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How to make money: 10 great tips!

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You wonder how to make money? Are you looking for ideas, methods, tips to have the means of your ambitions ? Beware the list is long of ads dedicated to scams, and everyone can be a victim of bad advice on an unscrupulous web page. So to help you, in this article, we offer you 10 effective and affordable tips to really make money. 10 simple, innovative or original ideas to really help you improve your lifestyle, by finding a complementary or main source of income.

Comment gagner de l'argent : 10 astuces géniales !

How to earn a lot of money on the side?

First of all, you have to be careful. You can find many methods on the internet that promise to make you a lot of money on the side. And there is no shortage of ideas. They abound in YouTube videos and in racy content on websites. However, they are often scams that promise you huge profits in a few hours and without effort.

To save your time and money, 10 tips are on the menu for substantial gains in addition to your main business:

  1. Invest your money.
  2. Resell.
  3. Reduce your business expenses.
  4. Exploit your assets.
  5. Sell your knowledge on the internet.
  6. Monetize a niche blog.
  7. Internet store and dropshipping.
  8. Social networks.
  9. Youtubers.
  10. Create your own franchise.
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How to earn money on the internet easily? Pocket money or get rich

1. Investment: real estate, stocks, commodities…

Investment is designed to make you money for life.

Equities and real estate are the most profitable investments according to the latest study “40 years of comparative performance – 1980-2020”. This study was conducted by the Institute of Real Estate and Land Savings (IEIF).

Real Estate :

Investing your money in real estate requires above all a good study upstream and to calculate gross profitability and return on investment.

In addition, provided that you invest in a district or region that is experiencing strong growth, rental investment is very profitable. Especially with a rental yield that can exceed 5%, 10% for furnished rentals.

Similarly, a commercial lease can yield 20% more than a furnished residential lease.

And finally, a property rented out as furnished, in seasonal rental such as Airbnb will be much more profitable than a property rented out year round.

Raw materials:

Commodities are the ideal investment if you are worried about inflation eroding your capital. Silver, gold, wood, but also oil, all materials have an intrinsic value. Their price follows the inflation because they are always needed.

Investing in the stock market:

Stocks, especially bank stocks in times of inflation, or speculating on the volatility of currencies can be very profitable. But they are not without risks. Therefore, it is better to prepare thoroughly, to get daily information and to know how to manage the risks.

Nevertheless, it is possible to adopt prudent and profitable trading strategies. Even more so if you have a large starting capital. You will also need the services of a broker. Choose a reputable and reliable one.

In general, the faster you are looking for a big payoff, the higher the risk and the more similar to sports betting. But if you’re looking for a longer-term payout, it’s not much different than any other type of investment.

Be careful because falling for a scam is always possible with ads from professional traders. Those who claim to sell you spectacular methods of enrichment. Also beware of a leverage effect, an option that is supposed to multiply your gains, which will also multiply your losses!

2. Resell your used equipment (scrap metal, computers…)

Perhaps your business or home is full of used equipment that takes up unnecessary space: old computers, wood, metal…

It’s important to sort through it all and resell it rather than throw it away. No need to spend your life looking for the next yard sale. Put your ads on platforms like marketplace and leboncoin.

In addition, sites such as are specialized in buying back computers. also takes back mobiles.

Recycling and reuse companies are also on the rise. You can resell them on sites like

You can separate materials, and remove metal from your machines and high-tech products. Copper, zinc, stainless steel, lead and aluminum components are indeed in high demand.

3. Reduce your business expenses: coworking, duty-free zone…

Coworking :

For a company, making money also means reducing its fixed costs. For some, coworking is an advantageous solution: you share your premises, and thus put in common your accounting.

Indeed, the advantage of this trick is also that you are in daily contact with other entrepreneurs. That is to say, people with whom you can collaborate. Business incubators are very useful for self-employed entrepreneurs and startups.

Duty-free zones :

In order to stimulate economic activity and strengthen social cohesion, the State has set up tax exemption and hiring assistance schemes for companies that set up and operate in sensitive and disadvantaged urban areas.

Comparable aid is available in ZRR (zone de revitalisation rurale). A tax exemption of 100% on profits for 5 years, capped at 50,000 euros, plus 5,000 euros for each new hire, also allows companies to start up.

You will find the list of free zones on the website

4. Make the most of your assets: cost storage, vehicle rental, advertising space, solar panels…

To earn money, a good way is to optimize your resources, and today thanks to the internet, everything can be rented.

Costocking :

If you have sheds, you can also choose to make them available for costocking and get a rental income. You can try the dedicated website costockage.

Car rental :

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Similarly, you can rent your cars and other vehicles without having to worry about management. Specialized sites find your customers and manage the payments and guarantees. A site like allows you to do this for example and the list of this kind of services is growing day by day.

Land rentals :

You can also rent advertising space, but also an unused space of your industrial site to install mobile antennas or why not a wind turbine!

Solar panels :

If you have large buildings with large roof areas, you can also install solar panels. Indeed, the reduction of your electricity bill and the resale of the surplus make the investment profitable in a few years.

Urban Agriculture:

And finally, a tip for being green even if you own a factory: organic farming on rooftop terraces. Urban agriculture is growing and continually seeking new spaces.

If this is done on your corporate site, imagine the positive impact on your brand image!

These kinds of ideas are on the rise. The city of Paris is going to create the largest urban farm in the world on a roof! 700,000 euros of investment paid off by the sale of the production.

Sell your knowledge and skills on the internet:

Internet has also multiplied the tricks to earn money easily. An intangible product has the advantage of being able to be duplicated endlessly, so knowledge is becoming the source of the greatest profits. You can also create a need, and sell your services on many platforms.

Online training :

Your employees’ skills, or your own, can certainly be passed on through online training sites. While making the videos for the courses takes time and work, once they are published, they generate a steady income over the long term. All professional, commercial and technical fields are in demand. All in all, we might as well take advantage of it.

Mobile application:

Even if you don’t have mobile web developers, you can find freelancers to build a mobile application. On the other hand, a good brainstorming with your teams can generate an innovative idea in this field, or answer an immediate need of one of your departments.

As with creating any commercial product, your company can get to work making a mobile app and selling it through GooglePlay or AppStore, or earning revenue through premium subscriptions that unlock the most valuable options.

Selling documents online:

Your teams and collaborators are experienced in writing all kinds of documents: accounting, legal, administrative… so to earn money easily, this trick costs you nothing.

Ebook sales:

Publishing an ebook is easy on platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing. You take 70% of the selling price and it is distributed on Amazon, or Fnac if you prefer the competitor Kobo. Guaranteed profits at the end of the month!

Of course, you don’t have to sell novels, but among your employees, there are skills that can be transmitted in books. And even your experience as a manager or business owner can be transcribed into an ebook: how to create a business? How to manage a team? How to sell your products?

All the jobs and activities of your company are also ideas for books. And if you don’t know how to write, you can for example hire a professional writer for this task.

Micro-tasks, virtual assistant… :

To keep less qualified staff busy, it is possible to assign them micro-tasks via dedicated sites: writing an email, … any work can be paid today. Indeed, everyone can become a virtual assistant and offer their services to other companies in their field of expertise.

And paypal in all this? Paypal is a popular payment method on the internet particularly useful to receive payments with for example suferflu resale on Vinted, paid surveys and missions, smartphone unlocking monetization and cashback on online purchases.

6. Monetize a niche blog:

It is the oldest way to earn money on the internet. The principle is simple: create a blog or a page concerning a niche, i.e. a specialized field. Acquire a large audience and then monetize so that this audience makes money every month, by simply connecting to your site.

The means of monetization are: advertising banners, products to sell in affiliation, income by simple connection on your page…

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The idea is to increase the audience of your sites, thanks to paid or natural referencing (SEO) by publishing good content. This work can also be outsourced with a webmarketing agency or freelance web writers.

Affiliation consists of selling a product through an affiliated supplier who takes care of the distribution of the product and the after-sales service. The advantage is that you don’t have any inventory or investment, you only have to find buyers to earn a percentage of the sale.

7. E-commerce and dropshipping

To make money, a company can also start an e-commerce business by creating an online store. Lots of sites can provide you with a ready-made platform (and avoid paypal payments), or you can do it on WordPress, or even entrust this mission to a developer.

With an online store, your products can be sold in a few clicks and thus greatly increase your income. You still need to know how to manage the marketing part and attract customers to your site. The methods can be learned, or are entrusted to experienced sales people.

To be successful with an eCommerce site, the ideal is to focus on a type of product and to know well its typical clientele. For example:

Home gym equipment:

High-tech items but also weights, skipping ropes, training balls, floor mats, dumbbells, resistance bands… Ideal as a complement to a sports coach activity.

Smartwatches :

You can also sell smartwatches equipped with heart rate monitors that will attract athletes and heart disease patients, watches with GPS, or with cameras.

Customized jewelry:

Ideal niche for a dropshipping site: pendants, bracelets, with engraved messages, photos printed on them and anything that can be customized.

Print on demand :

This idea would certainly deserve a whole article. Thanks to custom printing on a whole bunch of products (t-shirts, mugs, caps…) you can now create your own brand if you have good design ideas.

Natural stuff:

People concerned with natural products for their health (matcha tea) and the environment (wooden and bamboo objects) are undoubtedly the most promising market of the century.

Marriage :

Brides and grooms shop online, and usually look for a collection of decorative products with the same theme. For example, photographic content on Pinterest™ is where you can capture this customer base.

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If you don’t want to take care of the stocks, dropshipping is a solution to sell directly the products of a supplier who takes care of the distribution and the after sales service for you.

8. Leverage social networks

Develop your personal branding on social networks

Social media are part of everyone’s life, so these sites can be used to make money. Exploiting one’s brand image, making a name for oneself thanks to one’s skills or prestige as an entrepreneur or executive, all this can generate a community and thus be monetized. Some people make a fortune on it.

Indirectly, you influence, create a need, and attract new customers for your products, directly you can generate advertising revenue. Exploitable social sites include tik tok™, Facebook™, Instagram™, and LinkedIn™.

With LinkedIn™ you are reaching out to the professional world and BToB. Here’s our guide on how to make money with LinkedIn™ .

Find clients with LinkedIn™

A veritable goldmine for professionals, LinkedIn™ has over 800 million pros that you can reach with a simple LinkedIn™ profile (free).

To prospect with LinkedIn™:

  • First of all, have a good idea of your target. And for that, define your buyer persona. This step allows you to adapt your profile, your contents, your targeting, your messages… In short, all your actions on the social network.
  • Start by creating a perfect profile and fill in the sections (photo, banner, title, summary, experiences, training, recommendations…) The profile is the basis of your presence on this network, it is also what your prospects see, so optimize it like a sales page.
  • Target and add to your network the people relevant to your field of activity.
  • Post high-value content to show your expertise and support your credibility in your industry.
  • Laser-target and send personalized prospecting messages to your target.

Not sure where to start on LinkedIn™? What to do? How to get started? No need to panic! Come to our 100% free online training to tame LinkedIn™.

9. Create your YouTube™ channel.

You know some youtubers who have made money by multiplying buzz on YouTube™. Beware, there are a lot of preconceived notions surrounding this activity that can lead people to believe that it’s easy to break through with just a webcam.

This is not the case at all.

Behind the videos with several million views on YouTube™ is often a team, a real company, with a studio, equipment, a scriptwriter, a technician for sound and image… Sometimes, the youtuber who creates the audience is just a presenter, like a TV show in short.

While competition is high on YouTube™, there is still room for certain industries and professionals. And the stakes are huge: consider that cat videos generate billions of views, and children’s toy testers often top the most monetized content! Monetizing and talking about certain products in videos is a big money maker.

So you can start your youtuber business by looking for the right idea, or choose to make it a complement for one of your teams on very specific areas. For example, a garage owner can start a business on car tips.

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10. Become a franchisor!

Your business can serve as the basis for the creation of a franchise network. There is an idea, a concept that will make your business successful.

In this case, a good way to make money is to turn your concept into a franchise. As a result, you attract candidates to buy your franchise. In exchange, they benefit from your experience, your market study, your support in approaching banks and starting their business, your brand image.

In addition, you can communicate about each successful franchisee to attract others. This is ideal for any locally based business, such as a restaurant, store, or service provider, as your franchisees export your concept to all other cities, or abroad.

And why not become a franchisee? For any business, and everything that is done in terms of services, you can find a franchise somewhere. Some franchises only require a starting fee of 2500 euros. After that, it’s a lucrative adventure for you.

Comment gagner de l’argent : pour conclure

Of course, to make money, your company can simply expand its sales.

For this, we can give you excellent advice such as reading an article on social selling to exploit social networks.

In addition, we also recommend that you follow our tips as part of a business strategy.

However, it is possible to create an alternative source of income. Where do you start? Here are our recommendations:

  • Invest your money ;
  • Resell ;
  • Reduce your business expenses ;
  • Exploit your assets ;
  • Sell your knowledge on the internet ;
  • Monetize a niche blog ;
  • Online store and dropshipping ;
  • Social networks ;
  • Become a Youtuber ;
  • Create your own franchise.

How to make money: to summarize in four questions

How to choose a method to earn money?

It all depends on your means and skills or the services, courses, or advice you want to provide online. To choose the right method, you must take into account your mobility. Here are 9 cases:

  • With a cell phone and a laptop, you can be in the office, at home, or on the move.
  • If you are adept at human contact, the car allows you to travel over a territory, or public transport or bikes and scooters over a city. We have seen the case of a handyman who succeeded in small repairs by only travelling by metro!
  • If you have the money or the right profile and the arguments to convince to lend you, then investing can be a good solution.
  • If you have used equipment, or end of stocks, reselling them on websites can bring you some money.
  • A good way is also to reduce your business expenses through free zones, coworking, investing in renewable energy, or renting out your available space and equipment.
  • Using the internet can be lucrative by selling ebooks, advice, mobile applications, online training, or documents. The advantage of intangible products is that they can be duplicated endlessly.
  • A niche blog can be profitable by monetizing its content, and an online store no longer needs its own inventory thanks to dropshipping.
  • Social networks and YouTube generate advertising revenues and social selling has become the essential way to boost your sales.
  • Creating your own franchise allows you to turn your own success into a product to buy for other investors.

How to make money while staying at home?

You can earn money without leaving your home, thanks to the Internet. Here are the methods that everyone can use:

  • Investing your money;
  • Exploiting your assets;
  • Earning money on the internet: online courses, mobile applications, online training…
  • Monetize your content on a niche blog;
  • Online store and dropshipping ;
  • Social media;
  • Youtuber or influencer;
  • Create your own franchise.

How to make money fast and free?

Ideas to make money fast:

  • Resell ;
  • Reduce your business expenses;
  • Exploiting your assets;
  • Make money on the internet;
  • Monetize your content on a niche blog;
  • E-commerce store and dropshipping;
  • Social Media;
  • Youtuber or influencer.

What is the best way to make money?

Creating quality content and services, a need, a want, something that interests everyone, and that can be sold online, is probably the best way to make money.

Then it all depends on your personality, skills, and means. Some people are more comfortable producing online content, others providing services or teaching courses, and some people are better at selling.

Many websites are there to allow you to connect service providers and people. Everything is done to make your life easier and with updates to bring you up to date.

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