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Want to harness the potential of LinkedIn to increase your business results? Want to take your business to the next level? You need to train yourself or your salespeople to social selling LinkedIn ? Do you recognize yourself?

Today, the majority of decision makers are on LinkedIn, and it is possible to reach them directly. Social selling on LinkedIn requires specific knowledge and the implementation of a suitable strategy. You have to learn them!

Did you know that you can take advantage of OPCO funding (skills operators) to acquire new essential skills? To do this, all you have to do is choose a course that has the “DataDock” label. Invest in a LinkedIn social selling training by benefiting from funding to finally develop your business with LinkedIn.

DataDocked social selling training: what is it?

DataDock is a unique database created by training funders in order to ensure the quality and compliance of training organizations . The centers wishing to join this list put together a file filled with evidence. The documents are sent to the DataDock service which checks them according to 21 indicators meeting the 6 quality criteria defined by law ( Decree No. 2015-790 of June 30, 2015 ). After checking the conformity of the parts, the training organizations are declared “DataDockés”. This makes it possible to attest to the professionalism of the training centers, compliance with regulations and customer satisfaction . For more information, you can visit the website .

This validation also opens the right to funding and OPCOs can include these training organizations in their catalog of references. The OPCOs (skills operators) now replace the OPCAs (approved joint collecting bodies). There are 11 OPCOs distributed according to the sector of activity.

To find out which OPCO you depend on, you can consult the list on the official government website or you can ask your accounting department. The role of skills operators is to subsidize training.

This means that each company that contributes to the training fund has access to a shared budget which is updated on December 31 of each year. Thereby, each year your company can benefit from funded training for both managers and employees.

In conclusion, the DataDock label is a guarantee of quality and a possibility of financing from OPCOs.

LinkedIn training: why train?

If LinkedIn has above all the image of a recruitment platform, it is today the largest professional social network in the world on which it is easy to prospect new professional clients.

The strength of this network lies in its professional aspect: on LinkedIn, we do not post videos of little cats, we remain pro and we talk about business.

So there is no shortage of prospects for your business from LinkedIn:

  • develop your network;
  • improve your notoriety and visibility;
  • give you a professional, even expert image;
  • find information on your targets;
  • get in touch with decision-makers;
  • generate qualified leads;
  • have an appointment with prospects;
  • find clients;
  • etc.

In 2018, 80% of B2B leads from social networks came from LinkedIn!

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Invest in LinkedIn social selling training to gain customers

You have understood the benefits of LinkedIn well, but you know that it is difficult to use it correctly. On this network, you cannot apply your commercial habits, you must put in place a strategy of social selling . That is to say, offer valuable content and get in touch with your targets without trying to sell them your products and services immediately. And all of this can be learned!

Investing in training allows you to go further and above all faster. The objective of the teaching is to give you all the advice you need to be comfortable with the platform and especially all the tips to be more efficient. In LinkedIn social sleling training, you learn an effective strategy for generating qualified leads. You see the settings that most people ignore and the tools to automate part of your sales prospecting.

You have everything to gain by engaging in a LinkedIn training course, especially if it is DataDocked. You then benefit from funding from your competent operator (OPCO).

LinkedIn social selling training: educational objectives of the Proinfluent method

The Proinfluent method trains you and your employees with the aim of:

  • generate a regular flow of BtoB customers over the next few years without paying for advertising;
  • gain years by automating part of your prospecting without losing quality;
  • have a LinkedIn profile that converts into customers and that you will be proud of;
  • improve the notoriety and visibility of your company to generate qualified prospects;
  • expand your network and become essential in your market;
  • master the social selling on LinkedIn ;
  • set up an effective LinkedIn prospecting process.

LinkedIn social selling training is organized around 6 key pillars:

1. Credibility

With Proinfluent, you learn to:

  • to create a LinkedIn profile and an LinkedIn Company Page sellers, referenced and who inspire confidence;
  • configure the profile of your sales representatives and managers using parameters that are ignored by 99% of LinkedIn users;
  • demonstrate your expertise in your industry.

2. The visibility

The Proinfluent Method training teaches you the keys to LinkedIn visibility. You learn to:

  • multiply your visibility by 10 (minimum) on LinkedIn (some clients manage to earn 1,900%, admittedly they were starting a long way off);
  • publish and boost your posts;
  • create different types of publications: post, articles , native videos ;
  • make you love the LinkedIn algorithm ;
  • avoid mistakes on LinkedIn;
  • get you listed on search engines.

3. Influence

You learn to:

  • multiply your professional network by at least 100% in 2 months with propsects (not tourists);
  • become essential in your market;
  • intelligently steal the audience of your competitors in all legality and benevolence;
  • develop your network and acquire many contacts quickly.

4. Targeting

LinkedIn training shows you how to laser target your qualified prospects. You learn to:

  • understand and profile your target for improved business conversion;
  • laser targeting with the various LinkedIn tools;
  • focus your efforts on qualified leads;
  • develop a keyword strategy;
  • get in touch with messages that work.

5. Smart prospecting

By automating certain tasks, you compress years into weeks. The Proinfluent method reveals the best tips for:

  • contact up to 1000 prospects per month and 100 per day;
  • automate your prospecting while remaining personalized;
  • save precious time to focus on discussions with your qualified prospects.

6. Tactical method to be regular

The PARIS © method developed by Proinfluent and included in the training teaches you the steps to follow daily in a precise order to achieve lasting success.

The Proinfluent method is a complete and practical training that allows you to achieve your goals on LinkedIn.

To find out: consult our page dedicated to LinkedIn social selling training .

LinkedIn DataDockée social selling training: terms and conditions

Proinfluent’s social selling LinkedIn training course is aimed at any professional wishing to develop their LinkedIn skills: managers, general managers, sales directors, sales representatives, communication manager, marketing manager, sales manager, entrepreneur, freelance, Community Manager , …

The training is carried out remotely through e-learning and video support over 2 or 3 months. You can easily access the 10 modules and 36 videos via the Internet every day 24 hours a day for life and you deepen in “commercial coaching” format for several months in order to be independent in your prospecting over the next few years.

The training combines theoretical and practical teaching. The advantage is that you can apply the learnings directly! It also includes access to self-help groups between professionals.

LinkedIn DataDocked social selling training: price and support

To find out the training prices for one person or to have direct access to it online without support, click on the presentation page of the LinkedIn social selling training .

For training support, I invite you to consult us here . For 2 or more people, group rates apply. Consult us .

The training can be covered in part or in full depending on the available training budget and the reimbursement terms of your OPCO.

Financing conditions: At Proinfluent, our training validates the 21 indicators of the DataDock certification process. By going through a certified training center, it can be subsidized by your OPCO.

No paperwork, we take care of setting up the file for you.

Make a quick appointment to discuss your training needs and its support.

LinkedIn DataDocked training, to remember

  • Proinfluent’s LinkedIn prospecting training meets the DataDock criteria guarantees you quality training and allows you to be trained by being funded by your OPCO.
  • With the LinkedIn DataDocked prospecting training, you have real support over 2 or 3 months to be autonomous in your prospecting over the next few years.
  • The Proinfluent Method training is the most complete training on the market, in blended learning: e-learning to acquire the basics and perform the exercises + a video with an expert to deepen and anchor your practice.

Qu’est-ce que la formation au social selling LinkedIn DataDockée de Proinfluent ?

With Proinfluent’s LinkedIn DataDockée social selling training, you have real support over 2 or 3 months to be autonomous in your prospecting over the next few years! The training in addition to being financed by the OPCOs, is profitable from the first BtoB client (s)!

Pourquoi choisir la formation à la prospection LinkedIn DataDockée de Proinfluent ?’s LinkedIn DataDocked prospecting training has 3 advantages. First, it is a guarantee of quality since it is necessary to be certified by an approved center (DataDock) by responding to 21 indicators. Second, it opens up the right to funding from the Skills Operators (OPCO). Finally, it allows you to generate a steady flow of customers over the next few years.

Comment se faire financer une formation au social selling LinkedIn ?

If you have any training budget left with your OPCO, contact the team who can provide you with a LinkedIn social selling training quote that meets your needs.

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