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LinkedIn Social Selling Index: Here’s How To Use It Well

LinkedIn Social Selling Index



LinkedIn Social Selling Index: here’s how to master this indicator

You are on the social network LinkedIn and you are wondering about the impact of your presence. It is legitimate and now it is quantifiable. Have you ever heard of LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index? We are going to discover this tool together.


What is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index?

“Social selling” translates literally by “social selling”. No, you are not going to sell the society, you simply go, thanks to the indicators of the Social Selling Index, measure the impact of your “virtual sociability” on your interlocutors.

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index groups your actions on the social network, based on the activity generated by your profile: the frequency of your conversations with other members, the frequency of your publications, the relevance of your contacts , the volume of actions performed by your profile, as well as a whole bunch of other criteria grouped together in an algorithm.

This algorithm will determine a score ranging from 1 to 100. This rating will characterize your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (we will see a little further down to what extent this rating should be taken into account), and the various graphics associated with it on the tool’s interface will help you assess and better understand the impact of your actions on the social network LinkedIn.


Social Selling Index LinkedIn: what is it for?

With its colorful and airy graphics and your rating out of 100 displayed in large print, LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index lets you see where your profile is on the social scale of your professional network.

Four areas are exposed to rating system :

  • Build your professional brand
  • Find the right people
  • Exchange information
  • Build relationships

It is with these four areas that you will be able to assess your presence on LinkedIn. The Social Selling Index is intuitive and easy to interpret.

In a professional world in constant evolution and where the human takes an increasingly important part, Social Selling , or modern selling, is posed as a reference for successful development. You have to be personable, interesting, curious and imaginative to rally others and push them to keep in touch. Creating opportunities is easier and more enjoyable when interactions are content-rich, informative, and socially friendly and considerate.

Social Selling Index LinkedIn: how do I get my score?

The LinkedIn Social Selling index is easy to find. Just click here to get your Social Selling Index . You must first be logged in to your LinkedIn account. Before visualizing yours and thus begin to study it. You will also know better what we are talking about.

LinkedIn Social Selling Index: Take it literally?

The interface is fun, colorful and invites to challenge. Every day you will want to improve your score by the day before. However, keep in mind that this index is only the result of an algorithm . It does not reflect the exact thought of your interlocutors, those with whom you interact and who perceive your personality as well as your work with their own gaze. You are no longer at school and it is not your teachers who assign a rating.

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index does not take into account your actual sales, your numbers, your mental involvement, the choices you make and the paths you have taken in your professional life.

The Social Selling Index of Linkedin is an indicator . Very well done, it’s true, very intuitive too, and if it can easily come stroke your ego on days when the graphics are at their peak, it can also make you feel like you are worthless in the LinkedIn market if you notice a drop in your curves.

If I therefore advise you not to keep your eyes riveted on your charts and your rating at any time of the day or night, it turns out that using the LinkedIn Social Selling Index wisely can nevertheless become an asset for the good. your communication on the social network.

Nota Bene : LinkedIn is a social network, but also a business. Thus, to have a score of 100/100, you must pay a Premium account. Rest assured and immediately put away your credit card, a Social Selling Index of 80/100 is already excellent!

How to become a great Social Seller?

LinkedIn is a great communication tool. And its Social Selling Index is proof! It determines four fundamental axes of your strategy: your professional brand, the network of people, the exchange of information and the quality of your relationships.

If we have seen that the score assigned by the Social Selling Index of LinkedIn is not representative of your workload and is ultimately only a number calculated by an algorithm that has no idea of the importance that your career symbolizes in your eyes, it is however very useful and strongly recommended to use it to improve its visibility, its credibility and its legitimacy in order to find relevant prospects who, thanks to your skills, will become your customers.

Seeing the curves of your Social Selling Index LinkedIn climb and watching your rating evolve crescendo is a satisfaction, a motivation. Paying attention to your LinkedIn Social Selling Index and seeking to challenge yourself can only be beneficial in increasing your discipline, your dynamism and your competitiveness. It is also for these reasons that you embarked on the great and beautiful adventure of social selling.

To improve your LinkedIn Social Selling Index and become a perfect Social Seller, let’s take a look at the actions to take:

Complete your LinkedIn profile

by putting yourself in the shoes of your customers. What would you like to see? You have to stand out, create, use keywords and, above all, bring a personal touch to your profile. Nothing is more selling and attractive than a beautiful story, than an authentic anecdote, than a unique character trait. Be inspiring. You are not on Linkedin for nothing. You have real added value, real talent, an excellent product, an adapted and specific service offer. Be authentic, be yourself and put everything in your profile that made you want to be an entrepreneur. Make sure your profile is 100% complete, with a photograph. Be proud to be who you are, with your values and your characteristics.

Target your dream prospects.

Think about relevance. Use the research tools provided by LinkedIn to determine who will be the best people to understand and buy into your projects. Join groups that aggregate your areas of expertise, be curious and seek out where those who believe in you are.


Be curious and explore the content on the web. There are tons of them. Be thoughtful, check sources, get informed and share your findings on LinkedIn. Your discoveries will lead you to reflections, will prompt you to reflect, to always go further in your efforts. This is how you can establish yourself as a leader in your field. You will be able to challenge people, also bring them to reflection and discussion. Be hungry for new knowledge, make connections between one content, and then another, create a common thread related to your activities so that everything that will be shared by you has a real story.

Get in touch.

Build quality relationships, be open, and genuinely care about others. Your relationships thus established on healthy and solid foundations will be able to recommend your skills, or will willingly visit your profile more often in order to hear from you, offer you new opportunities …

Social Selling on LinkedIn is basically like a pastry: if it is well done, looks interesting, tells a story, calls attention and is particularly good, we can say that it will be sold in no time. It is both the showcase and the very essence of what you offer. By investing in it, you put your heart into it and in itself, this approach alone always pays off. Business is a tough world, where competition lurks in every corner and where it is difficult to find a place. But with common sense, involvement and relevant choices, the virtual world of LinkedIn can become, thanks to Social Selling, a window open to real results.

There are plenty of ways to improve your Social Selling on LinkedIn. We have seen many of them in this article, but to go more in depth know that I train in the basics and subtleties of Social Selling , which is not only important in the evolution of your activity, but also formative and instructive. Developing new knowledge and innovative skills are guarantees of performance.

So what is your score?

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