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ūü•á Linkedin training Reference salespeople: GUARANTEED or reimbursed


Finding new customers is essential for your business. Without them, no activity! What do you do with your salespeople to find customers? Traditional prospecting methods, such as cold calling or mailing, have success rates close to zero … Do you go to trade fairs and various events? It is a long, time-consuming process which sometimes results in few concrete results. Do you rely on word of mouth? If this last method can sometimes bear fruit, it is not controllable . Have you thought about prospecting LinkedIn to find new customers and prospect efficiently?

Today, let’s take a look at the advantages of LinkedIn training for your salespeople, and see the sometimes spectacular results that you can get by choosing this solution  !

1- Why train your salespeople on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is more than 660 million users worldwide . In France, 64% of the working population is on the professional social network. These numbers are colossal  ! They mean that LinkedIn is a database huge, accessible and free for your sales people. Be present on LinkedIn ‚ĄĘ is capital today in BtoB.

With LinkedIn, forget the endless Excel files where phone numbers are lined up one under the other (which for the most part are obsolete).  !) and email addresses of the type ”  contact  Who never respond.

By opting for LinkedIn training for your salespeople, you  go :

  • Allow your teams to conduct more agile and efficient prospecting  ;
  • Being able to directly reach decision-makers  without going through filters  ;
  • Get concrete results faster  ;
  • Build a solid professional network based on trust  ;
  • Strengthen the cohesion of your sales representatives with common objectives and methods  ;
  • Etc.

The benefits of LinkedIn sales training are numerous. You are going energize your entire prospecting process and perpetuate the activity of your company with an exceptional tool  : LinkedIn.

Discover the Proinfluent method © to train your salespeople on the LinkedIn tool and benefit from the best training to gain customers !

2- What does the LinkedIn training for sales representatives from Proinfluent allow?

Proinfluent’s LinkedIn training for sales representatives is the most comprehensive on the market. Assuming that 80% of B2B leads from social networks come from LinkedIn (number dating from 2018; source: LinkedIn), the Proinfluent Method ¬© is armed with unparalleled know-how and expertise to allow you to generate up to 1 qualified prospect per day and 5 clients per month thanks to LinkedIn.

For your salespeople, the training will allow you to  :

  • Being able to sell through LinkedIn without paying for advertising  ;
  • Build strong networks and a reliable customer base  ;
  • See qualified leads come spontaneously to them;
  • Generate a flow of prospects;
  • Get bought by convinced prospects  ;
  • Boost their visibility up to x 40;
  • Win time  ;
  • Etc.

To train your salespeople to use LinkedIn for prospecting, Proinfluent’s training is based on online education, and video support (one, two or three months). Your sales representatives will have 24/7 access to teaching modules and videos even after the accompaniment , in order to be autonomous in their prospecting process.

Theory and practice complement each other to immediately apply all the concepts of the training. Your sales representatives will also have access to a support group to exchange in a good mood and professionalism.

They will be able to see concrete results arrive very quickly, will be less under stress and will then be able to fully concentrate on their prospecting work on a platform based on exchange, sharing and trust.

3- What are the steps in LinkedIn sales training?

The Proinfluent Method ©, LinkedIn training for your salespeople, is based on 6 key steps .

The complete definition of your target customers

To can reach qualified prospects , first of all you need to know who they are. The first step of the Proinfluent © Method is therefore the definition of your target. Together, we will work to define exactly the habits of your model customers, their behaviors, their needs, their pain, their doubts, etc. This essential step will then allow us to laser target your prospects on LinkedIn, thus improving conversions and sales!

Creating a PERFECT LinkedIn profile

Your reps’ LinkedIn profile doesn’t just have to be an online resume. On the contrary ! To reduce it to that would be counterproductive. The LinkedIn profile, to attract as many qualified prospects as possible, should be designed as a real sales page . The Proinfluent Method ¬© will teach your sales reps to build expert LinkedIn profiles, which they will be proud of and which will convert visitors into qualified prospects. Credibility is a primordial notion in BtoB: the expert LinkedIn profile will consolidate yours.

In all fairness, having seen the advice given by so-called LinkedIn experts, the advice given here is beyond measure. I reveal you little-known tweaks and tips from 99% of LinkedIn users. I am not the only one to say it, you have Christine’s testimony below.

Learning the LinkedIn algorithm and the secrets of visibility

After defining the target audience and building a perfect LinkedIn profile (and company page), LinkedIn sales training will focus on increasing your visibility. The Proinfluent Method ©, by revealing all the keys to the LinkedIn algorithm , the goal is to allow you to multiply by 10 all your views, and thus be visible to your target .

Be essential in your market

By applying the advice of the Proinfluent Method ©, your salespeople will become essential and will have a brand image full of expertise. Their respective networks will grow and will be made up of highly qualified prospects. In two months, the professional network of your teams would grow by at least 100% !

Sometimes it’s only 800 additional qualified prospects who join the network, sometimes the progression is exponential according to the attendance of the sales representatives. You will find just after the testimony of several customers.

Jo√ęl chose the LinkedIn ¬© Method to develop his LinkedIn prospecting

Learn the hidden features of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is sometimes a complex platform to understand. The Proinfluent Method © offers modules specially dedicated to learning the little-known features of the social network, to maximize all your actions and gain leads from your competitors .

Discover and use the Massive Commercial Prospecting © weapon

The penultimate step of the training will teach your salespeople to review their beliefs about selling, to feel influential, to love their prospecting activity by discovering a humanistic approach to sales. It is at this time of the LinkedIn training for salespeople that the Proinfluent Method © will reveal to you a mass prospecting weapon , to obtain spectacular results.

Use a tactical method to focus on what drives results

Sales reps will know what to do and in what order to focus on what generates customers with a Tactical method of finding customers. They will know the 10 levers to find lasting customers with LinkedIn.

The steps in LinkedIn sales training follow each other in a logical sequence. Coherent, professional and humanistic, it will allow your salespeople to prospect thanks to LinkedIn with efficiency, pleasure and challenge.

4- The guarantees of the Proinfluent © Method

LinkedIn training for your salespeople is not only the most comprehensive on the market, but it also has an exceptional guarantee  :

  • The 1 month “Satisfied or refunded” guarantee.

You therefore run no risk and have everything to gain by opting for LinkedIn training for your salespeople.  !

5- LinkedIn training for salespeople: testimonials

Does LinkedIn training work  ? I’m sure you’re wondering, and it’s legitimate  ! Discover the testimony of Jo√ęl, who obtained + 1900% visibility on LinkedIn and had a significant growth of its turnover  :

YouTube player

I know, that might sound like a lot. But by applying the method with regularity, we get results.
It works, here is still the proof in pictures:

YouTube player
YouTube player

6- Fund LinkedIn training for your salespeople (in France)

Validated by DataDock , which refers to training that meets the 21 quality criteria defined by law, the Proinfluent © Method can therefore be financed by your OPCO (skills operator) if your company is in France.

You wish take care of the financing of your LinkedIn sales training ? Consult us to know more. We take care of putting together the file for you!

Let us take a time for discussion to discuss your needs together and define its support!

You are not in France or do not want to wait: read the next point.

7- Immediate access to LinkedIn training for your sales representatives

You are only a few minutes away from the results announced just before.

Really, to access it, click here: LinkedIn prospecting training .

8- What are the prerequisites?

For your salespeople to benefit from comprehensive LinkedIn training, a few conditions must be met to ensure your success and the effectiveness of your prospecting.

Ideally, you should have Sales Navigator . What is Sales Navigator? This is one of LinkedIn’s premium subscriptions. To find out more, I invite you to consult the article for all about Sales Navigator .

If you want to save time by automating certain tasks during training, and prospecting, we can together look at a tool to help you.

Last but not least, you’ll need to be prepared to spend some time on LinkedIn. You will learn, during the training, that 45 min per day will then be more than enough for the success of your prospecting.

9- How to access LinkedIn training for salespeople?

Would you like to know more about the Proinfluent © Method for offering LinkedIn training to your salespeople? Let us take a time for discussion and book your time slot, or write us an email!

You can also go to the Presentation page of the Proinfluent © Method and share it with your sales reps.

Contact us!

LinkedIn sales training: in summary

  • LinkedIn training for your salespeople is an ideal solution for gaining new customers regularly, increasing your turnover and giving new dynamics to your team.
  • The Proinfluent Method ¬© is the most comprehensive LinkedIn training on the market  : it is based on important pillars, which are articulated around each other for absolute consistency and concrete results.
  • It is possible to have your OPCO finance the Proinfluent ¬© Method: financed, profitable from the first customer, it also allows you to earn up to 5 customers per month and per LinkedIn profile!

Qu'est-ce qu'une formation LinkedIn pour commerciaux ?

LinkedIn sales training allows your sales teams to find new customers regularly through LinkedIn. The Proinfluent Method © is the most complete training on the market, and guarantees you concrete results in a few weeks.

Pourquoi choisir une formation LinkedIn pour commerciaux ?

Train your salespeople to prospect on LinkedIn to increase your revenue and get a steady flow of new qualified prospects to convert into customers. LinkedIn offers spectacular results, which have nothing to do with the usual prospecting techniques like mailing or cold calling.

Peut-on se faire financer une formation LinkedIn pour commerciaux ?

The Proinfluent © Method is supported by your OPCO: you pay little or no money and gain new customers!

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