission.

I have been there… And I managed to capitalize on LinkedIn to climb the ladder one at the head office of Airbus or within the AXA group, in France or abroad.

Since 2012, I have modeled my success and summarized everything you need to know to find a job with LinkedIn in this pragmatic training.

Why this online training?

This training has been designed to allow you to:

Advice visible nowhere else

I condensed 7 years of experience to create this training. You will have access to unique advice.

You win or you win

with the 15-day money-back guarantee.

Access to advice that I invoice companies

You are going to access some of my best advice that I charge dearly for businesses.

"Satisfied or refunded"

You are not satisfied within 15 days? I'll reimburse you.

The 11 steps to find a job and
"sell yourself" on LinkedIn ™

Module 1: how did this training come about?

✔ The click: it is possible to sell on LinkedIn ™
✔ Being present on LinkedIn ™ is essential
✔ Managing your professional image is essential

Module 2: Selling Yourself Using LinkedIn ™

✔ Find out about LinkedIn ™, who is on LinkedIn ™ and why you are on LinkedIn
✔ Learn how to sell yourself on LinkedIn ™ with the new ways that work
✔ You will discover the best practices for selling yourself to recruiters

Module 3: understanding recruiters to better reach her

✔ Put yourself in the recruiter's shoes to better impact them
✔ Discover the method to understand and profile it
✔ Set up a keyword strategy

Module 4: transformation of your LinkedIn ™ profile, the foundation of your success

✔ Change your beliefs
✔ Take care of your brand image: ultimate and original advice + practical tutorial
✔ The secrets of an effective LinkedIn ™ profile
✔ Write an effective sales summary using the PROINFLUENT © frame
✔ Develop the credibility of your profile
✔ Effectively set up your profile and access the little-known parameters of 99% of LinkedIn ™ users!
✔ List your profile on search engines

Module 5: 4 ways to find a job with LinkedIn ™

✔ Appear on recruiters' radar thanks to this trick, unknown to your competitors
✔ The 4 new ways to find a job with LinkedIn ™

Module 6: Developing Your Professional LinkedIn ™ Network

✔ Remove your preconceived ideas
✔ Change your mindset
✔ Earn tens or hundreds of connections within hours!
✔ Learn the 2 strategies to develop your network

Module 7: find and contact your target (recruiters)

✔ How not to pay LinkedIn ™ Premium and find as many recruiters as you want
✔ The 3 methods to find recruiters for free

Module 8: positioning yourself effectively and being visible

✔ Find out how to monitor and scrutinize the hidden market
✔ Learn what works on LinkedIn ™
✔ The 4 types of content on LinkedIn ™
✔ Boost your visibility and learn everything you need to know to publish, post and be visible
✔ Automate certain tasks (magic tools)

Module 9: Dominate and Use Your Enemy: The LinkedIn ™ Algorithm

✔ Avoid getting killed by the LinkedIn ™ algorithm
✔ Increase your results by making you love the algorithm
✔ Learn the mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn ™

Module 10: maximizing the community effect

✔ Join recruiters in their pools
✔ Save time and learn everything you need to know to get there

Module 11: PARIS © Method: find a job on LinkedIn ™ in 1 hour a day

✔ PARIS © method: an innovative formula for looking for a job on LinkedIn ™ in 1 hour per day
✔ Save precious time to carry out other job search actions
✔ The typical message that works


Access to the private self-help group

An exceptional guarantee

1 month "Satisfied or refunded" guarantee

If, despite applying the Method, you are not satisfied with the results (increased visibility of your profile on LinkedIn ™, improvement of the image of your LinkedIn ™ profile) within 31 days? Request a refund for the e-learning (value of 197 €) to customer service:

The content you will get immediately

Online training find a job with LinkedIn in 1 hour a day

11 training modules

Over 2 hours of HD videos

Secure and accessible interface 24/7

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Your trainer


Expert in marketing,

Specialist in LinkedIn ™,

Founder of Proinfluent.

My life mission:

help and support talents and professionals to achieve their professional goals through marketing.

Journey :

  • Creator of the concrete CV, seen on TV and voted the most original CV # 2 in France.
  • Marketing Manager at AXA headquarters.
  • Responsible for change at the Airbus Group headquarters.
  • Senior Officer in charge of innovation and partnerships for AXA in Hong Kong.

They witness

If you have the privilege of collaborating with him, he will pull you to the top.

Silvia galo
Communication manager

Yannick is one of those who shine with their simplicity, formidable efficiency, unparalleled team spirit & natural leadership imbued with humility. A 4-core processor!

Vincent Maisonneuve
Founding partner, assur & sens

"His mastery of LinkedIn makes him one of the most influential experts in the region, I can only recommend him."

Maxime Okoye
Facebook and Instagram Advertising Expert

I highly recommend this training with Yannick.

Benjamin Gaillard
In professional retraining

A booster!

Jean Claude

I became more visible to recruiters and received job offers!

Artistic director

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Well, I’ll stop the testimonials there, I have more than 100 files:

As you can see, you take no risk in following the most comprehensive support on the market.

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The warranty covers:

  • increased visibility of your profile on LinkedIn,
  • improving the image of your LinkedIn profile;

as a corollary, it does not understand what is not described.

If, despite applying the Method, you are not satisfied with the results within 31 days? Request a refund for the e-learning (value of 197 €) to customer service:

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