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How do I see who has viewed my LinkedIn profile?

how do i know who viewed my profile



LinkedIn: How do I see who has viewed my profile?

LinkedIn is the first network professional social in the world.

Every professional knows that he is it has become essential to be present on the platform to get its business and the opportunities that go with it.

LinkedIn is more than 16 million registered in France and 28 million turnover.

Being on LinkedIn is therefore ensure giant visibility on a giant social network.

LinkedIn has an offer free for any professional who wishes to develop their digital identity.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn lets you know the identity of the people who visit your profile.

The advantages of functionality “ see who has viewed my profile »

See who viewed your profile has several advantages.

One of the significant advantages is that of showing you who is interested in your profile and professional background and of to be able to , if applicable, contact them.

Corn, LinkedIn’s free offer does not allow you to directly contact members who are not in your network .

To contact them with the offer free, you will need to invite them to join your network. At time the addition, LinkedIn will suggest that you accompany your invitation with a message personalized.

With the premium offer, you can contact directly, by “Inmail”, any professional present on the platform.

How to see who has viewed my profile with the free offer?

First of all, you must know that the free offer is limited. So you will not be able to see the identity of everyone who has visited your profile. Only the five last people will be visible.

To see who viewed your profile, you just need to:

  1. Connect to LinkedIn
  2. Click on the “you” tab at the top right
linkedin who saw my profile

3. Then on “View profile “

4. In your table edge click on “who viewed your profile?” “

linkedin who saw my profile

Once it’s done, you will come across an interface with more detailed information about your profile views.

linkedin who saw my profile

If you have the free offer, scroll down a bit to view the last five consultations.

Little tip: put the URL of this “who visited your profile” page in your start pages on your favorite browser. Like this, every day you know who has viewed your profile even if you don’t have the paid version of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn will offer you to try the premium subscription for free for one month to have access to all the information and to know the identity of all the people who have seen your LinkedIn profile.

To read also: my opinion, the price and the Benefits of LinkedIn Premium .

The advantages of the offer premium

The free offer is the offer of based.

If you want to go see more away and not be limited in your actions, there is the premium subscription.

They are the number of four :

  1. The LinkedIn “Career” subscription
  2. The LinkedIn “Business” subscription
  3. The LinkedIn “Sales” subscription
  4. The LinkedIn “Recruitment” subscription

Each subscription has specific features.

However, some of these features are common to all four subscriptions.

So, regardless of the subscription you choose, you will have access to several new features like :

  • A badge LinkedIn on your profile indicating that you are a premium member;
  • The possibility to receive a message from everyone and the possibility of contacting any professional not member of your network;
  • The complete list of all members who have visited your profile;
  • The possibility to send Inmails;
  • Access to unpublished information on company pages;
  • Etc.

Ultimately, to know the completeness of the people who visited your LinkedIn profile, you must become a premium member. But basically, are you already using this feature for free?

Conclusion: access to the last 5 consultations

LinkedIn is a mine opportunities and information for your business. In this case, it It is normal for any professional to want to know the identity of the people viewing their profile.

Luckily, LinkedIn allows this functionality.

The downside is that you have to opt for a premium subscription to obtain all the information.

As such, here is the premium LinkedIn price , my opinion and the advantages of the 4 subscriptions.

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