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LinkedIn ™ is much more than a simple social network, it is also a fabulous digital marketing tool that allows you to be visible to potential future customers. Indeed, LinkedIn ™ is a platform connecting professionals who, through their publications and their profiles, forge links and promote their businesses. This social network has multiple functionalities, including the LinkedIn ™ carousel . It allows you to disseminate information or news in order to highlight your brand, your company and generate real engagement with your target audience.

This publication format, which the largest BtoB prospecting platform has, is easy to set up, yet too few users use it regularly. The root causes are often a lack of practice around the LinkedIn ™ carousel. After reading this article, the LinkedIn ™ carousel and the benefits it brings to your profile or your company page will have no secrets for you! So how do you create a successful LinkedIn ™ carousel? The answer just below!

Create powerful LinkedIn carousel

But what is a LinkedIn ™ carousel?

The LinkedIn ™ carousel is a succession of several images, accompanied by text, which appear on the news feed . It’s a visual that allows you to send a message to your community:

  • an exclusive offer,
  • present your new service,
  • or simply highlight your brand and its strengths.

It’s a bit like a slideshow that can contain several photos or visuals and that you scroll horizontally. LinkedIn ™ is not the only social network to offer a carousel as it is also widely used on Facebook ™ and Instagram ™. This post format is a good alternative to video.

What is LinkedIn carousel?

In a carousel, it is important to organize and optimize the visuals so that they are attractive to your target. Do not hesitate to choose bright and distinct colors and why not a catchy phrase that is a little shocking.

If you know Can go , I strongly urge you to use it, because it is very effective at simply creating stunning visuals with just a few clicks!

PS: some links are affiliate links. It is not because I have an interest that I share them, but because I have appreciated the products or services. I prefer to be transparent about this.

With the carousel, it is the reader who decides to view all the visuals or not. Indeed, they do not scroll automatically and it is therefore up to him to decide whether to click on the small arrow or to slider on mobile, in order to discover more content. This device allows interaction and decision-making power for its target: they are free to read the entire content of the carousel or not!

The LinkedIn ™ carousel is a great way to capture and reach more audiences.

Why ? Quite simply, because information sharing is more attractive in the form of a carousel rather than a simple text post illustrated by a media.

LinkedIn ™ Ads Carousel VS Free LinkedIn ™ Carousel

It is important to separate these two digital strategies, because they are very different in terms of distribution and impact on prospecting for new customers. .

First of all, you should know that anyone can do a LinkedIn ™ carousel without launching an advertising campaign. We also offer you a detailed tutorial on creating a LinkedIn ™ carousel a little further down in the article.

The fundamental difference between these two carousels is quite simply that one is broadcast on your news feed while the other is transmitted and spread to a wider radius, because it is advertising.

You have to be aware that to start a campaign LinkedIn Ads , it is obviously necessary to invest. The CPC (cost per click) is € 2, and the minimum daily budget starts at € 10. As with all paid advertising, the result is relevant and effective provided you have a significant advertising budget. Your LinkedIn ™ Ads carousel is served on the news feed of potential leads that you have targeted.


The LinkedIn ™ carousel, which does not require a campaign, is used like a classic post that is offered on your audience’s news feed. According to the LinkedIn ™ algorithm, it is shown to members of your community, with the aim of animating it and establishing or maintaining a connection between it and you (or your brand). The publication remains attractive, rewarding and completely free!

It allows you to strengthen your notoriety and transmit a dynamic and humanized image of your company.

So many benefits for the LinkedIn ™ carousel and what’s more, it’s super easy to set up!

What are the advantages of having a LinkedIn ™ carousel?

Creating a LinkedIn ™ carousel is a real digital marketing strategy which offers many benefits and especially :

  • Collect more traffic to your website (if you place a call to action to your site);
  • Strengthen your notoriety and / or that of your company with your community;
  • Improve the visibility of your LinkedIn ™ profile ;
  • Benefit from a promotion of your publication thanks to the dwell time.

Is your business or activity recent and you are looking to gain traffic to your website? Serving a LinkedIn ™ carousel feature is a great way to reach an audience, who are likely to like and join your brand. You significantly boost your traffic in order to start or restart your business on an excellent basis!

This is also the LinkedIn ™ carousel! You choose the photos and information you want to show based on your community, and you get a high conversion rate.

If you want to know more about LinkedIn ™, join our next training course, directly online which will teach you the 6 steps to sell with LinkedIn ™ , whether by creating content in social selling mode but also with prospecting. You will have all the secrets to know: how to target, how to transform your LinkedIn ™ profile, how to prospect with a human approach, etc.

LinkedIn ™ carousel: the power of storytelling

The strength of the LinkedIn ™ carousel is storytelling, a copywriting method that has already proven its worth. It’s about telling a story by conveying a message that works in favor of your brand, your startup or your products. A call to action is also a very good way to invite people to react, such as making contact or commenting on the post.

LinkedIn carousel: the advantages

The LinkedIn ™ carousel is also an opportunity to showcase your community! For example by integrating a subscriber, a customer, a partner and telling its story. Of course, it must be relevant and related to what you want to highlight. You can also promote one or more employees, this sends a very positive and accessible image.

Storytelling in the form of a carousel allows you to capture your audience by intervening on their feelings. Making them feel concerned allows them to gain their trust and therefore convert them into new customers!

In addition, creating a LinkedIn ™ carousel that highlights the functioning of your business, its values or its employees allows you to convey a reassuring and more human image. Whether your prospects are young or older, it is easier to trust professionals who are transparent about their actions, and who see their employees as the assets of their companies.

Focus on dwell time thanks to the LinkedIn ™ carousel

Don’t be fooled by its barbaric name, dwell time is on your side and it even helps you gain more visibility on LinkedIn ™!

The dwell time is a LinkedIn ™ algorithm which takes into account the time a visitor spends on each post. The higher the time, the more favorable it is.

You see what I mean ? The LinkedIn ™ carousel can contain many slides, knowing that each of them can have text.

The follower who is immediately attracted and seduced by the relevance of your storytelling, spends more time admiring your carousel rather than if it were a simple post accompanied by an image.

The dwell time takes this into account and highlights your next posts on the news feed. This is a great little trick to get more visibility and views!

How do I do a LinkedIn ™ carousel post?

Here is a small, very simple tutorial on how to make a LinkedIn ™ carousel. It all starts with a PDF document and a LinkedIn account that goes without saying.

1 / You must create a PDF document of several pages, knowing that a page corresponds to a slide of your carousel. Don’t skip this step and take the time to offer your audience content that is as relevant as it is attractive! You need to optimize your carousel as much as possible in order to get your message across in the clearest and most striking way possible.

2 / Then, just go to your LinkedIn ™ account and create a post. You must then select “Add a document”. To do this, click on the document icon with a horny corner.

LinkedIn carousel: add a document

3 / You can now download your PDF file which houses your future carousel.

4 / You just have to choose the title of your publication and add text to describe it.

Emojis are important on social networks and they are very popular with followers. These create emotion. Do not hesitate to add more to accompany your description! Also think about hashtags that increase the visibility of your publication! I advise you to put only 3 to 4 hashtags per post.

And There you go ! Your LinkedIn ™ carousel is published, you just have to wait for your “likes” and observe the interest it arouses! Easy no?

Want to create carousels on LinkedIn ™? You surely have an objective of visibility, meetings, customers, development, in this case, make an appointment with our certified expert who will audit your situation.

What size for a LinkedIn ™ carousel?

There are indeed criteria that must be met in order to design a LinkedIn ™ carousel in the rules of the art.

To design your document, here are some rules to follow:

  • Put a powerful title on your first page accompanied by an impactful visual to capture the gaze and attention of network users.
  • For images, we recommend that you use between 5 and 10, but the important thing is that they are all relevant.
  • The formats of the images are: JPG, PNG and GIF, provided that the image is not animated.
  • The maximum size allowed is 10 MB.
  • The dimensions required for a LinkedIn ™ carousel are 1080 x 1080 pixels for square format, but you can also do portrait formats.
  • LinkedIn ™ accepts PPT, DOC and PDF formats.
  • Add arrows or symbols to indicate to readers that they can scroll through the document.
  • Don’t forget to place a call to action at the end of your slideshow.
  • Use (if your message allows it) emoticons .
LinkedIn Carousel Model

To accompany your carousel, here are our tips:

  • Write a post with a punchy title (the intro should not exceed 210 characters beforehand to avoid being cut).
  • Generate interest in your post to motivate to view the carousel.
  • Add 3-4 carefully chosen hashtags based on your keywords.

A call to action is essential in your carousel! It allows you to close your visual while encouraging the visitor to take action, for example, leave a comment or contact you.

How to Create a Successful LinkedIn ™ Carousel: Conclusion

The LinkedIn ™ carousel is a true digital marketing technique on its own. In order to take advantage of its profits, it is essential to know how to create an efficient carousel to reach as many visitors as possible. Here are the important points to remember to create a successful LinkedIn ™ carousel:

  • Use the famous copywriting method of storytelling. It’s a very impactful approach that quickly captures the interest of the follower. Chances are, they’ll see your LinkedIn ™ post all the way and become an interesting prospect.
  • Dwell Time is a LinkedIn ™ algorithm that highlights posts from people whose posts are getting attention. Thanks to the LinkedIn ™ carousel, you are in the good graces of dwell time. The visibility on the news feed is yours!
  • When creating the cards for your carousel, be relevant in both visuals and text.
  • Observe the layout criteria of a LinkedIn ™ carousel, for example the dimensions of the images correspond to 1080 x 1080 pixels for the square format.

LinkedIn ™ carousel: to sum up in 4 questions?

Qu’est-ce qu’un carrousel LinkedIn™ ?

A post on the news feed that is presented in the form of images is called a LinkedIn ™ carousel. They may contain text, but it is the images that are valued and are responsible for attracting attention. It is a way of highlighting your business by sending a message with an attractive visual.

Comment faire un carrousel sur LinkedIn™ ?

To create and publish a LinkedIn ™ carousel, simply create a PDF file containing the pages of your carousel. Then go to your LinkedIn ™ account and start creating a post. Click on the “document” icon represented by a horned document. Download your PDF document and share it, it is automatically converted into a carousel!

Quel format pour un carrousel LinkedIn™ Ads ?

To make a LinkedIn ™ carousel, the images must respect a dimension of 1080 x 1080 pixels for the and must correspond to the formats JPG, PNG or GIF without animation. The text on the images must not exceed 200 characters. The images you choose must be relevant and attractive to your target audience.

Comment faire un post LinkedIn™ avec plusieurs photos ?

The LinkedIn ™ carousel is a digital marketing tool that allows you to make multiple images or visuals. Good alternative to video, you can then send a message to your community in an interactive way. Indeed, it is up to the follower to scroll through the photos, so it is he who decides if he wants to see more or not.
To create a LinkedIn ™ carousel, prepare a PDF file that contains the photos you want to share. Download it by clicking on the “share a document” tab. Add a title and descriptive text and you’re done!

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