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Top 10 Jobboards to find a job in 2022


Top 10 Jobboards to find a job in 2022

We hear often say that it is the crisis, that jobs are running out and that is challenging to find a job. This is not totally wrong.

Corn did you know that another of the main reasons for why we do not find no job is simply found in the fact that we are not looking for the right one place ?

To help you reverse the trend in 2022, I offer you my selection of 10 job boards (applications and specialized sites) to find a job in 2022 .

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Jobboard N ° 1. Indeed: the essential job search engine

Indeed is a job board that works like a search engine. Like a directory, it includes all the job offers published by different sites and classified by categories. Unlike Pôle Emploi, you do not post your CV directly on Indeed . You have access to a list of job vacancies with links to the sites that host the ads.
To download urgently on Android or iPhone:

Jobboard N ° 2. LinkedIn Job Search: 9 recruiters out of 10 use LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Jobs (Job Search) is a job board that works on a dedicated application and a website , that you offer a whole range of tools you need to find the job that suits you or that the site suggests to you. Unlike everyone else applications, you can register your LinkedIn profile and your CV while you wait for potential employers to contact you. Linkedin Job Search also allows you to search by area geographical.
Apply for ads with your LinkedIn profile in just a few clicks! You will be notified when listings match your criteria. research.

With 9 out of 10 recruiters using LinkedIn , it’s definitely a must-have app!

Jobboard N ° 3. Pole Emploi: essential application to find a job

Employment center is obviously essential in terms of job search. Created on 19 December 2008, the organization is the result of the merger between the ANPE and the Assédic. She is the one who registers you as a jobseeker and you gives the status.

There you will find a lot of job offers, which are updated every day. You post your CV there and submit your application directly on the site. On the other hand, expect there to be a huge number of applicants for the same position.
Click to download the app on Android or OS X:

Jobboard N ° 4. LinkedIn: the essential application to develop your network and visibility

LinkedIn is a professional social network. Unlike Facebook, which is used privately, with Linkedin, you create an account that will be a real asset for your future professional. LinkedIn can be used for everything related to professional life: finding work, employers, providers, developing a business, etc. Depending on your CV and your professional background, you may come across many opportunities in addition to being contacted by your potential future employer.

Jobboard N ° 5. Leboncoin: to find a job in a VSE or SME

The good corner is a free classifieds site. A priori, we never think of consulting it when looking for a job. But this tool is nevertheless interesting. After Pôle Emploi, Leboncoin is the 1st jobboard in number of job offers published per month! More than 300,000 advertisements are permanently posted on Le bon coin Emploi. Employers have the option of posting announcements, but you also have the option of offering your services on the site, and waiting for an employer or individual to contact you. It is full of job offers for TPE (very small companies) and SMEs (small and medium-sized companies) because of the free advertisements. You will understand, Leboncoin is a real gold mine not to be overlooked!

Jobboard N ° 6. Monster: an app with an efficient CV database

Monster is a less well-known jobboard than the previous ones, but it is, nevertheless, useful. You have the possibility to deposit your CV in the section provided for this purpose. And you also have the possibility to search by city, profession or company, in the many job offers offered. You will also find tips and advice on how to develop your professional career.

Jobboard N ° 7. Apec: the application to find executive jobs

Apec is a site aimed mainly at executives whether they are inexperienced, young graduates, seniors or managers. Depending on your profile, post your CV and find all the job offers that suit you. All kinds of tools are also available on the site to best prepare you for a job interview, a new project, etc.

Jobboard N ° 8. Regions Job: to find a job in your region is a website for French job offers, career management and training. The site offers job offers corresponding to your skills and your geographic area. The particularity of this site is to have a network of 8 distinct job boards, one for each large French region: ParisJob, NordJob, OuestJob, SudouestJob, PacaJob, RhonealpesJob, CentreJob and EstJob.

This might interest you: how to find a job when you have a senior profile?

Jobboard N ° 9. Keljob: an efficient job vacancy aggregator

Keljob is undoubtedly one of the most famous job posting sites in France. It belongs to the Adenclassifieds group. Each job offer presented then links to the source site. The interface is easy to use and efficient. The search for job offers is easily done on a quick or multi-criteria basis (function, location type of contract, sector of activity, experience). The announcements are numerous and well updated. Finally, it is possible to create a personalized account, entitled “my keljob”. However, if you don’t like popping ads, I don’t recommend going to this site … But you can definitely download the mobile app:

Jobboard N ° 10. Leboncoin executive jobs: the job Tinder that ends the completion of your profile

Leboncoin Executive Jobs is an Android and iPhone app, formerly Kudoz, which looks suspiciously like a Tinder sort of job. Based on a matching algorithm, like Tinder, the app offers you the offers that suit you according to your preferences. No more filling out the profile by hand and no need to post your CV there! After a quick and simple registration, your profile is linked to your Linkedin profile and the app will offer you the best internships and job offers that match your profile. Simple, right?

Jobboard Bonuses: Jooble the job search engine, less known in France but still effective is a job search engine present in 66 countries. In France, more than 570,000 jobs are published on the site. It offers the possibility of registering your CV which is an interesting feature. To be tested therefore.

With this top 10 joboards to find a job , you are ready to apply. But did you know that applying is not enough to get a job ?

Yes indeed, it is essential:

  • to be present on LinkedIn,
  • manage your personal brand well and,
  • especially having a good CV to provoke interviews!

That’s why I recommend you take a look at this Original CV to be completed 202 1, it might help you get more interviews and boost your application! And to tell the difference, don’t forget to send a thank you email to the recruiter once you have passed your interview.

Finally, for be guided in your job search with LinkedIn, I recommend that you consult my method that allows you to find the perfect job with LinkedIn in 1 hour per day.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

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