Commercial outsourcing: here is the most efficient way to get BtoB customers without looking for them

commercial outsourcing



The use of commercial outsourcing is an increasingly widespread practice. Indeed, the management of an establishment involves managing many sectors of activity which are not always your fields of predilection, and this is quite normal!

THE’ outsourcing also called outsourcing, concerns all companies, whether they are young start-ups or established for decades. Sometimes badly perceived, this method is nevertheless a good strategy which allows managers and employees to devote themselves to their real core business by bequeathing one or more aspects of the company. Before outsourcing to an external service provider, it is important to study the subject in terms of costs and productivity. The goal is obviously to increase its profits by optimizing its performance.

So should you choose outsourcing for your business? Which sectors are affected and what are the advantages? Answer just below!

Commercial outsourcing

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing consists of entrusting, in whole or in part, a function that a company cannot or no longer wants to carry out internally, to a partner specializing in this field of activity. Generally, these are the missions in which the box does not excel and does not wish to invest to remedy it. We are talking about outsourcing services that allow real growth in the selected outsourced field.

Suddenly, it chooses to delegate this task to an external service provider who has excellent skills as well as the means necessary to achieve the desired objectives.

This may be :

  • BtoB prospecting,
  • the management of social networks (community management) and your website,
  • recruitment, HR functions,
  • merchandising,
  • the marketing ,
  • IT support,
  • Security,
  • maintenance of the premises,
  • etc.
commercial outsourcing

Outsourcing therefore makes it possible to meet many needs that business leaders may meet, regardless of their sector of activity.

In France, 82% of companies adopt an outsourcing strategy! The majority of them are establishments with more than 1,000 employees.

What are the advantages of business outsourcing?

Business outsourcing is only for business functions. If it continues to grow, it is because it has many advantages.

Commercial outsourcing, a force to develop every business

  • First of all, outsourcing is a supplementary sales force that helps strengthen the internal sales force of the company. For example, even if it is not really you or your sales teams who take care of monitoring and customer relations, consumers do not know! The external service provider being perfectly qualified to meet your requirements and offer the best to your customers, they benefit from an irreproachable service which brings a real valuation of your brand. As a result, it is you who reap the recognition of your community with increased sales and a better customer satisfaction rate.
  • It can be a real support for overbooked companies that have not yet defined their sales and marketing strategies with precision. Indeed, the partner he has a team of experts, high-performance IT tools and an experience that he shares with his client in order to carry out his mission. This sharing of skills represents real support and added value to the company.
commercial outsourcing: a force to develop every business

Commercial outsourcing, optimize time, increase productivity and turnover

  • Thanks to commercial outsourcing, you free yourself from your constraints and you save time to devote yourself to your real activity, in which you are perfectly competent. Training leads to additional delays and a need to equip themselves with tools that many SMEs cannot afford. Outsourcing also means optimizing time and energy while gaining in performance .
  • The external service provider does not benefit from being hired as an employee and the remuneration is generally based on a fixed basis as well as a variable part. This allows you to have flexibility and optimize your budget. You avoid disappointments such as sick leave, maternity leave and abandonment of work which can sometimes undermine the company.

Commercial outsourcing to obtain B2B customers

Are you looking for new B2B clients, but your efforts are inconclusive? Do not hesitate any longer, outsource your prospecting! This amounts to asking for reinforcement from real specialists. Most salespeople are not properly trained to prospect and they do not really master the computer tools at their disposal.

When prospecting influences morale

For many companies, commercial prospecting is often synonymous with discouragement, disappointment and frustration, in short! What negative feelings! Indeed, you and your teams spend time preparing and implementing the prospecting process, without obtaining a favorable outcome.

In addition, prospecting is often perceived as the pet peeve of a company, an activity for which neither you nor your staff are trained. So you try to manage to find new customers as best you can. Sometimes even following certain methods to the letter does not give the expected results.

One of the advantages of outsourcing the search for prospects is above all to obtain ultra qualified prospects and therefore to optimize your productivity by meeting only people who are really concerned by your product or your service. You no longer waste hours in fruitless negotiations, but you interact with people who have a real interest in your business.

Obtain BtoB customers thanks to telephone prospecting

B2B telephone prospecting is a method which must be practiced according to the rules of the art. Indeed, the 10 first seconds are decisive for the success of your call! You have to know how to present yourself and your offer in a relevant way. Nothing worse than a salesperson who talks incessantly! To have a chance to convert your prospect B2B as a customer, let him express his expectations and fears. In addition to generating a real dialogue, it’s an art to turn the conversation to your advantage by quickly identifying what the prospect’s blockages may be.

Using call centers ensures you:

  • a well-mastered commercial script;
  • salespeople trained in telephone sales techniques;
  • and to have more calls made at the same time (better performance).

Whether you pick up your phone yourself or entrust it to a service provider, establish a script upstream in order to lay down the foundations and above all to determine your sales arguments. This helps ensure the success of your telephone prospecting campaign.

Cold emailing to prospect in B2B

Cold emailing is an acquisition channel widely used in BtoB, because it allows you to reach a lot of prospects with few means . The principle of cold emailing is to contact by e-mail, a prospect with whom you have never entered into a relationship before.

commercial outsourcing: cold emailing

When you do cold emailing, go all out on content personalization. The message is addressed directly to the target person, it is the basis for capturing their attention. In addition, the subject of the mail must be short, attractive and intriguing in order to obtain a good opening rate.

Regarding the approach, you choose whether you want it soft or more aggressive. In cold emailing, it is still advisable not to rush the prospect, because remember that it is about building a climate of trust in order to establish a solid relationship. In any case, a call to action is more than recommended to encourage the reader to act in your direction, for example to discover your brand and the benefits it can bring to it.

At Proinfluent, our cold emailing experts master:

  • the technical aspects to pass the antispam filters,
  • legal aspects to comply with regulatory constraints,
  • targeting to reach your prospects,
  • copywriting to have a maximum response rate.

So, to fill your agenda with qualified prospects, contact us !

LinkedIn ™ prospecting, to reach your B2B prospects

What could be more efficient than to seek your B2B customers where they are present? LinkedIn ™ is the professional network par excellence which brings together nearly 11 million internet users , only for France. Prospecting on this network allows you to directly identify qualified prospects , those who are most likely to need your products and your services.

You play on 2 boards:

  • Visibility and notoriety. For this, the distribution of useful content and visuals brings real added value to your brand. This allows you to both strengthen your image as an expert in your community and identify the leads who react to your posts.
  • Contact with your target. Before initiating a contact, make sure you have defined the essential elements to personalize your messages. Then, use your sales and listening skills to try to convert your prospect into a customer !

Do you need to attract leads automatically on a regular basis?

Go for LinkedIn™ prospecting. We help you use LInkedin™ with confidence, target your prospects with surgical precision, and send them effective messages. With Proinfluent, your LinkedIn™ strategy is sent into orbit by an experienced pilot. Then, you are autonomous at the controls. Do not wait any longer, make an appointment with a Proinfluent advisor who will do a commercial audit of your situation.

Commercial outsourcing: conclusion

Finally, choosing commercial outsourcing does not mean completely or partially abandoning an area of activity of your company. On the contrary, it translates into collaborating with experts to ensure the commercial development of your company. This practice can be motivated by a lack of time and an urgent need to progress, or not to benefit from the necessary means to invest in efficient tools. Here are the takeaways:

  • Commercial outsourcing boils down to strengthening the internal sales force and obtaining better performance in the desired area.
  • Thanks to this approach, you optimize your time and energy to devote yourself to your real core business.
  • It’s a way to become more productive.
  • Outsourcing also means remedying certain internal shortcomings in temporary or permanent ways.
  • In addition, outsourcing does not mean giving up but simply entrusting your problems to a team of experts who bring real solutions and added value to your business.

Commercial outsourcing: to sum up in 4 questions

Qu’est-ce que l’externalisation commerciale ?

Commercial outsourcing is a desired approach for a company which entrusts the management of its commercial activities in whole or in part. This makes it possible, for example, to bequeath prospecting or sales management to an external service provider in order to devote himself fully to his core business.

Quels sont les avantages de l’externalisation commerciale ?

Commercial outsourcing brings many benefits such as:

  • Increase its turnover;
  • Gain in quality;
  • Improve its customer relationship and its conversion rate;
  • Optimize your time and energy and be more efficient.

Pourquoi faire appel à l’externalisation commerciale ?

Commercial outsourcing optimizes a company’s productivity and increases its turnover. Indeed, you entrust to an external service provider, the tasks that you do not want or cannot carry out internally. The partner takes care for you to achieve your goals in the field of activity that you bequeath to him. This allows you to be able to devote yourself fully to your profession.

Quels sont les secteurs d’activités qu'il est possible d’externaliser ?

Absolutely all in-house business lines can be outsourced, but the majority are:

  • The administrative part;
  • Management of visibility on social networks;
  • The commercial aspect;
  • Marketing and communication;
  • Security ;
  • The recruitment of new candidates.

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