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LinkedIn Sales Navigator: price & complete guide!


LinkedIn Sales Navigator: prices, reviews and tips

If I told you “over long waits at the end of the line to finally hear that Mr. X is not available “,” the laborious campaigns of cold prospecting “, or” finished the pile of cards of visit in the abyss of your desk drawer ”, that would you think? I am sure you would be intrigued, even greatly enthusiastic! Read the rest of this article to find out more…

LinkedIn is the world’s social network professional par excellence. It allows you to build an efficient network, quality and discover new opportunities every day. Corn LinkedIn is not just a platform for exchanging information on news feeds, or a virtual CV, these are also subscriptions intended for business or sales managers who want to put all the chances of their side to prospect in an efficient, modern and relevant way!

Let’s discover LinkedIn Sales together Navigator, one of the great tools offered by LinkedIn, which will help you allow you to accentuate your expertise, target your customers as well as possible and prospect by sticking at best to the digital era.

1 – What is LinkedIn LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of LinkedIn’s four premium subscriptions, focused on prospecting and customer research.

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This subscription will allow you to use the interface of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a powerful online prospecting tool that helps you connect with the right people, and build relevant relationships with them. prospects so that you can interact with them.

The major asset of LinkedIn Sales Navigator? You will have access to people who are not part of your network. To get in touch with decision makers, nothing could be more efficient. This tool is really useful for getting informed differently and having access to information that is of interest to you and the development of your business.

Ad-free and relatively uncluttered, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator interface is fairly easy to learn once you have familiarized yourself with its concept: it has never been easier to get started. prospecting 3.0 !

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is formidable: it will perform relevant sorting of data, overcome geographic boundaries, notify you as soon as your prospects perform actions or update their information, so that you can be of unprecedented agility and offer them content that is ever more adapted to their situation and their positioning, in real time. We are very far from the unreadable Excel spreadsheet where hundreds of lines are piled up with names, addresses and phone numbers!

the +: LinkedIn Sales Navigator can even sync with your own CRM.

The price of a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription

LinkedIn subscription LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional, due to its efficiency and the multiple features it has, has a higher cost than other subscriptions of LinkedIn Premium. Count 74.36 euros per month without commitment, or save 20% by choosing the annual payment which brings down the price of the subscription at 54.59 euros per month.

Effective, relevant and smart inevitably comes at a cost. If the LinkedIn Sales subscription offer Navigator seems consistent, don’t forget that there is still a short time had to pay (sometimes a lot!) to obtain lists of numbers phone number not always up to date for prospecting cold calls that have makes many salespeople tremble… and the people contacted! LinkedIn Sales Navigator is access to a global network to set up your Social Selling strategy.

Social selling is not just the ability to target and send 20 InMails , it is an approach, a methodology that I teach in training. If you are looking for a tool, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not the first one I would invest in! The first thing would be to train in Intelligent Prospecting ©, a type of LinkedIn prospecting that I invented and which uses marketing automation and humanistic marketing.

However, LinkedIn LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a real investment, not just a service you subscribe to. Once tamed, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a precious and formidable ally for prospecting in a modern, intuitive and human way. And who says investment says ROI (Return on Investment) … Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator in an assiduous and relevant way is the certainty of being able to see an increase in its clientele, its influence, its expertise and therefore its turnover!

2 – What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator for?

Prospecting 2.0: the virtual at the service of the real

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful prospecting tool, very useful because it will allow you to broaden your knowledge of your prospects , to better understand their habits, their needs, their relationship to the use of the social network … In short, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an excellent way to maintain a qualitative relationship with your target customers, first virtually then in a more concrete way, by building loyalty.

Following the news of your prospects live is a real asset to know where, when and how to position yourself in the purchasing cycle of your leads and prospects. This knowledge and proximity allow you to get in touch with people outside your network, to learn more about them and their activities, so that you can start a relationship that is more personified than a simple request to add, which on its own has much less chance of leading to a partnership.

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator means first and foremost using a powerful social network and leader in its market to adapt its strategy to the all-digital era with the search for its customers. Like we would browse Facebook to keep up aware of the last vacation of his distant family, we navigate now on LinkedIn and on LinkedIn Sales Navigator to live in real time news from prospects.

In knowing the news and experiences of your prospects, you will be able to contact them directly and start a conversation about them, according to their functions, their last actions, their career development, their publications, etc. People’s favorite topic of conversation is … themselves! Meeting them intelligently is the key to Social Selling successful, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator turns out to be here of a very valuable help.

In line with Social Selling

the Social Selling is a marketing term that fits perfectly with using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Indeed, you will discover with LinkedIn Sales Navigator that leads are no longer just a list of names and telephone numbers on a basic prospecting file, but many real people, whose photo you can see, their professional background, publications, hobbies, etc. The human aspect of selling and prospecting makes perfect sense with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and you must take this into account to put the maximum chances on your side.

All the LinkedIn Sales Navigator device is designed for Social Selling LinkedIn be at the heart of your strategy… and bear fruit!

3 – Should you invest in LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

After have seen the principle of LinkedIn Sales Navigator in its entirety, as well as the cost of the subscription to access it, let’s now look at the million dollar question: should you invest in LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Here are, in three points, the reasons to invest in LinkedIn Sales Navigator and as a bonus point, why I won’t start there.

Target your prospects and refine your prospecting

In your strategy, it is essential to define your buyer personas. Establish typical profiles of your “dream customers”, with all their essential characteristics, and use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and its powerful search engine to find them no longer in your dreams, but in reality! The major advantage of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is that you no longer have to waste time with leads that it will be impossible for you to convert because you will not have intervened at the right time in their journey. LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to measure, understand and act according to the positioning of your prospects. Your target customers are, with the invaluable help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, refined in the fairest way possible. You can enter a large number of selection criteria, which generates unparalleled precision. Imagine, you can even choose how long your target has been in this position. This is real laser targeting!

A different and more open news feed

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator and its feed current affairs, you will have access to the information circulating about your prospects by browsing the social network. Therefore, your flow will be much wider, and you will be able to access various themes that may not have been addressed by your network of acquaintances initial. In other words, you are not polluted by publications of no commercial interest from your brother-in-law or comrades. The news feed is ONLY made up of news from your prospects or target companies.

Openness and diversity are all both synonyms for opportunity. Gather new ideas every day, unpublished information and knowledge in a field other than the yours can only be beneficial. Sooner or later it will all serve you well. What’s more, this allows you to better understand your targets, to know where they are located in their decision-making, and therefore to position yourself in relation to all these elements and adapt your communication.

Be able to send InMails

The I nMails, what is it? This is a service that can only be enjoyed with a Premium subscription to LinkedIn. With InMails, we can write to people who are not part of our network via LinkedIn. With the LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription, the number of InMails available per month is 20 inmails. This service is particularly effective, and is the most proven method for establishing a relationship based on trust and communication. InMail shouldn’t sound like a sales pitch or a newsletter! It needs to be personified, human, and tailored to the person you’re sending it to.

Note: the open rate of InMails is much higher than that of emails. Those who receive them don’t feel spammed like with a regular inbox.

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So should you to embark on the adventure of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

If yes…

  • You are prospecting in B2B and,
  • You have a good command of LinkedIn and your profile is completed or,
  • You already have a good prospecting,


  • You have the necessary budget.

Yes you answered yes to these questions, get started and adopt LinkedIn Sales Navigator for your LinkedIn prospecting!

Otherwise, choose a Intelligent Prospecting training © LinkedIn which will be more suited to you, and will allow you to acquire all the keys to prospecting via LinkedIn with method and pedagogy. I would know you learn how to use LinkedIn and do smart prospecting ©. This will be much more beneficial for you and your business because in addition to providing you with a much more complete tool, you will be able to automate what would take you months with LinkedIn Sales Navigator! Whole months!

To save months of work, generate 1 lead per day and 5 clients per month with LinkedIn it’s here , if not, let’s talk about it in video here .

If you are looking for a tool to help you find clients, then LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not the first I would invest in (it would be the second)! The first thing would be to train yourself PROINFLUENT © method , a prospecting method that I invented and which uses marketing automation and humanistic marketing to save time… which you will spend to exchange with your prospects most interested in your services.

Also, if you can afford to invest in both, then you’re good to go on LinkedIn with the most powerful LinkedIn tool (Sales Navigator) and the effective LinkedIn prospecting approach ( Intelligent Prospecting © ).

Isn’t that magic, is that marketing and technology?

I close the advertising page because the important thing is to help you progress in your prospecting.

4 – Test LinkedIn Sales Navigator for free for one month

He is possible to test LinkedIn Sales Navigator for a month, and this free.

This one month trial is very interesting. You can use it to discover the functionalities of the tool directly according to the criteria of your company and thus be able to assess the relevance of its use for your own prospecting needs.

For access the use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator free of charge for one month, you will still have to enter your bank details, because at the end of the free trial month, it will be automatically renewed in paid subscription. Rest assured , you can completely cancel the free trial before its renewal shortly time before the end of the 31 day period, and even do so as soon as you will have subscribed to it (and this without losing Premium access during the remaining!). You will not be debited in this way.

Besides, to avoid the bad ones, I invite you to follow my tutorial to cancel the LinkedIn Premium subscription as soon as you signed up.

5 – What to do on LinkedIn LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Now, let’s move on to the actual use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the The very reason it was designed: LinkedIn prospecting. It is the sinews of war for any business, the means of being able to continue to perpetuate the activity. Finding new customers is, in the collective opinion, the task most feared by salespeople. Yet with the right tools and a good prospecting method turns out to be surprisingly rewarding. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is focused on this prospecting. Several steps are necessary in order to operate it in a relevant and efficient manner. Let’s start with the beginning: setting up your LinkedIn Sales Navigator and the actions to be carried out in order for your prospecting to be effective formidable.

Configure search preferences

For your first use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you will be directed to the interface that will allow you to configure your search criteria. You will be able to choose sectors of activity, specific geographic areas, the sizes of the companies that interest you. This is the very first step, the one that will allow you to access all the others LinkedIn Sales Navigator features.

Save prospect lists

In the LinkedIn Sales Navigator search bar on the right, click Advanced, then Search for prospects . Here you enter the dojo of targeted research, called the Lead Builder! You can fill many search criteria. Once completed, these criteria will allow LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find prospects. You can then save them in a list, on which you will have the opportunity to return later to “take care” of your prospects. You have the possibility to create several lists, if you have for example different targets. Classify your prospects according to their field, their hierarchical position, their qualifications, etc. Each list can hold 1,500 leads, so don’t deprive yourself.

The +: LinkedIn Sales Navigator puts even at your disposal suggestions of prospects, generated from your previous research.

Track your prospects and businesses

You must imperatively follow your prospects and the accounts of the companies which interest you in order to be always up to date on their evolution. There you is also possible to add notes to each of your prospects, to further personalize the experience and add information that could, one day or another, prove to be very useful. If you don’t follow your prospects are the whole backbone of your Social Selling will crumble: don’t forget that behind the word “Prospects” hide from human beings who also have activities, good reasons to be present on LinkedIn, centers interests, and share publications! Interactivity is essential.

Be active on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

He you will need to consult the interface of your LinkedIn Sales Navigator as often as possible, and in a smart way, because prospecting is a exercise of every moment. Update your lists regularly, keep up aware of the changes offered by your LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and his news feed. Your business activity is cyclical: new prospects are “available” every day, and the development of your own business may lead to adjustments in your experience of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Don’t forget your profile though LinkedIn! The latter is your very first sales force and guarantees your professional credibility and your SEO (for a profile that sell it is here: here the profile checklist Perfect LinkedIn ).

Prepare your appointments

The prospecting encompasses many elements. The most important is certainly the meeting with the prospect, keystone of your partnership! You have secured an appointment with one of your prospects? Congratulation ! But your work is not yet finished: you must prepare your appointments to get there in the best way that that is. To do this, consider LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With the tool, you will be able to glean valuable information by keeping you informed about the news of your prospect, his company and / or his sector and thus have concrete material to start your interview on a very positive note. In Indeed, you will show your interlocutor that you take them seriously, that it is valuable, that you are interested and that your conversation has every chance to be fluid, informed and constructive. Be certain that a prospect will tell the difference between a person who is informed about him and another person who will only know his name and repeat a speech to him commercial a hundred times heard. Be on the right side!

6 – How to prospect with LinkedIn LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

If LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool and a great ally to prospect and improve your commercial performance , nothing will happen without you and your work. To make the best use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for your prospecting, read on.

Determine your target (s)

Stage essential for your LinkedIn prospecting, defining your model customers will allow your LinkedIn Sales Navigator to perform a relevant sorting among the millions of profiles on the LinkedIn platform. Thanks to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, track down the important people: the decision makers! Classify your prospect lists according to a consistent methodology, which you speaks clearly, and in a structured manner.

Study the behavior of your prospects

Depending on the activity of your prospects, which you have access to via your LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can put in place a multitude of elements to further refine your knowledge of topics. As you progress, you will have opportunities opening up. Keeping you up to date with your lists’ activities of prospects on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you assess in real time the behavior of people you are interested in to determine when contact. In the buying journey, not all prospects are in the same place. Determine where they are in their decision-making process is a force that should not be overlooked, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you a lot in this process. Without understanding of the prospect, his needs and his various availabilities, your prospecting has a good chance of flopping.

Get in touch

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is very insightful. Indeed, it alerts you as soon as something happens in life professionalism of your prospects. If so and so has changed jobs, you will be informed. If a company’s account has been mentioned in the news, you will know it too!

One of your prospects shared some something that refers to your field of activity? This is the time for establish contact with all these people! Build a relationship reliable and qualitative thanks to the many features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Don’t forget that you also have 20 inmails per month, which can help you reach your target quickly and at the right moment.


Never forget to broadcast regular content with high added value and to use it if such and such prospect brings up a problem that you can answer. You have to be on standby and active on the social network. The more content you will produce quality (not just liking everything that happens on your newsfeed), more your “virtual reputation” will have an impact and more your prospects will remember and think about you without even realizing it.

If you want to be accompanied in this step click here to discover my LinkedIn support .

Personalize your messages

LinkedIn Sales Navigator puts faces to names and functions. LinkedIn is a network, of course, but above all a social network. Always be human in your prospecting process. Indeed, nothing more unpleasant than a message boat, seen and reviewed, of an umpteenth commercial which has, according to its insipid message, not taken the time to find out beforehand. You yourself are valuable, you are convinced of it, otherwise you would not be inquiring on how to prospect on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. So, go from principle that your interlocutors also have. They also have very good reasons to be on LinkedIn, so don’t consider them only as numbers. Your exchanges and partnerships will be even more authentic, serene and therefore constructive.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator at a glance

  • Suggest prospects according to your criteria Selection
  • Can sync with your CRM for greater range of action
  • Has a sophisticated search engine to find new prospects and target them with a laser
  • Informs you of the activity of your prospects (birthday, change of job, etc.) so that you can position at the right time and with the right content
  • Personalize the prospecting experience by giving you access to quality and up-to-date information
  • Allows you to access profiles outside from your initial network to further expand your network usage social and its prospecting tool
  • Allows you to send InMails, and therefore stand out from the usual spammers

7 – Some tips to finish

After Having read this article, you should now know enough about LinkedIn Sales Navigator to make your prospecting more efficient. Let’s finish with some tips.

Nothing no use accumulating tens of lists of hundreds of prospects if you have neither the time nor the resources to conduct relevant research and knowing who to send what, when and how. Quality takes precedence over quantity, even if it is obvious that the volumes of prospects will be much more consistent with LinkedIn Sales Navigator than with prospecting made by another conventional means.

Be curious and dare to explore your LinkedIn Sales Navigator! There is a multitude of places to click to get information, classify, measure, research … A real treasure hunt you can take to master LinkedIn Sales Navigator according to your needs, and your personality. As your exploration, you will know how to adapt LinkedIn Sales Navigator so that it fits perfectly to your target customers, your prospects for development and the achievement of all your goals.

do not forget not that a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription is just access to millions of prospects waiting for you. It’s up to you to do everything to ensure that access turns into success.

I do not also couldn’t end this article with nothing but praise from LinkedIn Sales Navigator… As stated in the article, investing in Slaes Nagigator does not wouldn’t be the first thing I would do if I were you.

The first things to do are:

  1. Have a perfect LinkedIn profile, efficient and selling
  2. Understand and train in social selling and in particular the publication, interaction and use of all LinkedIn features
  3. Invest in Prospecting Intelligent © to automate and personalize tasks in order to pass this time saving in converting leads into customers.

Take action, enter the era of Smart Prospecting © LinkedIn .

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