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Why be on LinkedIn? 10 reasons to be on LinkedIn


Why be on LinkedIn? 10 reasons to be on LinkedIn

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The more time goes by, the more LinkedIn grows. Facebook counterpart but in the professional field, it is now a third of professionals in the world who are present on LinkedIn. A real gem for business, a professional revolution in the world of work, the qualities and opportunities offered by LinkedIn are abundant.

Social networks are, today, the best way to promote your business. In France, it is 54% of professionals are on LinkedIn . But some of them still tick at the idea of joining the platform for three main reasons:

  1. Fear of wasting time
  2. Fear of losing money
  3. Fear of “bad buzz”

However, not being present on social media and, in particular on LinkedIn, constitutes professional misconduct in my opinion, as it disadvantages and closes the pros to professional opportunities.

As the first spokesperson for their company, managers and leaders have a real business passport here because LinkedIn helps them to establish good communication around their brand.

Social networks seem to be the target of first choice for all those who wish to build and develop their personal branding and do social selling. And this for several reasons that we will detail in the article.

1. Why be on LinkedIn? To have direct contact with your customers.

According to a study conducted by MDG Advertising in the USA, 64% of Americans like the company, of which they are clients, to be present on social networks in order to better understand it and communicate with it directly. In addition to humanizing your customer relationships and promoting the values of the company, you increase your trust and sympathy capital.

2. Why be on LinkedIn? For gbuild trust.

According to the same study, 54% of Americans say that having an executive on social media gives them more confidence. Indeed, if you are present on social networks, you can enter into direct communication with your employees, collaborators or your customers. The manager generally embodies all the information related to the company. It is important to be able to share it directly through LinkedIn. What’s more, LinkedIn can even become a lever for loyalty. By communicating effectively about the brand and allowing his employees or clients to express themselves, the manager promotes commitment and, where applicable, loyalty.

3. Why be on LinkedIn? For Ctarget new prospects.

The manager never has enough clients. This is why it is important for him to develop a strategy targeting new prospects. Posting or sharing content can be a good option to attract new customers to your business. The leader can, through the sharing of information, the publication of content, and promotional communication, retain prospects and attract new customers.

4. Why be on LinkedIn? For CCommunicate around your business.

Whatever your executive status, your presence on social networks is essential to effectively relay information around their company. In addition, it significantly improves your notoriety. Your employees should be ambassadors for your brand, but the first ambassador remains the leader. So it’s up to you to lead by example.

5. Why be on LinkedIn? For you construct a hearing.

Social networks make it possible to create a real audience and community. Why don’t you become an influencer on the net? Having a community behind you helps give credibility to the brand you embody. By being regularly active on LinkedIn, answering questions from your peers or posting content aimed at helping your community, you ensure their engagement and loyalty.

6. Why be on LinkedIn? For sfollow the news.

LinkedIn provides you with ongoing information on what is currently happening in your market. As the first ambassador of your company, you must constantly be on the news page in order to establish the best possible strategies. LinkedIn groups are a perfect target for this and to chat with other players in your industry.

7. Ê be on LinkedIn for a improve your referencing (SEO).

LinkedIn profiles are referenced on Google. As long as you use the right keywords, you can be easily found on Google’s search engine. Being referenced on Google allows you greater visibility in addition to controlling the content that appears on you.

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8. Be on LinkedIn to increase your visibility.

The Internet allows much greater visibility than in real life. Thousands of professionals can see your profile and posts. They can share them in turn. In a few hours, maybe hundreds of people will be looking at your profile. Your business can significantly gain visibility if you are on LinkedIn. Viral content can easily create a buzz and boost your popularity.

9. Why be on LinkedIn? For éestablish new partnerships.

Sixteen million professionals are present on LinkedIn in France, so many talents, partners or prospects available to enrich your business. LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence to improve your commercial performance in B2B.

10. Why be on LinkedIn? Because it’s essential and free!

Even though the lack of time and the fear of bad buzz can cripple or put you off, the benefits far outweigh these fears. If you are short on time, delegate this task to a team of communicators who will regularly relay company information.
Finally, the advantages of Linkedin are numerous, the investment low, the return on investment high: the calculation is quickly done. In other words, not taking advantage of it is professional misconduct today. That is what is said.
Still haven’t taken action? Here is what to start serenely with 10 secrets of an effective LinkedIn profile .

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