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Live video is coming to LinkedIn with LinkedIn Live!


Live video is coming to LinkedIn with LinkedIn Live!

If you’re a social media fan, you’ve most likely seen the growing phenomenon of live video before. LinkedIn, a powerful social network that has always stood out from the crowd by being less focused on entertainment than Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, has also just launched into the live video segment.

LinkedIn Live: live video on LinkedInLinkedIn Live: live video on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Live: live video on LinkedIn

LinkedIn enters the live era with LinkedIn Live

With this in mind, LinkedIn’s live video allows users and businesses to broadcast specific content such as conferences, product launches, ceremonies, inaugurations or press releases, all live. Broadcasters can meet with other users of the social network to share information in real time in the form of a video.

Interaction is at the heart of this new function, since it is possible to react, live there too, with “likes” and comments.

LinkedIn Live is available on request subject to LinkedIn approval, you will find all of this in my tutorial on LinkedIn Live.

To develop this brand new content on its platform, LinkedIn collaborated with services specializing in content distribution, such as Wirecast, Brandlive or even Switcher Studio.

Although rather late in the development of this tool, already in place for a long time on other social networks, LinkedIn, with its LinkedIn Live, brings here a new means of communication to its users, to allow them to export their news.

Video support is booming, and is the most fashionable format for communicating about your activities on LinkedIn.

So here is a great initiative from LinkedIn!

Tutorial for live streaming on LinkedIn Live

I wrote a comprehensive guide named:


LinkedIn Live: How to Live Stream Video ?


So go to this article to discover all the secrets of LinkedIn Live.

What do you think of this new format?

Will you use it for gain visibility on LinkedIn ?

And thus bring value to your audience for social selling LinkedIn ?

Looking forward to reading your comments.

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