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How to properly reference your profile on LinkedIn and Google?


How to properly reference your profile on LinkedIn and Google?

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Unlike Facebook or Twitter, your LinkedIn profile is referenced on the Google search engine.

As soon as you join LinkedIn, a public version is automatically published in the member directory. This public profile is visible to people who are not on LinkedIn. Conversely, the profile used during your connection is only visible to registered members.

However, it is possible to manage your public profile by customizing its confidentiality in the settings.

Having a version of your profile in public mode significantly helps your SEO and helps you strengthen your visibility on the web with controlled content.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, stand out and differentiate yourself from the millions of profiles on LinkedIn today, you will need to strategize. The advantage is that they are very simple.

4 points to boost your SEO thanks to LinkedIn

1. Opt for the public LinkedIn profile

In the settings, you have the choice to make your profile private or public (visible to everyone). Note that you must have a profile with your full name so that it is visible to everyone. So, if your name is Nicolas Dupont, do not put “Nicolas Du” as a name on your profile.

2. Have a full LinkedIn profile

To increase your SEO and your visibility, it is important to have a complete and well-filled LinkedIn profile. This will make you more easily findable in search engines, including LinkedIn’s internal search engine! A 100% filled profile is a 40X more efficient profile, just that.

3. Change the public URL of your LinkedIn profile

Once you have completed your profile, it is important to change the URL. A personalized URL with your first and last name significantly improves your SEO. To do this, go to the settings and click on “customize your public profile URL”.

4. Choose the right keywords

Having a complete profile and a personalized URL is not enough to boost your SEO . You will also need to establish a keyword strategy and use targeted words related to your area of expertise. To find the right keywords, you will have to put yourself in the place of your target and ask yourself: what keywords do they type in the internal search engine? If necessary, search with the keywords that seem relevant to you. Often the keywords we use are not those used by our target audience, so use and abuse synonyms. Choosing the right keywords allows you to improve your position in the LinkedIn rankings. To perfect your SEO, you just need to use your favorite keywords a good number of times.

The two characteristics of a good keyword are:

  • That it is sufficiently sought after by users
  • Without being too generic

A good way to increase your visibility in search engines is to use these keywords in your profile title. The latter being the first thing a visitor sees when they come across your profile, it would be disadvantageous not to do so!

In conclusion

LinkedIn offers you a panel of simple and effective solutions to improve your SEO quickly and easily on Google. Opting for a public profile gives you greater visibility. Customizing the URL of your LinkedIn profile and highlighting targeted keywords makes it easier to be found on search engines and thus boost your SEO. Developing your visibility through natural referencing means developing your personal brand and giving yourself every chance of succeeding in achieving your business or employment objectives.

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