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How to create a LinkedIn company page? Complete guide!


How to create a LinkedIn company page? Complete guide!

At present, LinkedIn lists more than 706 million professionals worldwide . This enthusiasm for this network is no longer to be explained and its advantages no longer need to be demonstrated.

LinkedIn is now your online partner to have an effective digital presence and boost your results.

Some companies have chosen to have a page company dedicated to making their activity and services known to the community.

Today, LinkedIn is 8 million company pages uploaded.

What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

If it has become almost “normal” for everything entrepreneur to have a LinkedIn profile, the reasons for a business page appear less obvious.

It would therefore be normal for you to wonder about the benefit of having a LinkedIn business page.

Managing your marketing on social networks can be time consuming and time consuming. This will be all the more important if you must have a “dual activity” on LinkedIn.

So what is a LinkedIn Business Page and why have one?

A company page allows you to “Professionalize” your presence on LinkedIn. Link a page company profile to your LinkedIn profile can add credibility to your activity and gives confidence to users.

Why ? Because when you create a page company and add to it your logo , the latter will be displayed also in the “experience” part of your LinkedIn profile and especially that of your collaborators.

This is of great interest, because the more you are credible and inspire confidence, the more you position yourself as as an expert company in its field.

If you don’t have a company page, your logo will not be not displayed on your profile. Instead, you will simply have a pictogram gray, bland and colorless. And most importantly, your business cannot be seen or consulted. This is not very professional, you will agree.

There is no point in taking risks when a simple page business can boost your credibility to a higher level.

In addition, each member interested in your business can learn more about your services, products and values and your activity.

Your LinkedIn Company Page is also a advantage for job seekers: they will be able to easily and quickly find all the job offers published by your company on your LinkedIn page and contact you directly through the platform.

What is that q u a LinkedIn showcase page?

It’s no longer a secret: LinkedIn deploys many features to improve your presence on its network.

Launched in 2013 and designed to showcase your brand business or your services, a LinkedIn showcase page is just extension of your LinkedIn business page. See it just as a supplement to your main business page.

A LinkedIn showcase page also allows you to segment your audience. In other words, to address a part of your audience that you will have targeted especially for one or the other of your products or services.

By subscribing to your showcase page, your audience will be able to follow the news of the products or services that interest him most particularly

You will therefore have the opportunity to interact with a targeted community.

I must clarify one thing: your showcase page is not your business page!

Therefore, the two must stand out well.

Your LinkedIn company page presents your activity and your business as a whole. While a showcase page represents only a segment of your business.

For example, Microsoft has a company page and owns several showcase pages including Microsoft Office.

Good to know : for create a LinkedIn showcase page, you must have created a LinkedIn page company beforehand.

Indeed, only an administrator of a company page can create a showcase page.

The advantage is that you can have up to 10 extensions for a main business LinkedIn page.

For your LinkedIn showcase page to be effective, you will have to fill in all the necessary information of your product or service, the dedicated website if you have one, the industry, etc.

You will also need to publish, actively and regular, relevant content and related to what you are selling.

The cover photo on your LinkedIn showcase page may be different from the one on your business LinkedIn page.

It’s up to you to choose the most effective marketing strategy relevant.

LinkedIn company page: what are the objectives?

Reasons for creating a LinkedIn business page are numerous.

A LinkedIn business page to widely promote your business

As I mentioned above, having a LinkedIn page business allows you to promote your business, increase proximity with users and visibility.

By attaching a logo to your page, it is displayed also on the LinkedIn profile of your audience (those who follow you), but also of all your employees in their “experiences” section. Not only is the logo displayed, but it redirects to your page. What means that the reach of your LinkedIn Business Page is large, since it spreads through thousands of profiles in your community and collaborators.

If members of your network click on the logo, they will will fall directly on your business page.

As an example, here is the company LinkedIn page of the company LinkedIn :

LinkedIn Company Page of LinkedIn
LinkedIn Company Page of LinkedIn

Once your network falls on your company page, they will have access to a whole bunch useful information, such as: the sector in which you work, the date of creation of your company, its head office, the people there work as well as a presentation of your activity.

To find out about the latest news from your business, they just have to click on “follow”. This creates an engagement rate high therefore, this is a good point for you!

In one click, they will be able to visit your website business, which will increase your traffic as well as your SEO.

You see how, a simple page company, can cause a chain reaction and a virtuous circle for your activity?

A corporate LinkedIn page to share content and engage your community

One of the other purposes of a business LinkedIn page, it is to publish and share content.

If you are already active on your LinkedIn profile , it’s good. But you will also have to use the same energy on your business page.

In this way, your followers will be able to follow all news relating to your business.

I’m repeating myself, but there’s no better way to create a direct link with its audience and thus increase the rate commitment.

To summarize, there are three main objectives to the creation of a business LinkedIn page :

  1. Promote his activity and his company
  2. Create and publish content
  3. Attract followers

Why a Business LinkedIn Page Is Not Enough to Generate Customers?

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How to create a LinkedIn business page?

Now that I’ve made your mouth water, you have definitely want to know how to set up a LinkedIn business page.

Lucky for you, the procedure is straightforward. here is the tutorial for creating a business LinkedIn page:

  1. The first step is to register on LinkedIn, if you haven’t already. To create a LinkedIn Business Page, it makes sense that you are member.
  2. A Once logged into your LinkedIn account, click on the tab “Products” at the top right.
LinkedIn company page creation

3. In the menu, scroll down to “create a LinkedIn company page »

LinkedIn company page creation
Creation of the LinkedIn company page

4. Fill in the data relating to your company, name and customize its URL.

And there you have it, your page is created.

All you have to do is fill in all the fields required.

LinkedIn company page: how to create engaging posts?

We have seen above that, one of the objectives at the creation of a LinkedIn business page, is to create and publish content to engage the community and encourage them to subscribe… and gain influence.

Publishing content isn’t just for adults groups.

You too can create engaging content!

Nevertheless, it is necessary to demonstrate a marketing strategy.

First and foremost, you need to be active and regularly post content so you don’t get forgotten.

Read also: when to post on LinkedIn?

Indeed, a company that rarely publishes content is losing popularity and visibility.

So be sure to post several times a week (at less once a week if you want to grow your brand!).

To create content that engages, the right thing to do is insert a “call to action” in your posts.

A “call to action” is, in French, a call to action.

For example, if you post information about your new product, you will need to get people to discover your product.

If your asset is only informative and is not an incentive, do you think internet users will take a closer look? No. Why would they do it?

For this to be the case, you have to make them want to discover your products or news, by talking to them, in particular, about your added value and what they can gain from it if they become customers.

A “call to action” can also be a call to visit your website or your blog business.

If your business is international, think global !

Does your company have an international presence?

Adapt your strategy!

To reach more users, I recommend that you translate the name and description of your LinkedIn Business Page into the languages that interest you. Note that LinkedIn is translated into 24 languages!

English is a minimum.

To free up your time and make your page more efficient, it is advisable to select local referees to manage the page in each of the selected countries.

Obviously you will not be able to manage everything at seat !

What to post on your LinkedIn business page?

I’m repeating myself, but, on a business LinkedIn page, like on your LinkedIn profile, it is important to regularly post content relevant and attractive.

Content can take written, audio or video form.

For more efficiency and less redundancy, I will advises to vary between different types of content.

On a business page, you can post:

  • Ebooks
  • Slideshares or PowerPoint
  • Infographics
  • Blog posts (especially from your to increase your traffic)
  • Case studies
  • Independent reports of your market
  • Study results
  • Tutorial articles that learn ” how to do… “
  • Visuals
  • Themed posts with a hashtag
  • Etc.

There is no shortage of possibilities to seduce and make addicted to your audience so go there without moderation! Whatever … watch out do not spam your followers with more than one to two posts per day

The idea is to make quality to encourage sharing rather than quantity. So ask yourself: is this content relevant ?

Company LinkedIn page: best practices

I have already given you a lot of advice throughout This article.

But there are still some good practices to know for an optimal business LinkedIn page.

1. Be synthetic . When you post content, you don’t need to be too long. You risk losing users and not achieving the desired result.

2. Share your best content! Born not publish to publish. Having really interesting and strong content added value to share.

3. Be visual! LinkedIn often says that: “The visual is the new title “.

4. Observe the 4-1-1 rule . You can talk about your products, but I advise against talk about it every day so your followers don’t feel like they’re pushed to purchase. Vary your publications between informative posts, educational, entertaining and promotional. Always alternate between “soft” promotions (invitation to a seminar or to read an article blog for example) and “hard” promotions (a call to action direct to learn more about a product or service you are selling)

5. Use tracked links for have statistics on your content. So you can know what type of content is the most popular or the most shared.

6. Featured pin your best content

7. Use the web as a laboratory . Test different methods, analyze and draw conclusions.

8. The organic method is satisfactory, but to obtain more results, use LinkedIn Ads .

LinkedIn business page: does it pay off?

There are a few methods to help you develop a qualified audience. Some are free, but others pay … Yes, if you want to have followers and gain new target people in audience, using LinkedIn Ads can really help you earn qualified audience. Here are the different ways to develop your hearing in a free and paid manner.

How to develop a qualified audience with your LinkedIn business page?

1. LinkedIn Sponsored Content

LinkedIn Sponsored Content is one of the most popular tools effective for this. It allows you to target the ideal audience to make grow your community.

With LinkedIn Sponsored Content, you can create advertising campaigns and post news that will appear on the page business to attract new subscribers to your LinkedIn Business Page.

The advantage is that you will be able to touch a highly targeted audience for a product or service.

The disadvantage is that this method is not free.

To create campaigns with LinkedIn Sponsored Content, click on this LinkedIn Help article: creation-de-campaigns-sponsored-content-linkedin? lang = en

2. LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content

Next to LinkedIn Sponsored Content, there is also LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content.

3. What is the major difference between LinkedIn Sponsored Content and LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content?

With LinkedIn sponsored content, your news appears on the LinkedIn Company page.

Conversely, with LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content, news does not appear on your business page …

This allows an advertiser to broadcast news from company outside of your LinkedIn Company Page.

Thus, he can publish company news on the news feed on the LinkedIn home page without being found, first, on the company LinkedIn page or on the showcase page.

To members, this shows up as sponsored content of a business directly into their news feed.

With LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content, you increase your visibility outside your page and gain qualified followers (and leads).

4. Share your best content

At the risk of repeating myself once again, to attract a quality audience, take care of it! Have a real desire to help him to solve its problems and bring it added value by creating relevant content.

5. Encourage your employees to share

It is possible that your employees have 10x more connections that your company has on its LinkedIn page.

And, this is normal! If you are a small or medium sized business, this will definitely be your case. Because people prefer to talk to humans than to a logo.

To gain credibility and visibility, do not hesitate to encourage your employees to share and subscribe to the LinkedIn page business.

Also, make sure their LinkedIn profile is connected to the company page.

Checklist of a good LinkedIn business post

  • add your point of view
  • Include a call to action
  • Stay synthetic: less than 160 characters
  • Ask a question
  • Always use rich media: according to Google, the Rich media is a digital advertising term designating an ad that incorporates advanced features such as a video, sound or other elements that encourage Internet users to interact with the content. “. ” In the in the case of textual and graphic ads, the advertising message passes, respectively, by words and pictures. The rich media format allows interact with the advertisement in many ways: by unfolding it, by floating, etc. “
  • Align the content with the expectations of your target
  • Include key figures or quotes
  • Engage your audience in the comments
  • Increase reach by sponsoring your best content
  • Anticipate and plan with a publication calendar

Creating a LinkedIn business page: in conclusion

Having a LinkedIn Business Page is a a major advantage to publicize your activity, be in touch with your users and employees, attract new subscribers and increase the rate of trust and commitment.

Know your audience and share the best of your content with them to boost your results on LinkedIn through your business page.

Now that you have a LinkedIn Business Page, it’s time to follow my 10 Tips for Getting More Followers on Your LinkedIn Business Page .

Have questions about LinkedIn Company Pages? You wish to be supported in its implementation, its optimization? Do you want help to increase the number of your followers? Contact us .

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