Story Pins: discover the new Pinterest ™ image format

Story Pins new Pinterest image format



Pinterest ™, a visual search engine, is getting up to speed! With its 400 million users, the network is on the rise (source: social media figures )! Like other social networks, Instagram ™, Facebook ™ or even Snapchat ™, Pinterest ™ finally includes the possibility of making stories: “ Story Pins ” .

However, the inspiration network intends to differentiate itself and not only in terms of functionality, but also and above all in terms of ethics. Indeed, even if the “Story pins” take up the main idea of highlighting a content, they do not have the same vocation.

story pins new image format pinterest-tutorial

We explain in this article, what are Pinterest ™ stories and how the network of inspiration knew how to position itself differently.

Using Stories for Businesses

What is a story?

A story is an animated, short, often ephemeral publication, highlighted on social networks . That is to say a mini video or a set of animated images with text, colors or gifs that scroll one after the other. They are pushed on the social network and differ from classic publications. Most of the time, they are only available for a certain period of time before they disappear. The objectives are to share “moments of life”, to be able to exhibit new content regularly and to interact in a more “fluid” way with the community.

As a business owner, you can definitely put Stories to good use. You may have already published as part of the development of your business:

  • highlighting of a product or event,
  • zoom on an article,
  • interactions with Internet users.

Stories don’t go unnoticed by consumers. This allows you in particular to gain visibility, but above all to create links with your followers. On the accounts of major brands, stories of internal events are regularly published. They show good understanding between employees, behind the scenes of the business or mini interviews with managers. Depending on the content you use, you humanize your business. This is what most consumers are looking for today.

Instagram ™ and Snapchat ™ stories

On Instagram ™, there are “classic” stories which only last 24 hours and “featured” stories which are permanent highlights. This promotes interaction with your followers! You can ask questions, take a quiz, etc. In short, you create a real live interaction with consumers.

corporate social media story usage

Snapchat ™ stories are aimed at a younger audience. This network is therefore not accessible to all companies, it depends on your target (your buyer persona ) as well as your positioning. However, the operation is identical by offering a publication available 24 hours.

Each social network has its own codes and users, which is why it is important to think upstream in your digital marketing strategy how to incorporate these communication tools.

Stories: the new feature of Pinterest ™

Small pins below each post, this is what awaits you very soon on the application of Pinterest ™ ! It had been several years since the Pinterest ™ social network had evolved. Thus, the deployment of this new feature should delight more than one!

Story Pins, what are the benefits?

To keep its originality, the platform offers us a significant argument that differentiates it from other social networks: stories are not ephemeral. On Instagram ™ as on Snapchat ™, they only last 24 hours (excluding Instagram ™ featured stories). Pinterest ™ is therefore distinguished by its unlimited duration.

Story Pins allow you to:

  • Create a tutorial;
  • Highlight the different stages of a project;
  • Present a series, a collection or a service;
  • Add up to 20 images;
  • Post short videos;
  • Insert text, links, music;
  • Save in your tables. Stories are saved in tables in the same way as a classic post. However, it is not possible to pin a single image, all of your images contained in your story will therefore be retained.

Story Pins, how does it work?

On computer or mobile, you can recognize stories by the number of images shown above the pin .

Story pins are created from your business account. Here are some tips for your stories:

  • Determine the number and your visuals or videos (select only quality visuals);
  • Customize your texts and colors while respecting your graphic charter;
  • Write catchy headlines;
  • Determine the format of your story: text + description + images or title + image or, etc. ;
  • And don’t forget to put a CTA (Call To Action).
Story Pins how it works

Image Source: Clem Around The Corner

In the example above, the synthetic and catchy title introduces the main idea. A descriptive text informs the reader and motivates him to click on the link which returns directly to the website. It’s an efficient layout, but other possibilities exist. It is advisable to do some testing to see what works best in terms of traffic.

Use stories to create a guide or tutorial

With the Story Pins, several compiled visuals provide more details on a tutorial. For example, on our article “ How to use LinkedIn ™ ”, this would:

  • Illustrate step by step the main features presented in the article;
  • Make people want to click to discover our article;
  • Increase awareness of Proinfluent;
  • Produce more content and therefore be better optimized in terms of SEO;
  • Convey an expert image.

This feature is therefore ideal for illustrating tutorials, guides or recipes!

The interest for businesses in using Pinterest ™ Stories is significant. In the same vein as your pins, your stories are a new tool for your communication, especially since they will remain on your account for an unlimited period! A great tool for your blog posts, tutorials, infographics and all your visual content.

Pinterest ™ video format to increase your performance

pinterest video format

If the video format has proven itself, Pinterest ™ Stories will literally become a real gold mine. The inspiration network has managed to take advantage of it. Video pins are constantly on the rise and this new story format should continue this momentum . Video ads are particularly those that generate the most visibility, namely a rate three times higher than the average for other platforms (source: Pinterest ™ ).

Pinterest ™, the inspiration network with positive values

The network wishes to highlight “positive content”, to literally translate what the platform has stated (source: Pinterest ™ ). The idea is to be able to place the user at the heart of the “Pinterest ™ experience”. Make way for creativity, dreams and culture for ever more innovative inspirations.

Beyond the new functionalities which allow the network to develop and attract other users, the objective is to promote the sharing of ideas. It is clear that Pinterest ™ has once again been successful! Creativity and proximity are the terms that define this new tool.

Reaction story pin

Image Source: Pinterest Newsroom

The platform really insisted on its differentiation from other social networks. All the content of the search engine is certainly not committed and wishes to keep its positioning as an inspirational network.

This is why we find benevolent reactions to the stories. Users can indeed comment on the stories via favorable responses: “wow”, “I love”, “haha”, “good idea” or “thank you”. You notice that there are no “negative” reactions. Through this new channel, creators can also interact with their community by responding to their comments.

The limits of Pinterest ™ stories

In this logic of showing more information to the Internet user, you must still be careful not to reveal too much. If your main goal is to drive traffic to your website, your Story Pins should motivate your readers to check out your blog.

limits story pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

The golden rule is therefore to think upstream about your content and include it in your marketing strategy. It is important to select the important information, that which makes the Internet user want to click for more information. Your hooks must be punchy enough so that your prospect can become a future customer. You must create the desire to go further by suggesting ideas.

How do I create a Pinterest ™ story pin?

When are Pinterest ™ stories coming? Currently still in the testing phase in the United States, this feature should be deployed in the coming months. Attention, you must absolutely have a professional account to be able to use them!

The interface seems very easy to use with ergonomics like the Pinterest ™ network: creative and intuitive. You can give free rein to your imagination with visuals in your image, always respecting your graphical charter !

To create a story, nothing could be simpler! Just follow the tutorial that Pinterest ™ offers you.

create story pinterest computer

Image Source: The Halcyonhive

Click on “create”, and “create a story pin”. Add your images then click on “next”. Remember to fill in all of your descriptions: the title, the table in which your story will be presented, your texts. Like all content on Pinterest ™, don’t forget to carefully complete all of the meta description tags to promote SEO.

You can also create a draft and come back to it later.

I advise you to test several formats for your future stories in order to subsequently evaluate which one works best!

As with Pins, follow Pinterest ™ recommendations for Stories:

  • Download images in formats: .BMP .JPEG .PNG .TIF .WEBP and videos: .MP4 .MOV .M4V.
  • Apply the 9:16 ratio for your posts.
  • Observe the recommended size of 1080 × 1920 pixels for visuals!
  • Also, be sure to upload images under 32MB and videos under 50MB (duration less than 5 minutes).

Story Pins: discover the new Pinterest ™ image format: in conclusion

Story Pins offer many benefits and allow you to:

  • Share different content;
  • Highlight all of your products or a collection;
  • Feed regularly and in a more original way your Pinterest ™ professional account;
  • Improve the presentation of tutorial or guide;
  • Present a service or training;
  • Optimize your natural referencing;
  • Obtain more visibility;
  • Attract the attention of your targets;
  • Add more content to a single post;
  • Keep your stories on your boards.

Story Pins: to summarize in three questions

Qu’est-ce qu’une Story Pin ?

« L’épingle story » ou « story pin » est la nouvelle fonctionnalité en cours de déploiement par Pinterest™. À l’image des autres réseaux sociaux, Pinterest™ propose de mettre en avant des publications courtes de type mini-vidéo, enchainement de plusieurs visuels ou animation d’images. Cependant, les Story Pins ne sont pas éphémères, ce qui permet de les utiliser pour d’autres objectifs : présenter une collection, faire un zoom sur des articles, illustrer un tutoriel, etc.

Pourquoi utiliser les Story Pins ?

Les stories fournissent trois avantages. Premièrement, elles offrent plus de visibilité en étant mises en avant sur les réseaux sociaux. Deuxièmement, elles favorisent l’interaction avec votre audience. Et troisièmement, contrairement à une publication simple, le format story propose d’afficher plus de contenus et donc d’apporter plus d’informations. Les Story Pins, n’étant pas éphémères, permettent de créer des contenus durables comme la présentation d’une collection, d’un produit, d’un service, ou l’illustration d’un tutoriel.

Comment faire une Story Pin ?

Ce service est en cours de déploiement et n’est pas disponible pour tout le monde. Il faut faire une demande auprès de Pinterest™ pour y avoir accès. Uniquement réalisable depuis votre compte professionnel, cliquez sur « créer » puis sur « créer une épingle story ». Ajoutez vos visuels et choisissez votre mise en page. Puis customisez vos textes et vos couleurs. Enfin, ajoutez votre titre, sélectionnez le tableau et remplissez les balises avant de publier.

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