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[Interview] Antoine Legende, founder of Freebe, the smart tool for the self-employed.

Interview Freebe Antoine Legendre - Linkinfluent



In this article, I have the pleasure of interviewing Antoine Legendre, founder of Freebe.

I had the opportunity to meet at the Salon des Entrepreneurs de Paris 2019.

I was won over by his idea.

Today, I let him speak in this interview. Stay well until the end, we have a surprise in store for you ?

Hello Antoine, introduce yourself in the summary way LinkedIn ? :

Hello Yannick,

I am a designer specializing in UX / UI and very product-oriented, I have been freelancing for more than 5 years now, I sell services in design of services, UX design, prototyping, and design for all types of support 🙂

What is your story, your story telling?

Always passionate about digital but more particularly by the tech since very small, I knew that wanted work in “IT” and I wanted to be a graphic designer without really knowing what it meant and without really knowing that it would no longer exist as such today!

Anyway, I knew I wanted to work in tech and that I wanted to work for myself?

What is your life mission?

Today, my mission is to offer a tool to freelancers, turnkey, so that they can manage their admin activity without asking questions from a clean and intuitive interface to answer as many problems as possible!

Antoine, you founded, a smart tool that simplifies the life of freelances and micro-entrepreneurs? Can you tell us more ?

Yes! Freebe is a tool for intelligent management dedicated to freelancers and managed by a personal assistant who will tell him what to do, when to do it and above all how!

Freebe takes care of the whole cycle life of a mission, from the creation of quotes to the addition of invoices in accounting through bank synchronization, and up to the declaration automatic turnover directly from Freebe.

We really want freelancers to focus on their job and spend less time on the admin, so we automate as many time-consuming tasks as possible, and we also notify them of any regular legal changes so they don’t get lost. in this mass of information.

Why should we test Freebe?

Do you really like admin? Are you really sure to produce compliant documents? Would you like to spend the least time possible on the admin? Do you still use a spreadsheet?
A user told me last week, “Freebe has changed my life”.

We have just put a few sweet words from our users here:

Enter the LINKINFLUENT code and win 2 free months, without obligation!

What advice would you give to internet users looking to sell and to sell?

Manage your personal branding! It is very important to control your image on the networks, not to publish anything and especially to have a content strategy to be visible!

Do not spam, insist or solicit the wrong targets and drop the deal if the users are not interested and avoiding sending gif chats on the sixth relaunch without reply.

What is your use of LinkedIn?

Daily ! I have been using LinkedIn every day since I realized its strength!

At first, only a pro account with people I knew.

Today I have boosted my LinkedIn profile to be as visible as possible, and therefore to bring Freebe up in search results as often as possible.

Also read, how to properly reference your profile on LinkedIn and Google?

I’m looking to chat with a maximum freelancers to better understand the common issues.

Do not hesitate to follow influential people or join discussion groups.

What do you like about LinkedIn?

It’s pretty easy to be visible on LinkedIn. I appreciate being able to reach thousands of people in one post and especially being able to connect and exchange with other freelancers much more easily via groups or private messages directly.

What has LinkedIn allowed you to gain?

Gain visibility! Increase my professional LinkedIn network , do dozens of physical meetings, get interviews beforehand for a job and find candidates now for my company. Find inspiration via Pulse articles, promote my business… But it is above all my showcase and when I am asked for my CV, I send my profile! 🙂

What are the lessons of your life as an entrepreneur that you have to to share ?

Partner up from the start with a designer, developer and marketer with sufficient capital!

But above all : go meet its users even before product design and understand future users as much as possible through interviews, tests and focus groups!

Automate much of the management, returns, backlogs, prospecting to gain a maximum of time on the rest!

In any case: jump on the opportunities and act quickly because in tech everything can change very quickly !

A quote for the road?

“A diploma is a cap disguised donkey. “:)

Have you reserved a surprise for the Linkinfuent community?

Obviously !

To test Freebe for free, go to Freebe and enter the LINKINFLUENT code to gain access to two months free of charge!

Thanks Antoine.

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