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Does your LinkedIn title suck?


Is this that your LinkedIn title sucks?

On LinkedIn, you are visible to millions Internet users. Whether you are an employee, manager, independent, social seller, or well simply looking for a new job, use LinkedIn correctly can open many doors for you and make your business!

Here on the blog of Proinfluent , I give you many tips so that you can use LinkedIn in the right way according to your goals and your motivations. Among them is the checklist to have a perfect LinkedIn profile , which you can download for free. One of the crucial elements of this list established for have a perfect LinkedIn profile relates to the title of your LinkedIn profile.

Make no mistake, the title of your profile LinkedIn is not just a string of words. Its importance is capital, whether for the referencing of your profile on the search engines research, or simply to provide Internet users with the right information about you.

In this article we will focus on the characteristics that make your LinkedIn title a null title. If you recognize in one or more of the titles of the parts of the article… This means you will need to change your LinkedIn title ASAP!

1. Your LinkedIn title sucks if it doesn’t contain keywords

If there’s one useful thing to know about LinkedIn, it’s that the social network is very well positioned in terms of search engine rankings. Knowing this is knowing that it is necessary to increase your visibility to put keywords in your LinkedIn title.

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In addition, by reading your LinkedIn title, Internet users will have a very precise idea of the field in which you intervene. Let’s take a specific example to better understand the principle.

Let’s imagine that you are a sales representative in an industrial machinery SME. If you include in your LinkedIn title “Sales at SystemeMécanique”, visitors who consult your LinkedIn profile will have only a vague idea of your area of expertise. Now imagine a person in a position similar to yours whose LinkedIn title would be “Commercial -BtoB – Consulting, sale and installation of industrial machine tools – I help you increase the quality and productivity of your factory” “. In your opinion, which profile would an interested potential customer turn to to change their machines?

2. Your LinkedIn title is void if it is copied from other titles

A LinkedIn title is one of the very first things that a visitor will notice and take the time to study. If he looks like the last three hundred titles seen by a potential customer, recruiter, etc., the chances of getting attention are almost nil. It is necessary it is imperative that your LinkedIn title stands out for it to be remembered, and not just seen!

You lacked inspiration when you filled in the sections of your LinkedIn profile and you have “Copied” from your peers to fill your LinkedIn title? The idea is good to save time, but from a qualitative point of view for your visibility is already much less.

Ideally, try to add something that characterizes you and that indicates additional (and useful!) Information about your account. In your LinkedIn title, you can for example add your location, a professional trait, a quote, etc. Anything that can distinguish you from the crowd is welcome, as long as it is relevant to those who visit your profile.

3. Your LinkedIn title is null if it is not addressed to your target audience

If you are on LinkedIn , it is above all to be visible to your target, whoever they are. You look for a job and hope to count on LinkedIn to help you ? You are an entrepreneur and look for new prospects to convert into customers ? Regardless, for your presence on LinkedIn to bear fruit and help you achieve your goals, the key word here is VISIBILITY. But be careful, not just any!

You must be visible to your target. It is a fundamental element. Otherwise, how do you expect to be contacted by good people ? Your LinkedIn title is part of the equation.

To optimize your LinkedIn title and to be visible to your target audience, use words that your audience knows, and which relate to:

  • To its problems (which you can solve, of course!);
  • To his field of activity (a well-placed adjective can make all the difference in a sentence);
  • To the specific vocabulary she uses;
  • Anything else that you think is wise to bring to your audience based on its characteristics.

It would be too bad to penalize your activity on LinkedIn because of details that you did not take the time to expand into your LinkedIn title. Interact through your title LinkedIn with your target is one of those details. So you will attract better attention from the people who matter in achieving your Goals.

4. Your LinkedIn title sucks if you overdo it

As the saying goes: “The too much is like not enough. “. To ponder as you move on LinkedIn. In your LinkedIn title, if we saw that it was unproductive to be too vague, not to put enough, know that it is also counterproductive to make tons of it and proclaim yourself head of the universe of sales, or the great unifying guru of entrepreneurship (or others!).

Doing too much in your LinkedIn title can be perceived as a lack of modesty by those who will consult your profile. Even if you operate in a competitive industry, keep it simple, understandable and above all affordable to visitors to your profile LinkedIn.

So what are the results for your LinkedIn title? Does it suck or, on the contrary, did you follow the advice of the Proinfluent blog and achieve a terrific LinkedIn profile title? Regardless, it’s never too late to best tailor your title LinkedIn and gain visibility with people in your target market.

5. LinkedIn profile title: in summary

  • Your LinkedIn title shouldn’t be overlooked. It is an integral part of your LinkedIn profile and must be particularly cared for.
  • Think Keywords For Your LinkedIn Profile Title
  • Stand out from your competition by having a title that stands out. Sometimes a single word is enough!

And because the title is one of the 32 points to improve in order to have a perfect LinkedIn profile, it would be a shame to miss the point. free checklist to download for a LinkedIn profile up to 50 times more effective !

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