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A LinkedIn Ads training to prospect on LinkedIn?

Can a LinkedIn Ads training help you prospect effectively on LinkedIn?



To prospect effectively, you have certainly put several methods in place: inbound marketing strategy , phoning , emailing … But, more and more, you hear about the social selling LinkedIn . A true platform for professional connections, LinkedIn is a formidable prospecting weapon.

With over 600 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is a huge database. Your target customers are bound to be there!

To boost your turnover and find new customers, are you considering choosing a LinkedIn Ads training? Together, let’s take a look at what LinkedIn Ads is, and see what is the best way to prospect effectively with LinkedIn .

1- What is LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ads is the paid advertising platform on LinkedIn. With the Campaign Manager interface, you can create targeted advertising for your target customers, and generate qualified leads that you can then convert into customers.

LinkedIn Ads allows you to create up to seven different ad formats. These advertising campaign formats are detailed in the article dedicated to LinkedIn Ads , which you can consult to find out more.

The great thing about advertising on LinkedIn is its laser targeting. With very precise selection criteria, you can choose to distribute your campaign to your core target very easily.

2- LinkedIn Ads: how much does it cost?

The LinkedIn Ads platform works through an auction principle. You are probably not the only one who wants to position yourself with a specific target! You indicate, when creating your advertising campaign, the maximum price you want to pay. Depending on demand, the price may thus be that fixed, or lower.

LinkedIn Ads is evaluated in terms of price by what is called the CPC: the cost per click. This means that you pay every time a click is made on your ad.

Except for conversational ads, an advertising format in the form of a chat, the auction starts at 2 € per click! It is very important to note that as soon as you pay more, the advertisements stop …

3- Example of an advertising campaign on LinkedIn

To better understand the results of LinkedIn Ads and have the numbers before considering a LinkedIn Ads training, let’s take a look at what a LinkedIn advertising campaign can cost (and bring in!).

For a monthly budget of 1000 €, you will therefore have at least 500 clicks since the auction starts at 2 €. Remember that a click corresponds to the opening of the advertising form.

If we imagine a conversion rate of 5 to 10%, which corresponds to around thirty leads per month, the price of a generated lead is therefore between 20 and 40 € .

To read : the difference between lead, prospect and customer .

This is an example to give you an order of magnitude and can of course vary depending on many parameters such as the cost of the auction (here taken at its lowest price), conversion rates, the efficiency of the auction. announcement… Thereby, if this cost per lead (here a completed form or an Internet user who clicked on your link), is weak for you then LinkedIn Ads is a good option for you . If, on the other hand, you are part of the 90% for which this cost is too high, then read on.

4- LinkedIn prospecting: are there other alternatives?

If the system for creating advertisements on LinkedIn is relatively well done and makes it possible to distribute diversified advertisements and to be able to target the audience as much as possible, LinkedIn Ads is ultimately not that interesting… Bids from € 2 for a single click significantly increase the cost of the lead generated.

Plus, a generated lead is just the first part of the job. Advertising from LinkedIn will not help you convert them into a customer, retain them, solve their problems, etc. Wouldn’t it be more useful (and profitable) for you to opt for a real prospecting strategy on LinkedIn, without going through LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn prospecting, when done well, is a great source of business opportunities. The LinkedIn figures prove it: 64% of the French working population is on the social network. It’s gigantic! LinkedIn also allows you to reach decision-makers directly, without going through the secretary’s filter.

Rather than putting money every month into a LinkedIn Ads advertising campaign, go for the social selling . With a good mastery of the professional social network and a well-crafted social selling strategy, you will be able to gain up to 5 professional clients per month and per person!

LinkedIn Ads saves you around 30 leads for 1000 €.

Social selling on LinkedIn allows you to:

  • Sell without having to pay for advertising campaigns;
  • Build a professional network and a solid client base;
  • See a regular flow of qualified leads contact you spontaneously;
  • Increase your visibility on LinkedIn with an identified target;
  • No longer waste time prospecting for little results;
  • Etc.

So, don’t you think social selling on LinkedIn can do more for you than LinkedIn Ads?

5- The Proinfluent © Method to learn how to generate a regular flow of BtoB customers

A real investment that will allow you to increase your turnover by regularly finding new customers, the Proinfluent © Method will teach you the secrets of LinkedIn. With it, take a tour of all the tips, concepts and lessons to know to get a regular flow of new customers. LinkedIn prospecting is explained, dissected and put into practice with this training.

You are going :

  • Precisely define your core target in order to know it in depth and thus adapt your entire future strategy;
  • Build you a relevant LinkedIn profile , designed as a sales page, referenced on search engines for and above all which converts visitors into prospects;
  • To learn how the LinkedIn algorithm works in order to deal with him to be present in the right place at the right time;
  • Become absolutely essential in your sector of activity by being recognized as an expert;
  • Maximize all your actions on the professional social network by learning little-known tips;
  • Obtain a massive prospecting weapon by mixing efficiency, humanism and relevance and thus condense the years into the week;
  • Have a steady stream of new customers every month in just 45 minutes a day.

Click here to learn more about: the Proinfluent Method ©.

Good to know :

The Proinfluent © Method can be fully funded by your OPCO (skills operator). Read the article that talks about financing your LinkedIn training .

6- Another solution: Outsourced LinkedIn prospecting

Don’t have time to apply a method?

Do you want to focus on interactions and meetings with prospects?

Do you want to delegate and outsource prospecting via LinkedIn?

We have thought of you by creating the outsourced LinkedIn prospecting. The principle ? We prospect, and you get customers.

Click here to learn more about: Outsourced LinkedIn Prospecting .

7- Training in p LinkedIn prospecting: a guaranteed method!

Did you know that the Proinfluent © Method has two guarantees?

  • The “Satisfied or refunded” guarantee (15 days)
  • The “Success or refund” guarantee (31 days)

If you follow a LinkedIn Ads training, you will have no guarantee … Except that of spending money in an advertising campaign.

By opting for a social selling training on LinkedIn , or a Outsourced LinkedIn prospecting , you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

7- Access the training

Discover the Proinfluent © method and the outsourced prospecting to achieve spectacular results and gain new customers through LinkedIn prospecting.

Do you want to discuss your needs? You can choose a niche here and chat face-to-face with my team or myself:

You have a simple question or still want to be trained in LinkedIn Ads go to the section contact .

LinkedIn Ads training: in summary

  • The CPC (cost per click) of a LinkedIn ad starts at $ 2, but the price can go up very quickly depending on demand.
  • LinkedIn Ads can be interesting when it comes to prospecting if the cost per lead is profitable for you. It is preferable to opt for social selling training on LinkedIn, which allows you to anchor a sustainable and effective prospecting strategy.
  • The Proinfluent Method © is the most comprehensive LinkedIn training on the market, and can even be fully funded by your OPCO!

LinkedIn Ads training to find B2B clients: in 3 questions

Qu'est-ce que LinkedIn Ads ?

LinkedIn Ads is LinkedIn’s advertising platform. You can create several ad formats there to reach your target customers. The pricing of LinkedIn Ads works on the principle of auctions.

Est-ce que LinkedIn Ads est intéressant pour prospecter ?

Prospecting is an integral part of your business. LinkedIn Ads, while the ads are attractive and relatively well-targeted, stops as soon as you stop paying. A social selling strategy on LinkedIn is much more beneficial in the medium and long term (as well as profitable!).

Quelle formation LinkedIn choisir ?

Training to use LinkedIn for the purpose of prospecting is a very good approach. The Proinfluent Method ©, or the outsourced LinkedIn prospecting, can allow you to gain many customers, and this regularly!

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