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Personalized LinkedIn invitations: 15 examples


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Personalized LinkedIn invitations: 15 examples

The most influential professional social network on the web, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for developing your network knowledge, find opportunities, stay informed and even to progress in marketing while being active with the future of digital: social networks.

One of the first features of LinkedIn is therefore to expand its network, by putting itself in virtual contact with other people. It is common, at first, to add people you know directly to LinkedIn, mainly in the professional context. But the goal of LinkedIn is to expand the already existing network, building relationships on the platform with other people: those who have an interest in having you in their network, and vice versa. But we do not ask to come into contact with a person without putting the forms! Here is the stake of this article: to know all about the LinkedIn invitations and how to personalize them best to start a relation on the network in the trust and the sharing.

Since communication is an integral part of your professional image , let’s see how to personalize your LinkedIn invitations, to make the difference in 300 characters!

1. LinkedIn invitations: why is it essential to personalize them?

If the goal of social networks is to bring people together around a community, and to facilitate contacts that would have been difficult to establish in a “physical” way, it is not only a question of considering users as simple. LinkedIn profiles digital on an interface, but as human beings. Behind each CV virtual, each advertiser or each director hides a person like you and me, with his sensitivity, his personal curiosity and his own apprehension of his peers.

On a daily basis, do you approach people directly by reaching out and telling them in a way abrupt “Be part of my network. “? Where you put it a little more form and reach out by presenting yourself with the to smile ? The second option is not only more advisable because less aggressive, but also more realistic!

On LinkedIn, it’s the same. A little metaphor to support the point: it is socially recommended to knock on the door before entering rather than to kick it. If you have the project to develop your network, read the rest of this article where I reveal my advice to optimize your invitations.

2. Who should I invite on LinkedIn?

Obviously, you are not inviting members of LinkedIn to join a professional network like you invite your neighbors to a housewarming party. Likewise, try as much as possible to keep consistency in your network and focus on the people who belong to sectors that match yours, or people to whom you can solve the problems, or the people whose activity interests you! It is above all a matter of not inviting people wrongly and through in order to increase your number of relationships. Always think consistency and common sense for your network, and ask you always these two questions:

  • Does this person have something to to bring me, to teach me?
  • Can I bring, learn something to that person ?

If you answer yes to at least one of these questions, consider that your contact request is justified.

3. Personalizing your LinkedIn invitations: the basic rules

Personalize LinkedIn invitation - Proinfluent
Customizing the LinkedIn invitation message

In the expression “enlarge one’s network”, the verb “enlarge” here takes on a qualitative rather than a quantitative meaning. You may have 2,000 contacts on your LinkedIn account , if none of them correspond to your target customers, do not particularly interest you, and therefore will have no interaction with you, your network will not be worth much and you will go in circles very quickly.

Depict the social selling on LinkedIn goes first and foremost: your connections. However, in social selling, personalization and the human aspect are king. Take inspiration from this to make your invitations to join your network a first contact based on a cordial and participatory exchange.

300 characters, the limit authorized by LinkedIn for the invitations, it may seem too little. Yet it is enough for start a conversation, highlight an interest, get in touch. We the we will see a little later in this article, with examples of invitations LinkedIn.

Here are some basic rules to follow for your LinkedIn invitations:

  • Courtesy and politeness .

That seems obvious, but recalling it does no harm. To build relationships healthy and effective with your network, start by making initial contact which respects the rules of good manners.

  • Your professional but not pompous .

The also, it seems obvious that on a platform intended for the actors of the world work, we adopt a professional tone. But be careful not to fall in a speech too bombastic.

  • Relevant information (s) .

Your invitation must have a body text that refers to something concrete. If you decide to add a note to your invitation by repeating more or less the same generic LinkedIn default words (“I would like you add to my LinkedIn network. »), Your invitation will have no interest in the eyes of the guest.

  • Spelling quality.

Often neglected, spelling accuracy is one of the pillars of your credibility. A little proofreading to verify before sending, and that’s it play !

  • Your contact details

If you contact a prospect , I invite you to leave your contact details so that it will contact you. Indeed, it is not uncommon for my clients to whom I passed on LinkedIn social selling expertise to be called back because they contacted their prospects at the right time.

  • Not be in demand

Your goal is for this person to accept you into their network so that they can contact them. Do not be a seller or in demand from this message! Otherwise = spammer box or invitation refused!

4. Examples of personalized LinkedIn invitations

Now that you know more about the importance customizing your LinkedIn invitations, let’s get down to business serious and discover the examples of personalized invitations. I approach several cases, the most common, it is up to you to adapt them according to your situation.

Example of a personalized invitation for a person with whom you have a common interest (s)


While surfing on LinkedIn, I discovered your article on [sujet]. Did you know that am I also passionate about it?

I have a lot enjoyed reading you, and I wish I could follow your news.

Looking forward to read you.

Beautiful daytime.

Example of a personalized LinkedIn invitation for a partnership request

Here is a model adapted to the demands of partnership :


Yesterday i saw your YouTube video about [votre sujet], and I found it very interesting. Your skills in [domaine] could be useful to one of my clients.

If you are interested, maybe we can discuss in order to possibly work together ?

Good day.

Example of personalized invitation for recruitment


While traveling through LinkedIn, I found your profile and noticed that you are at the looking for someone for a position of [poste].

Can we quickly discuss this recruitment?

Beautiful daytime.

Example of a personalized invitation for an influential person in your industry


Like you, I work in the field of [domaine]. Your recognized expertise in the sector is an example on a daily basis.

Would you be available in the coming days for a short discussion about your last intervention on [sujet] ?

Looking forward to read you.

Good day.

Example of a personalized invitation for a former colleague or fellow student

Hello[prénom] ,

I saw your profile on my news feed. I hope you are doing well, since the time.

Looking forward to discussing!

Good day to you.

Example of a personalized invitation for one of your clients


Glad to have could work for you on your last project, I would like to follow your progress and your future projects by adding you to my network.

You will be able moreover to discover ours and, if necessary, to contact us by this means.

Looking forward to follow you.

Good daytime.

Example of a personalized invitation for a person met at an event


We we met at the network evening of [date]. I had a pleasant time to discuss with you [sujet de discussion], and I would like to stay in contact.

Looking forward to discussing.

Beautiful daytime.

Example of personalized invitation for someone you are interested in for your business


To the looking for new collaborators for my company of [secteur], I saw your profile and lingered there.

In view of your past experiences and skills, would you have a few moments to grant me in the coming days to exchange?

Yours truly.

Example of a personalized invitation for a person with whom you have common knowledge


I see that we both know [nom de la personne]. Would you be interested to join my network to discuss our sectors activity?

Beautiful daytime.

Example of a personalized invitation for a new colleague or fellow student

Hello[prénom] ,

Delighted welcome you to the team of [entreprise] !

Looking forward to work and exchange with you.

See you soon in the office.

Example of a personalized invitation for a competitor


While browsing the LinkedIn news feed, I saw that we are working in the same industry.

Looking forward to sharing our[actualités du secteur] ?

Yours truly.

Example of a personalized invitation for a teacher


Student in [domaine], I follow your lessons [cours]. I was very interested in your approach of the main theme of the common project for the students during your Last course.

Looking forward to follow you.

Beautiful day and see you soon.

Example of personalized invitation for a possible future application in the person’s structure


At the time of research, I came across the name of your company. I was interested in it and I want to say that I admire your last project [ou autre].

In office, I would nevertheless like to integrate your network for, in the future if the opportunity arises present, get an opportunity with you.

Good daytime.

Example of a personalized invitation for someone registered in the same group as you


We do part of [nom du groupe]. I very much appreciate your interventions on the group, and I would like to stay in touch to learn more about your work, your projects, and discuss with you on various subjects.

Beautiful daytime.

Example of a personalized invitation for a current colleague

Hello[prénom] ,

Gosh, we cross paths every morning at the coffee machine, and we don’t share the same network on LinkedIn, that’s a shame!

See you soon.

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LinkedIn invitations: should we accept them?

I’ve written a comprehensive article that lets you know whether to accept LinkedIn invitations. I even created a method which you will find in this article: LinkedIn invitations: should we accept them?

LinkedIn invitations: in conclusion

You see there is many ways to personalize your LinkedIn invitations. The main thing is always be cordial, say WHY you want to add the person to your network, to be warm, and above all concise.

Be sure to mention concrete facts, without however entering into a commercial discourse that could smell it warmed up …

Nota Bene : you can leave your details, to be contacted more easily.

You now have all the keys in hand to personalize your LinkedIn invitations and you build a professional network of quality … To sell ( prospect through social selling LinkedIn ) or sell you ( self marketing ).

What invitation message will you use to add me to your LinkedIn network? ? Click here to invite me or follow my LinkedIn profile.

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