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10 keys to getting more followers on your LinkedIn business page


10 keys to getting more followers on your LinkedIn business page

In this article, we’re going to talk about your business page on LinkedIn. It is a virtual space on the social network that will be the showcase of your brand. It is via this page that you will be able to communicate about your company, your products, your services, you will also be able to publish job offers, or share relevant information related to your activities and your brand image. .

The company page LinkedIn needs to generate interest in order to get as many followers as possible. In as a general rule, unless you are a world famous brand, to have a community that tracks the activity of your page on LinkedIn, you must provide effort and define an audience that will find genuine interest in follow you.

I will not explain to you how create a business LinkedIn page , no, I’m going to share with you 10 keys to getting more subscribers on your LinkedIn business page!

1- Have a LinkedIn page as complete company as possible

To be attractive, your page LinkedIn business should be well run, but above all busy. In Indeed, when it is created, LinkedIn offers you to fill in several fields. Fill them in precisely and don’t hesitate to take time to explore every corner of your page!

Put your company logo right away, and a LinkedIn banner that are clearly visible. It is the very first visual identity of your company, and therefore of paramount importance.

For the description of your business, be concise, but also specific. In a few lines, summarize what your company offers in terms of services or products, and slip in a few remarks about your corporate culture, your values. Your brand is a whole: the purely commercial aspect must mingle with the more social aspect.

Indicate the contact details of your business, so that people browsing your LinkedIn company page have a quick way to contact you in case of need. This will save them several manipulations to find an email address. or a phone number.

In the tab “By the way”, take the time to provide a more detailed what your business provides. In this section, you can go deeper into the few lines that appear on the home page, and develop all the points which seem important to you concerning your company and your brand image.

Make sure that all the existing sections on the page are well informed. A page incomplete can return a somewhat lax, approximate image, and that’s it the opposite you must inspire in your subscribers.

These precautions prerequisites will already be a good basis to have more subscribers on your page LinkedIn company.

2- be yourself involved in the integration of the link

It seems obvious that the first subscriber and the first link in your company is the one who administers the page LinkedIn company (you). So be involved in the dissemination and sharing of your LinkedIn company page.

Your page has a web address, a URL. Copy and paste it in different places, always making sure to caption the link, for example by indicating the mention “follow us on LinkedIn”. Mention in your own LinkedIn profile that you work in your business so that the business page relates to your experience. The logo will appear in your description, along with your job title.

Add to your website a “Follow” button. So those who visit it can directly access the LinkedIn company page without having to looking for themselves.

You can also add the link and the “Follow” button to the e-mail signature. All the means are good to give visibility to your page.

3- Involve your collaborators

If you have employees, they can be widely regarded as your most loyal ambassadors. Involve them in your digital culture and encourage them to subscribe themselves on the page. They too can implement the same actions as you: share the link of the company page, put it as an e-mail signature, etc. But above all, encourage your employees to bring the page to life by commenting, liking and sharing the content therein.

The impact of their actions will reverberate on their own social networks.

4- Post a qualitative content

It is essential that the content that you post on your LinkedIn company page is relevant, interesting, pleasant to browse and free from spelling errors.

Publications varied in content and shape will convey a dynamic image of your Mark. Internet users will then be receptive to it, you will promulgate a impression of vitality which will be very positive.

Enhance your publications of photos, images, infographics, but above all videos. In Indeed, statistics have shown that 70 % of people who directly influence the purchasing process and are decision-making forces obtain information and research through video . They are there very receptive.

In addition, video support is particularly popular with LinkedIn users on smartphones. The format is practical, visually simple and fun. Prefer short formats, three minutes maximum, because the attention of Internet users is used to moving from one thing to another very quickly …

Read the article how to post a video on LinkedIn .

Something else, bet also on a good balance between promotional content and content information, news and various reflections. Don’t flood the stream of your LinkedIn company page with purely promotional content. They must be less frequent than the others, for the simple reason that advertisements are already present en masse on the entire web, networks social understood. Put some, after all, that’s also the purpose of your page LinkedIn company to promote and sell, but alternate with the rest.

5 – Post to the voucher moment

In terms of frequency of publication, it is recommended to publish about fifteen content per month. This equates to about one post every two days. Of this way, you will avoid overloading your subscribers, their network and yours information that could annoy and tire them in the long run. You must be regular and alternate between several supports, several subjects, several themes… Vary the pleasures, but stick to a schedule of publication.

A study has also showed that content published at certain times of the day, more particularly between Tuesday and Thursday, are those who have the most strong commitment, the highest visibility. Three slots schedules would be preferred:

  • 7 am-8am
  • 10 am-11am
  • 17h18h

To learn more, see the article when to post on LinkedIn ?

These are just average statistics, which may not necessarily reflect yours. Pay attention to what is happening on your LinkedIn Company Page to optimize your schedule.

6 – Think key words !

In the digital age, SEO on search engines, Google or Linkedin, is the sinews of war for any platform on the web. This step is very important, do not do not neglect!

Optimized for SEO, your LinkedIn company page will be more visible in search engines, and will thus generate more traffic, therefore more likely to capture potential subscribers.

7 – Use your existing network

Involve your existing network in your LinkedIn company page. Invite your professional acquaintances to follow your page, and to interact with it. Their actions on your company page LinkedIn will trickle down to their own network’s news feed. The social networks are virtual word of mouth, take advantage of it.

Always keep in Head that the network of your network is not necessarily your network. There is no no bottleneck on LinkedIn, on the contrary, it is rather the opposite: the magic of the snowball effect!

8 – Ask Questions

In your various contents, do not hesitate not to use the interrogative form. This will invite those who view your LinkedIn company page at:

  • Se reflect on, identify avenues of thought about what your company vehicle on social network. So your business will have triggered thoughts in the minds of Internet users, then you will always be in a little corner of their head.

Small parenthesis, it has been proven that asking questions reinforces the feeling of intelligence that the person being questioned had from you. A boon !

  • Respond directly and take action with a comment. Which makes your post visible to the network of who have commented and tells the LinkedIn algorithm that your post is valuable to the network.
  • Generate a first contact to exchange more in depth with you and your company.

9 – Wear a special attention to titles

The title is the very first thing that Internet users perceive from your publication. It must be the most seductive possible, titillate the curiosity of readers to click to find out more. A post with a catchy title will have a lot more successful than another with a trivial and boilerplate title. You have to really privilege originality, and for that, try to put yourself in the skin of Internet users. What catches your attention? What are words related to your activities that have the most impact? According to context of the publication, a touch of humor (be careful, not just who ! you’re not your best friend’s thirtieth birthday, you’re on the largest professional social network in the world …) can be appreciated and particularly attractive.

10 – More authenticity, less corporate!

Social networks have this particularity of allowing proximity. LinkedIn is probably the prime example more convincing, because the social network allows all areas around the world to be able to meet, discover and especially live together. Take advantage of this professional melting pot to be less corporate.

The corporate tends to be pompous, too solemn, almost boring. You can be proud of your company, but also think outside the box of communication and dare take cross roads. For example, you can make fun of, make small original staging … The idea is to put in the closet the image of the company very consensual and its rigid employees in suit and tie (clichés die hard, but roughly speaking, the idea is the). Conformism is outdated!

So bet on authenticity and the human. You are not just the representative of a brand or a professional image. You are above all a human being who surrounds himself with his fellows to convey important values through his work. The approach then immediately becomes very different.

Bonus: invite your connections to follow your LinkedIn Company page

This is a new feature that allows you, under certain conditions, to invite your relationships to follow your LinkedIn Company page .

With these tips, you have so all the cards in hand to have more subscribers on your business page LinkedIn.

Do you have a challenge with your corporate LinkedIn page? Need help? I invite you to make an appointment to present your needs to me .

LinkedIn Specialist , I can help you grow your business on LinkedIn.

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