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Yannick Bouissière,
LinkedIn ™ expert, marketing specialist.

PS: I am not an employee, affiliate, or partner of LinkedIn Corporation.
The Proinfluent company is independent and trains professionals in the use of LinkedIn ™.

Yannick Bouissiere LinkedIn expert, LinkedIn trainer and BtoB prospecting

Founder of Proinfluent,
agency specializing in the generation of professional clients.

My mission :

help and support you
to achieve your goals
to marketing. to LinkedIn ™.

Proinfluent professional marketing expert
Proinfluent professional marketing expert

Independent LinkedIn ™ expert and LinkedIn ™ specialist (not affiliated with LinkedIn Corporation).

LinkedIn ™ expert, trainer, coach & consultant French speaking specialist in the use of the social network. I founded Proinfluent the expert agency of LinkedIn which supports professionals in achieving their goals.
Proinfluent is an independent training organization and is not affiliated or related to LinkedIn Corporation.

With my team, I train and support:

  1. professionals who want clients;
  2. talents who are looking for the job of their dreams;
  3. recruiters to source the best talent and;
  4. companies to work on their employer brand.

Why am I different?

My approach is different from that of other “experts”.

I want to contribute to a more human world

I deeply want everyone to have the chance to reveal themselves and flourish in their work.

I offer 80% of my expertise for free

I reveal 80% of my advice for free in my training offered , on my blog , in my YouTube videos Or on my LinkedIn ™ profile to help the greatest number to be accomplished.

Marketing generates value

I want marketing to create value: happiness, self-esteem, fulfillment, mutual aid ...

My story

Student with frame

manager in a multinational ...

...thanks to Social Selling!

(And one Concrete CV!)

I too encountered the difficulty of finding a job during the financial crisis.
For several months, I experienced periods of doubt, sending applications without ever having any answers …

Despite my efforts: translation of my CV, creation of a personal website, participation in trade fairs, calling an entire directory twice … I had a lot of difficulties, even applying the techniques of marketing, which I mastered, to myself.

It was then that I literally created a Reinforced Concrete CV!

This heavy CV allowed me to do the Buzz on professional social networks and to differentiate myself from my competitors.

He was promoted on television before being elected France’s most original CV # 2 !

Since that day, I decided to share my expertise

to help other professionals use the fuel potential of LinkedIn ™.

Because I have now understood:

  • that managing your professional image is PRIMORDIAL.
  • than being present on LinkedIn is ESSENTIAL.
  • THAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO SELL (and sell) on social networks.

Join the hundreds of professionals who use my techniques to achieve their professional goals.

Choose your # 1 goal below:

Committed to the environment

Our activity is essentially digital, so we have implemented some small actions. It is insufficient for my taste, but I am interested in ideas to put in place in the daily newspaper which could help not to impact or improve the planet.

Servers based on energy efficient technologies

To consume less and reduce CO2 emissions.

Carbon offsetting

In order to reduce its CO₂ emissions and contribute to the preservation of the environment, our host uses green energy exclusively in certain markets. For other markets, it favors renewable energy sources and uses a system of offsetting carbon emissions through certificates.

Ecosia as default browser

If everyone did that, we would replant a lot of trees.

We pause all inactive tabs

A small action, which in view of our activity saves significant resources at the end of the year.

The site is not white

This may seem trivial, but multiplied by the tens of thousands of visitors, it reduces the energy consumption to consult it.

Energy partly from the sun

Some of the energy used in 2020 came from our own solar panels.