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LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace: how to reference your services! Secrets of a LinkedIn™ expert



After the success of its test version which attracted 2 million users, LinkedIn™ services marketplace is officially accessible free of charge to all LinkedIn™ members. In concrete terms, what is it for, who is it for and how do you offer its services on the new LinkedIn™ platform? Discover in this article, our expert secrets to reference your services and find customers!

LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace: how to reference your services! Secrets of a LinkedIn™ expert

LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace, what is it and how does it work?

Like Fiverr, Upwork or Malt, LinkedIn™ services marketplace is a platform, a search engine, allowing freelancers (independent workers) and self-employed entrepreneurs to offer their services on LinkedIn™. It is a completely free feature for entrepreneurs.

Thus, the freelancers fill out a page where they expose their services, but also certain criteria such as the place of work and the visibility of the opinions. A short presentation of 500 characters allows freelancers to present themselves quickly and stand out from the competition. The tool makes it possible to find assignments of one day, a few days or several months. It’s mainly about finding one-off assignments, just like the Fiverr and Upwork platforms offer.

For the moment, LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace is completely free, however, the functionalities are poor. Indeed, freelancers cannot look for assignments, it is companies looking for freelance service providers who contact them directly. In addition, there is no billing service and freelancers do not have the opportunity to review the company they have worked for. This feature is only available to recruiters.

LinkedIn Service Marketplace

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How to list your services on LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace?

How do I access the LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace?

To present your services on the LinkedIn ™ marketplace :

Start by going to your LinkedIn™ profile ;

When you are on the page, click on “Find potential customers”. This section is located under your title. Next to it, there may be the headings “Tell recruiters that you are available” or “Indicate that you are recruiting”.

LinkedIn Services Marketplace

Click on “Get started”, then on “Continue”

Linkedin services marketplace

How do I complete the LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace form?

The first thing to fill in are the services you offer. Writing, blog, real estate, operations or marketing, you can choose from 16 sections which themselves have several sub-categories. Just click on the skill to add it to your profile. Note that you can choose a maximum of 10.

Linkedin services marketplace

Then, the “About” section allows you to write a short text of 500 characters. This content helps professionals find and choose the perfect freelancer for their project. The goal is to present yourself quickly and stand out from the competition.

LinkedIn Services Marketplace

Now is the time to determine if you want to work remotely, in a specific city or both! In addition, if your LinkedIn™ profile mentions the place where you live, you do not have the possibility of changing it when you reference your services!

LinkedIn Services Marketplace

The last phase is simply to choose whether to show or hide the ratings and reviews of your future customers. Then, you also choose whether LinkedIn™ members who are not part of your connections can send you messages.

LinkedIn Services Marketplace

There you go, you are now one of the millions of freelancers who find new clients every day on the LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace!

How do I make a LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace page effective?

To get an effective profile on LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace, be sure to complete every section! For the moment, there are few features and criteria, so to make a difference, write a neat, clear and representative text of your services. Also be honest and showcase the skills you actually have!

LinkedIn Services Marketplace

Carefully filling out your services page is not enough to find missions! Your LinkedIn™ profile must also be perfectly optimized! Indeed, before making contact, a company systematically visits the profile of the freelancer.

Find out how to optimize your LinkedIn™ profile here !

LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace to conclude

LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace is a tool for freelancers. Indeed, the self-employed are more and more numerous and according to a study, they occupy a considerable market place since they are 930,000 in France.
The interest of LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace is therefore to put establishments in direct contact with freelancers who are looking for one-off assignments or long-term collaborations. To list your services on this platform, start by going to your LinkedIn™ profile then:
  • Right under your general presentation, click on “Find potential customers”. This section is sometimes located next to “Tell recruiters that you are available” or “Indicate that you are recruiting”.
  • You then fill out the form which makes your profile visible to recruiters looking for freelancers. Your services and your presentation (500 characters only) allow access to the free LinkedIn™ service.

LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace to summarize in 4 questions

What are the features of LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace?

The LinkedIn™ platform does not have many features. Indeed, users looking for assignments only have a meager form to fill out in order to be able to reference their services. No possibility to place achievements, to indicate his favorite areas or his mission preferences. Freelancers cannot apply for assignments either, since they do not have access to this interface. Only companies have their hands on this feature. Using keywords, they search for the ideal person and then contact them directly.

Why use LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace?

If you are a freelancer looking for new assignments or a company that needs a freelancer to carry out your project, this option on LinkedIn™ is for you! LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace allows freelancers to offer their services to companies in order to find new assignments.

How do I sign up for LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace?

For freelancers to be able to offer their services to companies on LinkedIn™, they must:

  • Go to their LinkedIn™ profile either by clicking on their photo at the top left, or via the “Me” section in the menu at the top;
  • Click on “Find potential customers” which is located below their LinkedIn™ presentation;
  • They can now add their services, a short 500 character description and their workplace preference.

How does LinkedIn™ Service Marketplace work?

LinkedIn™ Services Marketplace is a platform allowing professionals to find freelancers to carry out one-off assignments or long-term collaboration. These are the companies that contact the freelancers because the latter do not have the possibility of looking for a mission. To hope to be spotted by companies, freelancers simply have to fill out a short form (service, presentation, workplace, for example).

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