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How to attract recruiters to LinkedIn – LinkedIn tutorial

How to attract recruiters to LinkedIn - LinkedIn tutorial



How to attract recruiters to LinkedIn – Video tutorial

Video transcript:

Hello to you, here Yannick B, LinkedIn expert and founder of Proinfluent. Today we meet to show you and reveal to you how to mention that you are looking for opportunities or job search on LinkedIn and also see how to attract recruiters.

I’ll tell you my secret, but before that I will show you how to do precisely on the screen how mention that you are listening to opportunities.

How to let all people and recruiters know that you are listening to opportunities.

You will notice, moreover, that I said “listening to opportunities” and not “looking for a job” because when you are looking for a job you are in a position of applicant whereas when you say that you are listening to opportunities. opportunities are much more positive.

And so there are two ways to this.

Method 1: How to mention that you are looking for a job on LinkedIn.

The first, which is rather classic, is to go to your profile by clicking on the photo at the top and modify the profile by clicking on the pencil. When we modify the profile, we arrive on this interface and we will modify the title here.

So most people put their position, for example: marketing assistant or secretary, etc. And so if you are open to opportunities what I invite you to do it is to add this sentence after your title. Note for example “secretary management ready to take on new challenges ”or“ ready to take up a new challenge ” !

It’s something short, which will inform the person who visits your profile that you are at listening to opportunities and looking for something new. It is much more positive than saying “I’m looking for a job”.

On the other hand, if you have a search job a little hidden, you can not put it here. I will show you how to do in a second step.

Method 2: How to attract and inform recruiters on LinkedIn.

It makes me really happy to share with you because I see a lot of people who don’t know not this secret.

It is to go in the settings of LinkedIn:

  • by clicking on “you”,
  • then in “preferences and confidentiality”,
  • then you go to “confidentiality”,
  • you will go to the “job search preferences” menu.
  • And there you have “let recruiters know that you are listening to new opportunities”.
  • You click on it and there you click “yes”.
  • You can update work goals.
  • You put a note and it will all show up in the eyes of recruiters.
  • You have 300 characters, you have to be short and concise.

Recruiters who have premium access can see this information and you can, if you are looking discreet about a job, tell recruiters in this way that you are listening.

This will not appear in the eyes of your current employer with only one condition which we will see shortly after.

There you can set the note to intended for recruiters, you can define different elements, different positions, type of contract, etc.

You can mention the sectors, the number of employees in the company.

Condition so that this job search is not visible to your current employer on LinkedIn

Let’s go back to the profile to visualize: by clicking on the photo, you arrive on your profile.

And so this is valid, to the only provided you have mentioned your employer in your experience current and that it appeared with the logo.

When you change your experience, you mention your employer. Your experience has been successfully registered at this company, on this page and therefore the recruiter who is associated with this account, do not will not see that you are listening to opportunities. It works for all businesses that have created a business page.

Then you click on “save “.

You now know my secret to getting up in recruiter search results and also to positively mention that you are listening to opportunities.

This tip is known to few people on LinkedIn so this is an opportunity for you! It is from my online training find a job with LinkedIn (in 1 hour per day)! With this training, you will gain 40 times more professional opportunities. It is the concentrate of my expertise to help you find the job that suits you.

For those who don’t know me, I founded Proinfluent because my vocation is to help talents and professionals achieve their professional goals through Linkedin and marketing.

Because I want marketing not to be used only by big brands to enrich themselves, but that it also allow people and the individual to promote exchange, to be able to grow their professional career and generate of value other than financial.

And so, I offer 80% of my content for free, including my checklist. It’s a PDF document that lets you go through all the steps to build an influential and effective profile. And this checklist can be downloaded here.

Feel free to share this video if you enjoyed it and then remember that marketing is not magic, it’s a science!


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