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Why managers can no longer ignore LinkedIn


Why managers can no longer ignore LinkedIn

Managers are of a crucial role within a company. True ambassadors, they represent the company’s brand at all times.

They can sit several functions such as recruitment, management of a team or the identification of new talents to join the ranks of their company.

LinkedIn, for its part, is becoming more and more popular, 1/3 of professionals are now present on the network. The importance of LinkedIn in the development of his career and his network is well established. However, managers have all the more interest than others to be active on this professional network.

There are many reasons that make managers’ presence on LinkedIn essential …

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1. Recruit new employees

Search for new talent, increase in activity, renewal of the workforce following departures… There are many reasons that lead us to need new employees. Some managers can take the hat of an HR manager and take charge of recruiting for the company. LinkedIn seems to be the social network of choice for finding professionals to collaborate with. Thanks to LinkedIn™ , managers and leaders have direct access to users’ online CVs (and much more!). The summary and the skills mentioned or recommended can, at a glance, inform them about the person to determine if they fit the business needs for a potential collaboration. With 572 million users worldwide on LinkedIn , managers have every chance of finding quality employees to participate in the business plan and of finding employees who will share the same values as the company. By looking for new talents, they also develop their business network at the same time.

2. Gain visibility

Thanks to social networks and the internet, professionals today have endless opportunities to gain visibility and make themselves known. LinkedIn, unlike Facebook, allows you to be referenced on Google by referencing the profile. To optimize SEO, you must, of course, use precise and adequate keywords and activate the visibility option in the settings. Why should a manager pay special attention to visibility? Because as employer brand ambassador , it is important to be visible and active on the net. We mistakenly believe that the development and representation of the brand by the company depends solely on its leader or founder. Each person working for this company becomes an ambassador of the latter and embodies the brand and its values. The role of a manager in the propagation of the brand and its image is crucial. To gain visibility on LinkedIn, all you need to do is share relevant and interesting content with your industry, participate in group discussions, write articles or interact with the network. The possibilities on LinkedIn are endless. Great content can quickly create a buzz and spread virally.

3. Find new talent

As a social leader, the manager also has the function of finding new talents for the company he embodies. In a world that is evolving and moving at full speed, we constantly need new skills to compensate for this development and turnover. Thanks to the experiences, summaries, keywords, recommendations and skills on LinkedIn profiles, managers can use these features to find the talent (s) the company lacks.

4. Create engagement

As the manager is the ambassador of his brand, he is able to create adhesion and loyalty to it. For this, we must create interest, but above all commitment. LinkedIn is, again, a boon for this. It is very easy to create engagement ( interactions, likes , posts, comments, shares…) or to form a community on LinkedIn. Like on Facebook, we can share or produce content. As long as it is interesting and relevant to our readers, they will promote interactions with our audience. This will encourage the latter to take an interest in the brand and, why not, arouse the desire to join it: this is called the employer brand. When people feel engaged, they tend to bring their support, dedication and loyalty to the brand.

5. Unite the teams

One of the manager’s most important roles is to unite the team he manages. Its purpose is to bring people together, while respecting and listening to individual needs. By being present on LinkedIn, he can initiate a conversation directly with his collaborators and let them express themselves. This increases their trust and sympathy capital in addition to reassuring the team of their availability.

6. Generate interest

If the manager fails to create real engagement, he can still generate interest in the brand he embodies. If he uses the right keywords, if he is active and regular in posting content or sharing on LinkedIn, he will gain visibility and thus have more chances of being noticed. Both within his company, but also within his market. So there is nothing to lose by being active on LinkedIn, on the contrary.

7. Be on the lookout for new opportunities

Even if the manager works above all for his company, nothing prevents him, in a personal capacity, from developing his own personal brand or “personal branding”. He can go in search of new opportunities, develop his own career and his own image. On LinkedIn we have the possibility of activating the option “to listen to new opportunities” without our company knowing it (unless some headhunters or recruiters active on LinkedIn who have a special recruiter subscription). This makes it possible to be more visible to recruiters, to receive proposals and to take a new step in our professional career. Being a manager in a company should not prevent us from listening to opportunities, evolving and discovering other horizons.

In conclusion: the manager is key for the company, he arouses interest, commitment, attractiveness and loyalty to the brand.

The manager is the spokesperson for his company, he must represent it in an optimal way by arousing the interest and commitment of his employees, but also of his LinkedIn audience. He is now able to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the Internet to develop the digital identity of the company and make it more visible. With a good strategy, the manager becomes an outstanding ambassador of a brand and consequently improves its image and its attractiveness.

If you want to lay the foundations for your success on LinkedIn, whether it’s finding a new opportunity, strengthening your positioning, creating envy, finding customers or gaining influence, having an effective LinkedIn profile is the first step . Click here to download my checklist with my 32 steps to build an influential LinkedIn profile, that is, a profile that gives you credibility and impacts your visitors.

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