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How to do personal branding?


How to do personal branding?

What is self-marketing?

According to the site, marketing can be defined as follows: “ function connecting a business to the needs and wants of its customers to deliver the right product, in the right place, at the right time

Where “ achievement of business objectives through better meeting customer needs than the competition

or “ management process that effectively and profitably identifies, anticipates and delivers customer requirements “.

Classic marketing operates through different techniques that promote a brand or a business.

Self-marketing, also called “self-marketing” or “ personal branding “, appropriates these marketing techniques for his own account. In other words, to develop and enhance one’s image and personal brand.

Wikipedia mentions it as follows: “ Personal marketing, or personal branding, or self-marketing, is the act of managing a person’s skills, values and added value for those around him, his professional audience, his positioning and his image, as we market a service “.

We therefore go beyond the framework of the company to focus on the individual himself.

“Self-marketing can be defined as selling yourself.”

Yannick BOUISSIERE , founder of Proinfluent

It concerns all individuals, whether entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, managers or consultants, job seekers, etc.

Even today, many people are uncomfortable with selling themselves. This practice is still taboo for most of us.

Discover in this article some principles and secrets of self-marketing.

Self-marketing in the age of social media

Self-marketing is not new but has especially developed in recent years thanks to the democratization of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo or the professional social network LinkedIn.

You need to promote your brand on web 3.0.

Use these social networks to your advantage, create a blog to share and produce interesting and relevant content to ultimately position yourself as an expert in your field.

As you will have understood, to sell on the internet, it is better to favor social networks and other digital channels, which are more accessible, than traditional channels.

Self-marketing to gain a strong influence first requires a strong internet presence.

This will allow you to increase your impact and strengthen your visibility. Do not forget that e-reputation is as important as your reputation.

You must therefore do everything possible to manage your digital identity.

The importance of self-marketing

Today very popular, it has become essential for any individual wishing to achieve a professional project, to be recognized in an activity or to develop their notoriety.

As the magazine Liaisons Sociales mentions:

Being a good professional is not enough anymore, you have to make it known “.

It’s no longer about being a good professional on paper. You will have to sell yourself and prove it by communicating about yourself, your activity, your assets and your skills.

Make a self-diagnosis

Before you can sell yourself, it’s time to diagnose yourself in order to ask yourself the essential questions.

  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can I develop my strengths and master my weaknesses?
  • What are my skills ?
  • How can I meet market demands?
  • What are the qualities and skills of the N ° 1 in my field?

Once these questions have been asked, you will be able to look at the situation objectively and establish a balance sheet and an effective action plan to define and clarify your professional goals.

This diagnostic step is essential because it allows you to situate yourself in relation to your market in order to be able to highlight your strengths.

I support my clients in this process, to analyze the market, help them in their analysis of themselves to build their own marketing strategy . It is this support that is appreciated in my self-marketing coaching .

Establish a marketing strategy

The objectives being set, you must establish a winning strategy, that is to say one that will allow you to differentiate yourself . To differentiate yourself from others, you must be ambitious, versatile, creative, innovative, imaginative and clearly define what you can bring in your area of expertise.

To help you build your job search, I created you a frame in 10 steps rated ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on Amazon . For the price of a coffee you have access to my best self-marketing advice;).

Self-marketing is above all about having self-confidence

Self-marketing is inextricably linked with personal development and leadership.
To practice self-marketing, you have to be convinced that you have value.

Don’t come in front of an employer being “needy”, in other words, in need.

You must know how to clearly identify what you are able to do for him and to measure the positive contributions that you can offer to the company you want to join.

Even though the main purpose of self-marketing is to sell yourself, it’s always better to rephrase the employer’s expectations rather than your own.

Self-marketing does not mean being “self-centered” and do personal skill recitation. You have to bring something concrete, in particular your achievements, your experiences, recommendations and be clear about what you can and what you will bring to the business.

Obviously, it takes very good stress and emotional management as well as a good dose of self-confidence and self-esteem to become an outstanding self-marketer.

Fortunately, all this can be learned and developed .

You can learn the basics in my ebook . IF you want to market yourself to find a job, I strongly recommend that you consult my online training find a job with LinkedIn in 1 hour a day!

Personality before graduation

Many believe that a long higher education or university education is enough to be considered fit and competent. In reality, this is not enough.

Even if it was true before, today recruiters are mainly looking for candidates with a personality and a know-how.

Having a lot of diplomas is no longer enough to please employers. It is now customary to know the techniques of communication and personal marketing to distinguish yourself from others.

There will always be people with the same degrees as you, but no one with your personality. This is why you should focus on this above all before graduation, even if they are a plus in your life and your professional career.

You absolutely have to think outside the box by creating, innovating, being imaginative and taking risks. For this you need to have leadership or develop it if you do not consider it sufficient. The goal is to be able to highlight your potential.

Knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills

There are three types of skills:

  1. The knowledge
  2. The know-how
  3. The know-how

During our school career, we learn the first two but nevertheless, it is the interpersonal skills that is valued and which allows you to stand out in the face of a recruiter.

It is therefore this point that you will need to develop.
The know-how defines your human qualities as professional and expresses your identity and your personality. Once you are aware of it, you will need to make it known: by communicating about yourself.

To read : Skills of a Sales Representative: The 20 Most Anticipated Skills to Add to Your LinkedIn ™ Profile.

Be authentic

Working on self-marketing is incompatible with lying and non-transparency.

Learning to sell yourself doesn’t mean lying, manipulating or deceiving others about your image.

Self-marketing involves being true and authentic, showing yourself as you really are, without wearing a mask.
Enhance your image, yes! It is still necessary that it is not manufactured.

Pay attention to the non-verbal

Communicating does not only induce verbal communication.
You must also learn to work on your non-verbal skills: stress management, emotion management, your positioning, your presentation, etc.

Neglecting this point can also compromise your verbal communication and stifle some of your potentials. Remember that the one is not born a leader, one becomes one.


In conclusion, self-marketing requires different means of action to be put in place to develop your e-reputation, your image, your influence and your notoriety .

The Internet can greatly contribute in the communication of your identity by giving you more visibility and impact.

Your verbal as well as non-verbal communication is the key to developing your marketing yourself.

Simply become your own “ Community Manager »And marketer!

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