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How do I request a recommendation on LinkedIn ™?


LinkedIn Recommendation: How do I request a recommendation on LinkedIn ™?

LinkedIn ™ is a formidable lever for boost your sales or your career. Whether you are independent, a business owner, or simply looking for new opportunities, a perfect LinkedIn ™ profile can only bring you positive. Among the different sections that make it up, one stands out by involving the other members of the social network: recommendations.

1. LinkedIn recommendation: why?

Recommendations from your connections on your LinkedIn ™ profile are very important. They prove that your skills are worth the time to point out. Indeed, the recommendations bring additional credit to your profile and your skills. It is a bit like the “opinions” on a product, or an establishment. I’m sure you’d rather buy a product that has a lot of positive reviews, rather than a product that doesn’t have any.

A student whose profile already well filled has some serious recommendations will maximize its chances of landing the internship of their dreams. An executive in search of news career opportunities will be more easily noticed by a headhunter if recommendations appear on their profile. The same goes for a business leader, who will consolidate the reputation of his company and his role in through it with the help of some positive recommendations.

A recommendation proves that you have left a good memory, which is an undeniable asset to consolidate your impact on LinkedIn ™, so why deny it?

2. LinkedIn ™ recommendation: who to ask?

Anyone in your LinkedIn ™ network of connections who has met you professionally and experienced working with you is a good candidate to write you a recommendation.

So don’t ask everyone for recommendations. Like everywhere on LinkedIn ™, focus on quality over quantity. A recommendation from someone who has closely or remotely never worked with you will have no value, and be sure that Internet users will not be fooled! A sincere recommendation is felt. One which is also less.

It is fashionable to ask for recommendations from these few types of people:

  • Your colleagues , past and present, are those with whom you have worked closely. They are the most able to judge your involvement and your strengths. You have certainly shared more intimate moments with them than with others, so they will be delighted to do you this service.

  • Your old superiors are good people who can recommend you. Their position gives them an important status, which will be taken into account in priority by the people who consult your profile.

  • Don’t forget your clients in the list of people who can recommend you. They are your first ambassadors. If they are satisfied with your services, your communication or your mastery of a subject, they will be happy to respond favorably to your request for a recommendation. Nothing like it for gilding your brand image.

  • Your mentors or professors (former and current) have been or are at the forefront of your journey. They have seen you grow, have contributed to your learning and have been the first witnesses to your progress. Do not hesitate to ask them, they will be proud of your success and your determination.

  • Your frequent interlocutors (former and current). In the course of your work, you are required to communicate regularly with certain people who are part of a company other than yours. Confreres, suppliers, partners , salespeople, etc., are all likely to recommend you, as long as they know how you work.

3. LinkedIn ™ Recommendation: How do I request a recommendation?

If you are really strong in your field, or are a global star, no need to ask for recommendations, they will spontaneously fall on your LinkedIn ™ profile. But let’s start from the fact that you are not a star and need to ask for recommendations.

Let’s start with the basics: To get quality recommendations, first define who you want to be recommended by, and on what skills . This is an important point because a person who has not worked with you on, for example, BtoB prospecting will not be able to write you a recommendation on the subject.

  • Go to the LinkedIn ™ profile of the people you are going to ask for recommendations, and click on the “More” tab, located under the photo and title.
Request a LinkedIn recommendation - Tutorial step 1 - © Proinfluent
Request a LinkedIn recommendation – Tutorial step 1 – © Proinfluent
  • A menu appears. Then click on “Get recommended”.
Request a LinkedIn recommendation - Tutorial step 2 - © Proinfluent
Request a LinkedIn recommendation – Tutorial step 2 – © Proinfluent
  • Fill in the requested fields, then go to the crucial step of the LinkedIn ™ recommendation request: the message!
Request a LinkedIn recommendation - Tutorial step 3 - © Proinfluent
Request a LinkedIn recommendation – Tutorial step 3 – © Proinfluent
  • Exclude the default LinkedIn ™ post from the start. It’s a crass lack of customization.
Request a LinkedIn recommendation - Tutorial step 4 - © Proinfluent
Request a LinkedIn recommendation – Tutorial step 4 – © Proinfluent

Otherwise, it’s up to you to make sure the person you’re talking to understands the message. Let’s take an example. If you are seeking a recommendation from your former colleague, you can write to them:

” Hello[Prénom] ,

I hope you are well.

I take the liberty of writing to you because LinkedIn offers a recommendation system, which can be very beneficial in the context of my professional project. We worked together on [software, folder, creation, etc.] . Could you recommend / testify about these skills on my LinkedIn profile. Obviously, I will do the same if you wish.

To the pleasure,

Good day to you. “

Sample message to request a LinkedIn recommendation

Depending on the person at who you are addressing, tailor the frame. You are not going to talk to your former boss like you are going to talk to a classmate. The idea is to always mention the skills you want to be on recommended, so that the person knows where to start to write you a nice recommendation!

LinkedIn recommendation: in summary

  • Having a perfect LinkedIn ™ profile also means having some recommendations. Here as elsewhere, prefer quality to quantity.
  • Ask people who have worked with you for recommendations. They will be much more talkative and sincere than people with whom you have had very little contact.
  • Personalize your LinkedIn ™ recommendation request message!

To learn more: here is the checklist to have a perfect LinkedIn ™ profile .

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