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10 steps to find a job when you are a recent graduate.

How to find a job as a recent graduate



10 steps to find a job when you are a recent graduate.

We live in a time when the search for the ideal job is challenging.

Gone are the roaring twenties of full employment for the young people of the sixties. Young people today have to cope with the crisis and growing unemployment.

On average, there are hundreds of applicants for a single position. Companies are reluctant to hire young people, on the pretext that they have no experience under their belt when they leave school.

Difficult to find a job they like under these conditions.

Unfortunately, today a diploma no longer guarantees a job. Many young people enroll in Employment center or who fall back on a low-qualifying profession.

Faced with this disarray, young people are looking for solutions to get out of it and to re-enter, in a serene manner, the world of work.

here is ten tips for you, young graduates, who want to find a job!

1. Do not send your CV everywhere

Job search tips often tell us that the more we send in our CV, the more likely we are to find a job. Unfortunately, this is not enough.

It is not a question of sending his CV like a bottle in the sea, but of carefully choosing who we are going to give it to.

2. Exploit your social network

When we have a few years of experience behind us, it is normal that we have had the time to build up a social network.

And, it is normal that young people do not have one yet.
However, many young people do not realize the importance of have a professional network around one’s self.

Many of them can’t find a job simply because they haven’t gotten into the habit of communicating about themselves.

As long as you don’t have a network, it can be interesting to talk to those around you about your dream job.

Do not hesitate to share your desires and skills with your family, friends, acquaintances or former classmates.
With a little luck, there will be one person or the other who has a good plan to offer you.

Plus, you can also ask them to recommend you and tell their own network about you.

By social network I mean your network of people, whether physical or virtual.

Precisely, to help you develop this network and especially your visibility with your future employer, I have developed a method that will help you gain 40 times more visibility and 10 times more hiring opportunities. Click here to find out how to find a job with LinkedIn .

3. Do not limit yourself in your job search

Many young people, upon graduation, are looking for a job that exactly matches their qualifications and skills.

This approach is biased because it limits your job search. It is best not to let yourself be locked in by your diploma.

Having a degree in “tax law” does not mean that you should apply only in professions which relate to the legal and financial environment.

Likewise, having a degree in psychology doesn’t just give you access to a position as a psychologist.

You have the possibility of considering education or the social environment for example. Do not limit yourself allows you to discover functions that we had not considered until then.

4. Look for its major qualities

When entering the job market, it is essential to know its strengths, strengths and weaknesses.

Take the time to write down a list of your skills on paper and bring out your strengths and major qualities.

Knowing your qualities will allow you to promote them to an employer.

You must be able to clearly state your professional strengths and skills. You will be able to use them as a keyword during your job search.

If you need help in your process, here is my solution coaching to find a job .

5. Do not refuse temporary jobs by default

Permanent contracts are in decline, unlike temporary contracts, which have been steadily increasing in recent years.

It will not work out.
Professionals in the world of work estimate that by 2020, 40% of employment contracts will be temporary contracts.

Even if it is not very rewarding to assume a position with less responsibilities and qualifications than expected when you are a recent graduate, the advantages remain numerous:

  • Showcase additional experiences on your resume.
  • Discover your assets, your strengths, your weaknesses and your tastes in terms of professional know-how.
  • Expand your professional network: multiply experiences allows you to meet a certain number of people likely to join your network.
  • Gain self-confidence: self-confidence is only acquired little by little but increasing the number of temporary contracts, while waiting to find a job that suits you, allows you to acquire or develop your self-confidence and your self-marketing.

Keep an open mind.

“Don’t just consider permanent positions but open up to shorter contracts that will ‘propel’ you into professional life and allow you to gain value.”

Yannick Bouissiere

6. Volunteer

If you can’t find a paid job, why not turn to an internship or volunteer work?

Doing an internship in a company allows you to forge solid experience for the future, to expand your network, to enrich your CV and to gain self-confidence.

Once your internship is over, you will be able to claim a first experience in the world of work, which will considerably increase your chances of finding a first paid job.

7. Apply in SMEs

It is undoubtedly the most common dream of all young graduates: to work in a large company.

Many big brand companies offer attractive contracts to young people.

Nevertheless, you can also apply in small and medium enterprises. They generally have a less bureaucratic type of operation , which will allow you to evolve at your own pace and to get off the beaten track more easily.

8. Join LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform connecting candidates and recruiters, freelancers and employees, etc.

“Having a LinkedIn profile means ensuring an internet presence and a digital identity.”


On LinkedIn, the goal is to enhance your image and sell yourself, through marketing yourself.

Unlike ad sites, on LinkedIn, you also have the option of a recruiter spotting you and contacting you on their own.

With its millions of users, you have a great opportunity to be able to expand your network by: offering content, sharing relevant information, joining groups, commenting on articles shared by others, etc.

==> LinkedIn is essential for your job search! 92% of recruiters use it! If you feel that you are not exploiting it 100% then, Can I help you. I have condensed here for you: everything you need to know to find a job with LinkedIn easily .

9. Develop self-marketing

Self-marketing is a discipline bringing together all the classic marketing techniques, to adapt them to the individual so that he can sell himself.

How to sell? How to communicate better? How to improve its visibility and notoriety? Are questions answered when practicing self-marketing.

It is interesting to develop your communication skills in order to be able to sell yourself better and promote yourself to employers.

Use your idle time to go deeper into and develop marketing yourself.

Looking for work is good, but if you don’t know how to sell yourself, it’s futile.

10. Put yourself in the employer’s shoes

It is common when looking for a job to be self-centered.

However, this will not work for you to find a job.

Before you think about what the business can offer you, you need to think about what you can do for them.

You need to have enough confidence to prove to them that this position is right for you and that you will be able to meet the needs of the employer and the company.
The employer needs a candidate who shares the same vision of the company as him. Don’t gamble solely on your degree. There are hundreds of other graduates who hold the same degree as you. So this is not enough to hold the attention of a recruiter.

It is better to bet on your personality and your persuasiveness. By putting yourself in his shoes, you will be able to understand what he expects from you.
Thus, you will be able to react more effectively and have a better chance of pass your job interview .

In conclusion

It is not easy for a young person just out of school to find a job.
Nevertheless, there are several means of action to put in place to considerably increase one’s chances of getting a job.

The main objective is to stand out from your peers by accumulating experiences, whether temporary or voluntary, by having a presence and visibility on the internet while developing your network.

Saying it is easy, doing it is another. That’s why I created a method that allows you to be guided in your job search with LinkedIn in 1 hour a day!
If you put these actions in place, you will put on your side all the chances of landing the job of your dreams.

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