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How to get LinkedIn Premium for free and easily?


How to get LinkedIn Premium for free and easily?

On LinkedIn, you can subscribe to the free or the premium offer.

The offer free allows you to use most of the basic features on LinkedIn.

It is quite possible to make LinkedIn a first-class ally in the development of your brand personal without opting for a premium offer.

Nevertheless, if you want to go further and have access to new features and specific, it remains advantageous to opt for one of the four premium subscriptions …

What are the different subscriptions Premium?

On LinkedIn, you have the choice between 4 subscriptions:

  • The “Career” subscription / perfect for job seekers who want find a job with LinkedIn
  • The “Business” / perfect subscription for BtoB companies who want to contact prospects
  • The perfect “Sales” / subscription for businesses that want prospect with LinkedIn for real
  • The “Recruitment” subscription / perfect for recruiters who want to recruit with LinkedIn
LinkedIn Premium for free
LinkedIn Premium all 4 subscriptions

Depending on your situation, you can choose the one that best suits your activity on LinkedIn. I invite you to read my comparison of premium LinkedIn subscriptions .

What are the benefits of a premium LinkedIn account?

The premium subscriptions offer you new features specific to each of them.

You will be able to:

  • Have a premium LinkedIn badge on your profile;
  • See all the people who have seen and visited your LinkedIn profile ;
  • Contact directly all LinkedIn members outside of your professional network;
  • Multiply the impact of your interactions;
  • Send more Inmails;
  • Have access to some LinkedIn company pages ;
  • Have more visibility;
  • Etc.

To read also: Benefits of LinkedIn Premium

You will understand free, LinkedIn is limited. With the premium offer, you will be able to use the full potential of LinkedIn.

How to get a premium LinkedIn subscription free ?

There are 3 methods to get a LinkedIn account premium free or benefit from its features for free.

1. Subscribe to the premium LinkedIn trial offer for one month

The price varies depending on the subscription chosen. The cheapest amounting to twenty euros / month.

However, before subscribing to a premium subscription, it may be interesting to ensure its usefulness.

For that, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to test the premium offer for a month free !

How to subscribe to premium LinkedIn for free: tutorial

  1. Connect to LinkedIn
  2. In the tabs above, click on “Premium Account free “at the top right next to the” products “tab
  3. Answer the question “what do you expect from a subscription Premium? And choose from these answers:
LinkedIn premium free tutorial

This question will help LinkedIn direct you to the right subscription.

  • Ex: if you answered “find prospects more efficiently”, you will come across this home page:
LinkedIn sales nagigator free tutorial
  • Click on “start my free month”

Attention, if the premium offer did not suit you at the end of this free month, do not forget to cancel it under penalty to be billed .

You can manage your premium LinkedIn account via this link:

How to unsubscribe from premium LinkedIn?

If you decide to unsubscribe, you can do it easily:

  1. Click on the “you” icon at the top right
  2. Select “Premium subscription preferences”
  3. Under “manage your premium account”, click on ” unsubscribe “
  4. Click on “continue”

To note : you don’t have to wait for the end of the trial period for you unsubscribe. You can cancel the subscription as soon as you subscribe.

After a year, you are free to subscribe again to a free trial month.

2. Access premium LinkedIn features with Boolean searches

Today millions of professionals are found online and compete with each other.

You must always push the research further with criteria of more and more precise to find your target.

Many of us then use what we call: boolean searches.

This type of research involves using specific logic as well as specific operators to infiltrate the Google search engine.

In other words, the Boolean search you allows you to search on Google with wildcards.

For example the “? ” allows you to replace a character. This “*” allows you to replace several characters. The Internet user who wants to search for the terms “director general “or” financial director “will type” director * ” in Google.

Whoever wants to search for the terms “Organization” or “organization” will type “Organiz *” in Google.

Note: note that the “*” is not supported by LinkedIn, only by Google.

There are a few methods to build your searches on LinkedIn using Boolean logic.

  • Quote Searches: If you are looking for an exact phrase, you will need to enclose the phrase in quotes. Example : “ LinkedIn expert “. Warning ! LinkedIn does not support this type of quotation mark (“), only this type (“).
  • NOT searches: The word NOT allows you to exclude certain terms in order to limit your search results. How to do ? Place the word NOT just before the term you want to exclude. For example: if you are looking for a LinkedIn specialist but you do not want an ENT specialist, you will have to type in the search bar: “ LinkedIn specialist NOT (ORL) ”.
  • OR searches: The word OR allows you to broaden your search results. With the word OR, you can see results that include one or more items in a list. For example: “LinkedIn OR marketing specialist”.
  • AND searches: build your own list with the word AND. If you are looking for more than one title or function on LinkedIn, just type: “ LinkedIn specialist AND marketing AND inbound marketing “.
  • Research with parentheses: searching with parentheses allows you to perform a more complex search by combining several terms.

Do you find it complicated? Try. If not, go for the third and final way to access data LinkedIn premium without paying.

3. Use Google to find premium LinkedIn results

With the offer free of LinkedIn, the number and search criteria are limited by month.

You are then tempted to take the premium LinkedIn subscription to overcome this obstacle.

If you decide to stay on the free offer, your only solution is to wait for the next month to continue your research.

Not very interesting.

Did you know that it is possible to override the limit by using the google search?

Why Google? Because there is no limitation in the number of searches. Yes you are doing too much research, you will just have to fill in “Captcha”.

How it works ?

For start, you have to type the titles or functions you are looking for in Google. Like this :

“LinkedIn Specialist | Project manager marketing | SEO consultant ”site: OR site: -intitle: profiles -inurl: ”/ dir”.

Then he you just have to look at the results.

You will see appear several LinkedIn profiles with names of people who correspond to the functions sought.

It does not all that remains is to click on the different profiles to find your target.

So you have benefited from a premium function completely free of charge and without breaking your head!

Get premium LinkedIn for free : conclusion

The free offer is sufficient but opting for a premium LinkedIn subscription allows you to use LinkedIn optimally and boost your results. If the premium offer is paid, using these different methods will allow you to use and test LinkedIn premium features without spending a single euro.

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