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Posting a video on LinkedIn: the 3 ways to share it

Post a video on LinkedIn



How to post a video on LinkedIn  ?

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for developing your personal brand or content marketing to sell (you).

Marketing professionals have understood the importance of content marketing for success business development.

In fact, we consume content in various forms on a daily basis.  : podcasts, ebooks, printed books, TV shows, articles or videos (this is an opportunity to recommend that you check out my videos on my YouTube channel ).

Thanks to the features of LinkedIn, you can use the platform as a microblogging platform. You have the option to post as much content as you want.

If the items were more popular before, today, video is consumed more easily and quickly. Video has become the most shared form of content, especially on LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn’s regular updates, it’s getting easier and faster to share content and gain exposure.

What are the different ways to post and share a video on LinkedIn? Video tutorial

There are several ways to add or embed a video on your LinkedIn profile. Beforehand, you should know that LinkedIn does not allow videos that are longer than 10 minutes.

Option 1: Post a video on LinkedIn directly from YouTube or Vimeo

For put a video on LinkedIn from YouTube or Vimeo, you just need to copy the url in your status. The video will appear directly within your post. It’s a novelty for 2019.

For more efficiency, opt for a personalized post. Do not hesitate to accompany the video with a description in which you give your point of view on the subject. This allows you to increase your notoriety and your level of expertise.

Know that opting for this option is not  not my recommendation.

This solution is to be preferred if and only if you do not have the possibility to publish the video by uploading it directly to LinkedIn , that is to say in native (see point 3).

Option 2: Post videos on LinkedIn within articles

Today, some LinkedIn users use the platform for microblogging. Thanks to the article posting feature (formerly called Pulse), it is now possible to write articles on your LinkedIn profile like a blog.

Remember that LinkedIn does not allow direct downloads. So you can’t upload a video directly to your LinkedIn article.

To embed videos, simply paste the YouTube link within the article for the video to embed. Multimedia is generally more efficient and more shared, and it keeps the reader in your article longer, which could signal algorithms that your page is of interest to your audience. Which is therefore very good for your ”  reach  (Understand the organic reach of the post), since your content will showcase more, compared to others.

The Proinfluent recommendation:

This option is good if the video is a complement to  your article. Because by doing so, you will not catch the eye of your audience in the LinkedIn news feed. Indeed the thumbnail of your article will be static. If the main focus of your article is video then read the next point.

Option 3 (preferred solution): publish a native video on LinkedIn

If direct downloading from a computer was prohibited, LinkedIn now allows you to directly download a video via the application on IOS or Android and even from the computer. These videos have the advantage of being hosted by the platform. Therefore, they take priority over videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. That is to say that LinkedIn, in its algorithm, will favor and put more emphasis on so-called native videos. That is to say the videos hosted on its platform that will appear directly in the news feed. Thanks to this new feature, you can now shoot yourself and directly post your video in a status by clicking on the ”  video  Under your post.

I recommend that you read the dedicated article to know everything in order to post a LinkedIn video in the correct format.

The Proinfluent recommendation:

LinkedIn, like any social network, wants to keep its Internet users on its platform.

Thus, it penalizes people who redirect members to the external.  By doing this, you will see your posts lose impact quite simply because the social network does not highlight them (unless you are an influencer and you already have a lot of likes on this post).

This is why I recommend that you upload and publish your videos directly on the social network, in “native” as we say in the jargon.

Posting a video on LinkedIn: in conclusion

LinkedIn does everything to help you with your content marketing. Among other things, the platform offers various features and various means to publish videos. Today, it is even easier and faster to publish a video thanks to native videos . With quality videos and consistency, you can claim more notoriety and visibility on LinkedIn while bringing value to your audience.

Once again: choose option 3 for publish your videos directly on the social network . You will see the difference. Your posts will be well highlighted by the LinkedIn algorithm.

Speaking of which, if you want to post content and go from passive to active, then I recommend this article: How does the LinkedIn 2019 algorithm work?

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