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#SocialSellingForum de Montpellier 2019: relive the event!


#SocialSellingForum de Montpellier 2019: relive the event in video!

Hello the Proinfluent community,

I am pleased to meet you for a new video in report-vlog format.

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Today I take you to Social Selling Forum in Montpellier .

But before that this video is in Vlog format, stay fine until the end
to discover the Occitanie region.

Social Selling Forum of Montpellier 2019: interview with David GRIMBAUM, co-organizer.

Yannick BOUISSIERE: I present to you David who is the local organizer of the Social Selling Forum.

David GRIMBAUM: Yes, hello everyone, I am David GRIMBAUM, manager of the company Comm’Facile. So we are a little communication agency in Montpellier. Indeed this year 2019 is the first Social Selling Forum of the Year in Montpellier. We had the kindness to be invited by Loïc SIMON to co-organize this forum, in order to share various elements with a lot of animators, including Yannick, precisely on Social Selling.

Yannick BOUISSIERE: How did you find this event ?

David GRIMBAUM: Great sharing of experience, a lot of returns and above all a global human adventure and many participants. Very successful, very happy. Success ?

Yannick BOUISSIERE: Yes, success! And big sharing.

David GRIMBAUM: Big sharing, it’s the main.

Yannick BOUISSIERE: Why did you wanted to organize this event and what did you get out of it?

David GRIMBAUM: Why organize it? Well quite simply because Social Selling , at present, it is a commercial and marketing component which is necessarily compulsory . I didn’t necessarily have the need or the help on this type of channel and especially not the skill, nor the knowledge, therefore it was imperative to share the experience of other stakeholders, others animators like Yannick BOUISSIERE, like Loïc SIMON, precisely to learn and have the best-practices of Social Selling.

Now, what to get out of it? Of sharing, a lot of contacts and then a lot of knowledge thanks to workshops that are set up throughout the day in order to advance everything the world and keep learning.

Yannick BOUISSIERE: Do you have a message for address to those who watch the video?

David GRIMBAUM: My message is very simple. Come to the Social Selling Forum! This is the best way to meet people and above all to accelerate your skills and learn more.

Social Selling Forum de Montpellier 2019: interview with Loïc SIMON, co-organizer and founder of #SocialSellingForum.

Yannick BOUISSIERE: Hello Loïc.

Loïc SIMON: Hi Yannick!

Yannick BOUISSIERE: How are you today ?

Loïc SIMON: Me, it’s going great! We are at Social Selling Forum in Montpellier. It is beautiful weather. The #SocialSellingForum is going well. What more can I ask for ?!

Yannick BOUISSIERE: Tell us about Social Selling. What’s your definition?

“Social Selling is the art and the way of using social networks to sell and sell.”


All words are important. “The art and the manner”: it is not just a tool. “To use social networks”: we do not sell, that is say that we use them. It’s social media, not social media because it is the network effect that is important.

And the objective of Social Selling is to sell or to sell . Sell the employer brand, sell yourself to recruit, sell products, sell services. This is Social Selling is the art and the way of using social networks to to sell.

Yannick BOUISSIERE: You were talking about social, interaction and this is what emerges from the conference, in the workshops are people. You talkin about customer love can you develop this concept?

Loïc SIMON: Yes, I like the term customer love because it is really what represents the epitome of the seller. The good salesperson is someone who loves their customers – for me – and who helps their customers to progress, that’s the most important thing.

And frankly, there are a lot of ways to do Social Selling:

1. You can do it by spying on customers, researching the internet, using automation, playing big numbers, the masses.

2. Or we can do Social Selling by doing silly and mean sharing of articles and posts that others have written, but it works less and less, it’s called curation.

3. Where we can doing Social Selling by bringing value to others, helping them to progress in their job, by being interested in them, by loving them what! By loving customers.

Social Selling Forum of Montpellier 2019: interview with Philippe DELIEGE, ghost-writer and speaker.

Yannick BOUISSIERE: Here is a star of Social Selling Forum: Philippe DELIEGE. So Philippe do you have any advice give to those who watch this video or who don’t really know the Social Selling Forum, or the practice of Social Selling?

Philippe DELIEGE: My advice: come to the Social Selling Forum because it is a public utility initiative. It has the advantage of being free, with the guest codes of the animators who come on that day. And then, when you have participated, then my advice is to apply the next day. On social networks, it takes 6 months to exist on average, but it’s true that if you wait 3 months to start, that’s 3 months + 6 months. So the best advice I can give is to start the next day, it will only last 6 months. But if you add 1 month of procrastination, it will be longer. 12

Further information: here Philippe talks about existing in the sense of becoming influential and the benchmark in his market! To generate an audience to sell (oneself). It is not necessary to be regular over 6 months to contact our target and have results. Here, we are really on a goal of becoming the benchmark in its market and making social networks a main sales or promotion channel.

Yannick BOUISSIERE: An element that we have discussed earlier in the workshop with Philippe, it is the crossing of the desert. That is to say that from the moment you start, to communicate, to post, to bring value to your community and to do Social Selling, there’s a desert crossing that lasts 6 to 8 months, right?

Philippe DELIEGE: Yes 6 to 8 months. Now there are people who have a little better DNA. I have a client who apparently has a very good active network, he is a very charismatic person in real life, so it’s true that it started very quickly. But very few people are with this type of DNA, so for the happiest: 4 months and the most unhappy: 8 months. But these are people who discipline themselves to do every day. Anyone can get by, everyone can become “a star” on social networks but you have to show regularity and relevance.

Yannick BOUISSIERE: And so if you are in the desert crossing, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a ‘Like Because there are still people watching your content. Keep persevering, to bring value to your community , of people who follow you. And you will see that after a few months, you will gain in commitment and you will progress and why not break through on social networks!

Philippe DELIEGE: In the crossings of desert, there are also oases. There is already Yannick who begins to be a reference in the sector, people like Yanick are people who can help you. See you soon !

Social Selling Forum of Montpellier 2019: interview with Thierry WALESWSKI, participant and specialist in e-commerce.

Yannick BOUISSIERE: I present to you Thierry. Thierry who is a participant in the workshops as a spectator, if I can say!

Thierry WALESWSKI: Yes.

Yannick BOUISSIERE: Tell us how you did you feel this event?

Thierry WALESWSKI: I do a lot networking events and here we are with professionals, and I learned things. It is always very privileged moments. I believe it is necessary go to this type of event, meet people, do not hesitate to pose questions, to intervene. Because that’s where we will learn so much that to receive . In my opinion, that’s business, it’s nothing else. That is, everyone is looking for clients, methods, etc. There are methods that are free or almost free, you just have to to know. And it is in these events that we will meet people who know, who are specialists. This is what I find very interesting. Whenever I can, I come to do it. There are encounters that take place magically happen, so I can only encourage people to come.

Yannick BOUISSIERE: What do you have? remembered from the event in one sentence?

Thierry WALESWSKI: A lot of meetings, a lot of learning . And then I think there are bridges between what I do and LinkedIn. How to use it so optimal. It is by coming to the forums, during these meetings, in the informal discussions that we have after we will be able to learn and we will be able to leave a little richer to practice differently and in more ways efficient our business.

Yannick BOUISSIERE: Thank you, Thierry.

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Bonus: photos taken with the drone in the Montpellier region, Occitanie.

Fort de Brescou Cap d'Agde - Drone Proinfluent
Fort de Brescou, Cap d’Agde
Oyster park, Marseillan - Drone Proinfluent
Oyster park, Marseillan
Vineyards of Occitanie - Drone Proinfluent
Vineyards of Occitanie

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