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BtoB lead generation with the Proinfluent © Method

BtoB lead generation



BtoB lead generation with an efficient method

You know that for your business to prosper, you must ensure the Business Development of your business and constantly finding new customers. Before being customers, the people who are part of your target customers are leads . BtoB lead generation is a time consuming, difficult and laborious endeavor if you do not use the right method. In addition, BtoB lead generation will sometimes prevent you from performing other important tasks. Finding a balance and a functional method is therefore essential to ensure success and prosperity in your business.

Several BtoB lead generation methods are now obsolete, and no longer manage to obtain convincing results. Fortunately, the social selling by LinkedIn increasingly gaining ground and generating qualified leads! The Proinfluent method, based on social selling with LinkedIn and a humanist approach to sales, will allow you to open new professional doors. Build a comprehensive database, where leads will flow every week.

1- How does BtoB lead generation work with LinkedIn?

The Proinfluent method © is based on several criteria essential to the smooth running of the LinkedIn prospecting .

First of all, mastery of the tool LinkedIn and the learning of multiple tips intended to take care of your brand image and your professional credibility on the social network are at the heart of the Proinfluent Method ©. You will, by following the advice of Proinfluent ©, discover how to configure your LinkedIn profile and make it appear like a real professional sales page. You will transform your visitors into qualified BtoB leads thanks to a precise framework, far from the aggressive concepts of traditional sales.

Then, the Proinfluent © Method will help you better understand how the LinkedIn algorithm , in order to gain visibility through your publications. Increasing your visibility is essential for a good lead generation in BtoB. You will very quickly become a key player in your sector and be a reference for your leads. The confidence that will result will guarantee you success and performance.

Become, with the continuation of the Proinfluent Method ©, an influential person whose network is growing every day. With precise advice, you will gain the upper hand over your competition by obtaining an audience made up of qualified leads , ready to be converted into customers. You will be able to get in touch with your target customers and join them directly in their browsing habits on LinkedIn. Using your previously acquired credibility, engage in discussions that are relevant to your business.

Learn exactly how to target important leads by discovering new LinkedIn targeting tips. In a simple, humanistic and relevant way, you will be able to establish yourself permanently where your audience is. You will then have all the chances on your side to contact the people who need you.

In summary, the Proinfluent method © is a concentrate of the best of commercial prospecting on LinkedIn. To date and until proven guilty, there is no such comprehensive and effective support.

With the Proinfluent method © you become autonomous in your LinkedIn prospecting to generate a regular flow of prospects and BtoB leads over the coming years.

2- How is the BtoB Proinfluent lead generation method different from others?

Proinfluent © is above all a way of looking at professional life from a more humanistic angle. No more mass phoning sessions, or mailings that receive no response. Forget, with Proinfluent ©, the terrible frustration of so-called classic prospecting and take pleasure in finding your future customers.

The social aspect takes an increasingly important place over the years in the professional sphere. Customer relations must be at the center of your concerns to crown your professional businesses with resounding success. By adopting the Proinfluent © Method, you will discover a whole new way of seeing prospecting. Exciting cognitive concepts will be added to your professional strategy, in order to create lasting relationships, based on trust and reliability.

The Proinfluent Method © is also strong in its commitment to you, and your goals. With precise and benevolent monitoring, you will discover the pleasure of being accompanied on a day-to-day basis. Daily, relevant advice will be delivered to you to achieve your goal: to obtain a regular flow of qualified BtoB leads.

You will learn the PARIS © Method, developed by Proinfluent © and which consists of obtaining qualified leads by following a tactical method in just 1 hour per day. To complete the training, learn what Intelligent Prospecting © is to master the weapon of massive humanistic prospecting, to compress years into weeks.

With a full understanding of LinkedIn, its algorithm , its operation and its hidden levers, your results will meet your expectations, and more  !

3- What does the LinkedIn method contain for BtoB lead generation?

The Proinfluent © Method consists of several elements, all intended to offer you a complete experience and adapted to your objectives:

  • Intuitive and directly operational training modules;
  • Expert videos covering all the concepts of:
    • the Proinfluent © Method,
    • Intelligent Prospecting © to compress years into weeks and focus on your hottest prospects;
    • the Paris Method © to know what to do and how in 1 hour a day;
    • the 10 levers of commercial prospecting on LinkedIn.
  • Training available 24/7;
  • Access to the VIP support group, to exchange, communicate and help each other between professionals;
  • Personalized video support;
  • Learning the inbound marketing and the creation of a personalized sales funnel;
  • The “Satisfied or refunded” guarantee;
  • The “Success or refund” guarantee;
  • And much more…

4- What is the strong point of the Proinfluent © Method?

Proinfluent © is convinced that the human being is at the heart of every professional relationship, much more than the product or service sold. In total cohesion with you, the Proinfluent Method © is much more than a series of tips to apply. It is a real engine of motivation, accomplishments and relevant exchanges.

By applying this support, the most complete, you will get a return on your investment from the first client (s).

Together, let’s create a dynamism dedicated to success and your professional development.

5- BtoB lead generation: can we outsource it?

Do you have little time or desire to devote to prospecting but want to collect a flow of BtoB leads? We have the solution: Outsourcing of LinkedIn prospecting . We prospect for you and your team, you collect prospects and BtoB leads.

Either you win or you win: great isn’t it? Take a quick meeting to take stock of your lead generation . And start to savor the increase in your turnover thanks to the commercial outsourcing 🙂

BtoB lead generation with the Proinfluent © method: in conclusion

Success, mutual aid and professional development are at the heart of Proinfluent © commitments. The method of generating leads and boosting your sales is a precise process, carefully developed over many years. Having proven itself and helping many professionals to increase their results, the Proinfluent © Method is a true concentrate of humanism and performance. Benefit from unpublished advice designed to help YOU achieve all of your goals.

Discover without further delay the Proinfluent © method training, to ensure the success you deserve.

Don’t you want to do it yourself? Our team of experts is in charge of prospecting for you with the Outsourcing of LinkedIn prospecting . We prospect, you collect qualified prospects: it’s simple.

Take a quick meeting to take stock of your lead generation .

Meet the decision-makers!

BtoB lead generation: to sum up in 3 questions

Qu'est-ce que la génération de leads BtoB ?

BtoB lead generation is a process designed to help you gain professional contact with qualified people, whom you will turn into customers. We recommend opting for the Proinfluent Method to generate a regular flow of leads with LinkedIn. Or even outsource this part to focus on customer appointments.

Comment faire une génération de leads BtoB efficace ?

With a social selling strategy and by applying relevant advice, you will generate qualified BtoB leads who will later become part of your loyal customers. To excel on LinkedIn, opt for the Proinfluent Method. Or, outsource this part to focus on customer appointments.

Pourquoi la génération de leads BtoB est primordiale ?

Without leads, you can’t get customers. By generating qualified leads, you create an audience receptive to your offers, which you then transform into customers to increase your turnover and develop your business.

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