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How do I block or delete someone on LinkedIn?


How do I block or delete someone on LinkedIn?

All workers and, more particularly, entrepreneurs share this same conviction  : Time is precious  !

Between answering emails, prospecting, respecting commitments made to customers, creating new businesses, developing your personal brand, you have no time to waste.

Social networks are notorious for wasting our time. Despite the professional leadership of the social network LinkedIn, he is not spared.

For develop your professional network , we mistakenly believe that we need to add as many people as possible to expand our portfolio of prospects targets.

Nevertheless, you must ask the usefulness of your contacts  : do they bring you added value in your news feed  ?
This question is very important to avoid wasting your time like so many entrepreneurs today.

Unlike Facebook, on LinkedIn , you cannot have Mr. and Mrs. everyone. Your connections must have a professional reason.

Many professionals spend their time responding to requests from people who “ steal their time »(This sentence may shock people who have not taken into consideration that time is the most precious resource that exists on Earth, because it is the only resource you have which is exhaustible, unlike money for example ). It is a very bad strategy.

Faced with this problem, you should purify your LinkedIn contact list and keep only those with a real interest in you.  : business or human interest. Here we think in terms of performance. I reassure my readers, I am deeply convinced that the human relationship is essential. Focusing on performance is essential to achieving our goals and spending more quality time with the people we choose.

If you’ve been on the platform for a long time, you may have noticed the many evolutions of LinkedIn. More and more fluid and easy, the social network allows you, in a few clicks, to access dozens of features to simplify your life.
One of these features allows you to easily block or delete a LinkedIn contact.

Video tutorial to remove and block a LinkedIn member

YouTube video


How do I delete a LinkedIn relationship? Here is the procedure to delete a member:

  • Click on the ”  network  »Next to the search bar

  • LinkedIn displays the number of connections, click on “see all”

  • In the list of contacts, choose the person to delete and click on the three horizontal dots next to the tab ”  message  “

  • Click on ”  delete relation  “

If you want to delete a particular member, you can simply go to his profile, click on the tab ”  more  “And select”  remove the relationship  “.

That’s it  !

Instructions for blocking a member  :

To block a member (prevent them from seeing your LinkedIn profile ):

  • Click on the profile of the contact to block
  • Click on the ”  more  ” beside ”  message  “
  • To select ”  report / block  “

You have the choice between removing a member, or blocking it. Blocking it will not remove it from your network, but will prevent it from seeing your profile. The advantage is that it will not be notified of your action.


LinkedIn tends to be simple and fluid for its users. Functionality ”  delete / block  “A user is very useful to save time and energy if a person”  pollutes  »Your news feed for posts that do not interest you or that you want to keep only people who will be useful to you for your personal or professional enrichment.

To deepen your knowledge of LinkedIn, I recommend that you download my perfect LinkedIn profile checklist .

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