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LinkedOut: when your LinkedIn network comes to the aid of those who do not have one


LinkedOut: when your LinkedIn network helps disadvantaged people

What if your LinkedIn network changed the life of someone ?

In a sometimes difficult professional world, where the competition is fierce and where everyone would like to pull the cover for themselves, some stand out by overturning the codes. This is the case of the initiative LinkedOut, a concept founded by the Entourage association, which aims to insert people precarious, even homeless, in the world of work. By sharing the CVs of these people deprived and deprived of any professional contact, often stigmatized and excluded from society in general, the members of the network LinkedIn can help them by using broadcast.

With a single click, it is possible to share applications from underprivileged people with difficult life paths on their own networks. the slogan of LinkedOut? “Share your network with those who don’t. “. The Entourage association has named its LinkedOut initiative, to echo LinkedIn, because the association is convinced of the potential of world’s leading professional social network . Being on LinkedIn is being visible. And being more visible increases your chances of finding a job.

The aim of the association is to transform “Out” into “In”. Humanist values and deeply in solidarity with LinkedOut are inspiring and are a tremendous boost of hope. On LinkedIn, it’s common to see posts that promote success for everyone. LinkedOut is the best proof of this: the word “all” does not encompass only executives, managers, employees or students. Include people who have been excluded, help the reintegration of men and women who have been removed by an accident from the world of work, offer visibility to those who scare away, is there no nobler use of LinkedIn?

Profiles? Men and women with difficult journeys, who have lost everything, who have fled great poverty to find another hardly less, who live in social centers or directly in the street, and who are looking for a job for themselves. ‘get out “. Simply. We are far from the objectives usually met on LinkedIn, and which speak of “ boost sales “,” develop your professional network ” or “ do personal branding “. With LinkedOut, LinkedIn can help people “get by”. The social adjective for the network then takes on its full meaning.

Each candidate is supported and coached by a volunteer from the Entourage association who received a training special, so that reintegration takes place under the best auspices. Supported by Randstad, an interim agency, LinkedOut is a project with humanist motivations, which has understood that the world of work is essential to recreate social ties and an identity specific to people who have nothing left.

Go to the website of LinkedOut to find out more, discover the profiles of these people who deserve the social recognition as individuals, and share their applications on LinkedIn in one click!

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