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Putting Fat on Facebook ™ Easily


Social network which brings together more than 27 million users, Facebook has evolved since its creation. Having become a real marketing tool for many companies, it lacked a very simple functionality: put some fat on a publication . Miracle, today you have the possibility to do it thanks to a simple, fast and efficient tool!

The trick to putting fat easily on Facebook

As a real spy, you are on the lookout for all the posts of your competitors, you see that they are all adepts of fat, but you cannot find the solution for your publications? Don’t panic, here is the trick that will take you, watch in hand, 3 minutes , for structured publications that match those of your competitors!

The method to make your sentences bold on Facebook

A free online tool, YayText is a site that allows you to use bold, italics, strikethroughs, backwards text, lower case letters and many other features on all social networks (Twitter , Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). The editor offers up to 60 different font styles. Very easy to use, you just have to copy and paste to obtain a stylized sentence.

Step number 1: Put some fat on Facebook with the YayText site

We recommend that you first write your message directly in Facebook or in a separate document. Then you need to go to the site YayText which will allow you to bold your text.
Available in English and French, its ergonomics allow it to be accessible to all.

Step number 2: select the right typography

You can choose to use a sans serif and serif font (with or without serif) italic and / or bold. Be careful, these are choices that normally should have been considered before, when designing your business, so be careful to respect your graphical charter !

Step number 3: Copy and paste your text

Then go to the “Bold Italic” section, in the left column called “Styles”. Then copy your entire publication and copy it in the “Your text” section. Your entire post appears below. Click on “copy” then paste your post in Facebook and you’re done! Even faster, you can go directly to the section to add bold text .


The limits of YayText

The only downside of YayText is focusing on the text display . Indeed, it is possible according to the browsers and the operating systems that your publication does not appear in bold. The text in bold published on Facebook will therefore be replaced by substitution characters. So these are symbols that appear instead: empty boxes, boxes with question marks.
Depending on your company and the purpose of your Facebook page, you will need to think carefully about the possibility that your readers and prospects may not all have access to your post.

Post to a Facebook group with fat

Facebook now allows you to create publications with words in bold directly thanks to its online editor only on a group. To do this, all you have to do is write your post as usual, select your sentence, and then click on “I” for italics, or “B” for bold .

Post to a Facebook group with bold

The trick to putting fat easily on Facebook : to summarize in three questions

Quelle est la méthode la plus simple pour mettre du gras sur Fabebook ?

Pour être rapide et efficace, il vous suffit d’aller sur le site YayText et de copier/coller votre texte.

Quand puis-je utiliser YayText ?

Utiliser cet éditeur dès que vous souhaitez différencier vos publications. Attention, en utilisant la méthode ci-dessus vous prenez cependant le risque que celui-ci soit peu lisible selon les navigateurs utilisés par vos lecteurs.

Comment interpeller mes lecteurs ?

Le gras permettra d’attirer l’œil sur un ou plusieurs mots. Cependant, il est à utiliser avec parcimonie. Si vous voulez structurer vos publications, pensez à utiliser les Emoji Facebook™.

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