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Elevator pitch: examples, structure and advice


Elevator pitch: examples, structure and advice

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We often say that the first impression is the right one, and a famous saying goes that “we only once has the opportunity to make a good impression ”. Very often, it is true that we are influenced by what we feel and perceive of others from the first moments. This is the case in many areas, the most famous being real estate. Have you ever heard that buying of an apartment or a house is played in the first seconds of the visit ?

The elevator pitch (which can be translated into French as “elevator speech”) is inspired by those precious decisive moments: those which pass quickly, too quickly, and whose fleetingness is matched only by importance. To understand the elevator pitch, you have to imagine yourself in a precise situation: an elevator ride, of only a few floors, of a minute, at most two, during which you are facing THE person you want to convince more that everything your product / business / idea / profile (cross out unnecessary) is the solution to his problem. It’s fast, it’s direct, and it’s efficient.

You need to engage quickly, make an impression in a few moments, captivate your audience instantly to make them want to call on you in the future or for more information. A challenge that may seem complicated at first glance, but here you will find a framework, examples and tips for a successful sales or presentation elevator pitch.

The elevator pitch: for whom? Why ?

The elevator pitch technique is useful for all types of people. Indeed, everyone has something to sell. If the little elevator speech obviously has an essentially commercial and professional application, knowing how to master it can become a not insignificant quality in many fields. Adding this string to your bow can only be of benefit to you.

In the professional sphere, the elevator pitch is a must and lends itself particularly well to the play of the work environment, in meetings, round table discussions, appointments, prospecting , etc. A salesperson will use it to hire a prospect , a creator will use it to convince partners or funding organizations, an employee will apply it in order to obtain an increase … The situations where the elevator pitch turns out to be a major ally are legion.

But, as we mentioned, the elevator pitch can also be useful in cases where we did not imagine using it : You are at the bakery, in the queue at a movie theater, or in an event and you hear someone talk about a problem that your product could solve. Neither one nor two, like a magician, you pull your elevator pitch out of your sleeve to broadcast a solution. The elevator pitch does not know weekends or public holidays, it can at any time, in front of any audience, adapt and help you arouse curiosity around your projects.

Because that is the purpose of the elevator pitch: to spread, in a few moments and in a convincing way, your added value, to guide your audience to future contacts. Remember, you have little time to persuade others that you are the solution. So make this allotted time a springboard for increase your visibility , your contacts and your prospects.

The elevator pitch: how?

To create an effective sales pitch, you can go online and ask your search engine what it has to offer you. You will find many examples of elevator pitch, each more insipid than the other, like these models of official letters, sad and without any personality. Through this article I am going to present a template and examples to you, but do not use these elevator pitch examples as is as they are in no way a reflection of what you and your product / business / idea stand for.

The elevator pitch, do not forget, must make an impression quickly. Get out of the crowd and run away from formulas already chewed by others before you.

The elevator pitch must answer the question “why you?” “. It is obviously useful to have a plan to develop it:

  1. Target and involve the audience by mentioning their problem, the one you can to resolve
  2. Speak about you and your solution
  3. To glide anecdotes, stories, examples to illustrate it all
  4. Recall clearly the impact your solution will have on the problem

By mastering these four points one after the other, you will be able to develop an elevator pitch that looks like you, that looks like those who hear it, all quickly and by focusing information on your offer.

The key element of the elevator pitch: differentiation

You can have all the good ones arguments in hand and recite them religiously according to your plan beforehand established, if someone else with the same skills as you shows up before or after in the same way, nothing will differentiate you from each other, and you will not have marked the spirits. If you do not include in your elevator pitch your personality and if you don’t put small pieces in it what makes you different, you won’t captivate your audience.

You are a human being who speaks to other human beings . Distill passion in your elevator pitch, speak in a lively and vigorous way about what you are presenting. Don’t be a reciting robot. Be dynamic and remember that your elevator pitch is an open window for future sharing. You have to unite others to convince them.

The elevator pitch should not become a detailed description of your product or your services. It must trigger the desire to discover them more in depth. After a successful elevator pitch, those who have witnessed it should come back to you in order to deepen what you have mentioned. The originality of your elevator pitch as well as your commercial arguments will become a force that will trigger interest and arouse the curiosity of your interlocutors.

Tips for an unforgettable elevator pitch

Your elevator the pitch should start in an energetic, enterprising manner. He must immediately stimulate the audience, so that they actually listen to you. Attention from others is precious, it is won from the very first second.

To do this, you can start your elevator pitch with a question, or a wording equivalent such as “we all know this moment when …”. That involves, the human and personal side touches the sensitive and emotional chord of those who listen to you. They recognize themselves, feel included in the backdrop of your speech and are then willing to give you their Warning.

Get attention is just one step in your elevator pitch. You must win attention, as we have seen, but also to keep it!

Never forget that speed is essential, you must explain your solution quickly enough, with selected, targeted words with a strong impact. Speak with heart, enthusiasm, in a confident and clear voice. Don’t hesitate to work on your elevator pitch in front of a mirror, test the words in their entirety, associate those who resonate with each other, avoid syllables that sound too similar and those that are difficult to pronounce. Without going so far as to develop a poem, try to rhyme a sentence or two. The words, to oral, complement each other easily and can form a sort of melody which, if you have built it in a precise way, will be able to carry forward your audience and blow a mighty wind on your speech.

Ban the most possible non-verbal cues that can distract from your interlocutors. It is normal to be nervous sometimes, but it all happens work. Focus on your elevator pitch, have a relaxed attitude without being totally relaxed, have a frank look and make sure that your body, like your elevator pitch, tends towards conviction.

Metaphor can be an asset of size. Indeed, it will appeal to the senses of those who listen to you, which will gain in impact and increase their imagination, their ability to project themselves, to create relationships between what you say and what they are feeling. So do not hesitate to use it, it can only stimulate any further !

Adapt his vocabulary according to the audience in front of you during an elevator pitch also seems to be a point that should not be overlooked. You do not go talk to your banker as you are going to talk to a potential client, or even to his neighbor who wonders what your activities are. If a field technical lexical will be appreciated by actors in your profession, it will not be surely not the case of your friend who knows someone, who himself knows someone who might be interested in what you are offering. Adapt, be flexible.

If the primary function of the elevator pitch is to be a catchphrase to capture the attention of your audience in order to draw future partnerships, any introduction must also know how to conclude. If you end your elevator pitch abruptly, in the middle of an explanation or right after presenting your solutions, you risk wasting all the work done upstream. Indeed, you must conclude your elevator pitch so that those who have listened to you receive an opening signal for the next step. Ask a question, specify that on such and such a date you will be at such and such a place, leave contact details to be reachable, tender a business card … The possibilities are numerous, it’s up to you to find the one that will allow your elevator pitch to be the introduction of a great development.

Ending your elevator pitch with an impactful sentence is also a very nice exit from the stage. Indeed, like a slogan , you can completely end your speech by playing on the emotional. The power of words is strong, test the ones that resonate the best to make your ending clap as memorable as possible. Style your elevator pitch to have a strong impact.

This is what you wait all, the examples of elevator pitches.

Examples of elevator pitch: freelance, commercial, candidate for a job interview

Example of elevator pitch 1: salesperson facing a prospect .

Jeanne Martin is commercial for a company manufacturing biodegradable plastic. She has in front of her a very interesting prospect who is looking for a supplier of plastic as part of the circular economy.

” Hello, Jeanne Martin, sales representative for EcoBio.

The packages plastics … At the heart of current events, at the heart of ethics and above all at the heart of your business! It is urgent to adapt, and you have understood it. I have here what you need: a 100% biodegradable plastic, which handily all environmental safety testing, strong, adaptable to your entire range of products and which is part of the circular economy, the future for our businesses!

We the we supply to big brands, you will see it in several supermarkets, and I am sure he will be able to support you and your products, in the achievement of your objectives and those of the environment. Together, we can create responsible consumption of tomorrow. “

Example of elevator pitch 2: freelance graphic designer.

Mr Durand is freelance graphic designer and presents his elevator pitch at a meeting of networking

” Hello, Jean Durand, graphic designer specializing in visual strategy.

93% of Internet users consult the Net before acquiring a good or a service. 93 %. To stand out from your competitors on the web, you must have a strong visual identity.

I like the creativity, originality. I like to provide my clients with a service that we remember. Colors, shapes, symbols … I associate all the small impacts to create a big one.

For example, I recently redesigned and redesigned the logo of a online LinkedIn expert . My client saw his turnover increase in just two weeks.

Passionate about my profession, I am convinced that together we can differentiate you and you allow to have a recognizable face among a thousand. “

Example of elevator pitch 3: communication assistant in job search .

Léa Dupont has just finished her studies in the field of communication and has just landed an interview for a position of communication assistant in an event company.

” Hello I am Léa Dupont and I am delighted to meet you.

I studied with very careful your job offer, and I decided to apply, because I believe that we share the same values. Yes, when I read on your website that you want to make each event a springboard of opportunity, I recognize myself. I identify myself and this comforts me in my choice of studies specializing in communication. I learned the theory, but I mostly put into practice at during many internships my feelings and my ideas to improve the systems Communication. For example, I have a particularly strong memory of the evening that my team and I had organized for the launch of a product cosmetic last spring. Customer satisfaction and his smile at the end of the event were an incredible reward. I am committed to providing the same efforts so that your customers also send us such smiles. ”

Elevator pitch: some tips to finish

  • Keep up to date with the news, it is always good to adapt your story to what is going on in the world, because everyone is concerned. The world is in perpetual motion, know how to refer to it in your activities and your way of communicating to anchor your speech even more in the reality of your market
  • Use specific examples: Your audience will certainly be happy to hear the specifics of what you have to offer, but giving them examples will answer the question “why you and not someone else?” »In a concrete, tangible way. The elevator pitch does not allow digression, too long explanations, you do not have time. Get to the point and give your audience pragmatic elements
  • Speak in a lively, passionate way, exit the monotone tone!

The elevator pitch: in conclusion

In short, the elevator pitch is a verbal business card, which challenges and arouses curiosity, and will push subsequently listeners to get closer to you in order to get more information. Useful in all circumstances, the elevator pitch is a master of your communication strategy.

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I invite you to continue reading by discovering how to capitalize on social networks and more particularly LinkedIn to sell by making social selling LinkedIn .

So what would you tell me if we had to pass each other in an elevator?


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