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Company presentation brochure: 10 secrets for an effective commercial brochure


Need support to illustrate your arguments during a sales meeting? Positioned between the website and the business card, the company presentation brochure is essential to show the real identity of your company to your customers and transmit its values.

Tired of not converting? Do you feel that your website is not enough? You want a tangible communication support to concretize your products and your expertise? On coated or digital paper, the commercial brochure is an essential element that allows you to present your company in its best light and to give an overview of your products and services.

How to set up an effective commercial brochure? Here are our 10 secrets!

Company presentation brochure: 10 secrets for an effective commercial brochure

What is the interest of a company presentation brochure?

The commercial brochure is your communication tool to present your company, its values, its services and to send a message to your customers or prospects. More than a simple paper document, brochures are your company’s showcases, which is why they must be carefully produced.

The commercial brochure accompanies you during your professional meetings and allows you to support your arguments and to have a visual overview of your products or services. It is a way to stand out from the competition and to offer a more successful and original communication medium than traditional tools ( flyers , white paper, catalog…).

1. Identify your targets, starting with a company presentation brochure

To create an effective communication discourse, the important thing is to know to whom it is addressed. This allows you to choose a tone, but also suitable visuals. Knowing your buyer persona is the basis of all communication strategies.

Try to establish a composite portrait of your target by gathering several pieces of information:

  • His first and last name;
  • His age group;
  • His financial income;
  • His job ;
  • His motivations and his passions;
  • His fears, his worries;
  • His family situation.

These are the data to be collected to understand how your target thinks, what discourse they are sensitive to and what their problem is.

Company presentation brochure

For that :

  • Use your CRM tool! This database collects and stores all the information relating to your customers and prospects. Buying behavior, customer satisfaction, customer service contact, etc.
  • Analyze the comments you find on social networks. They represent a gold mine. Indeed, customers often express their frustrations, dissatisfactions and expectations. It’s a simple way to gather information about needs.

2. Define your goals

Then, defining your professional objectives is essential for your company presentation brochure to be effective. Without them, it is difficult to know how to orient yourself and what message to convey. Of course, there are general objectives like increasing your turnover and converting more customers, however, nothing is more effective than applying the SMART method to intelligent goal setting.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • reachable
  • Realistic
  • Temporal

The acronym SMART, makes it possible to characterize an objective to make it suitable for everyone and above all achievable. For example, instead of aiming to find more customers, set a goal of 5 customers per month by following a specific method. It is a method that has proven itself and is widely used in the field of marketing and communication.

3. Determine the objectives of a sales brochure

Also keep in mind the primary objectives of a sales brochure. This must:

  • Present your services / products;
  • Transmit the values of the company;
  • Be attractive with a nice visual;
  • Contain relevant information;
  • Strengthen your selling points;
  • Respond to questions from your audience;
  • Be unique and stand out from your competitors.

The ultimate goal is to trigger the purchase and precisely, discover a formidable method of communication in the rest of this article!

Company presentation brochure

4. The AIDA method, pillar of a company’s presentation brochure

This is a known method for writing sales texts. It is an acronym that represents the different phases of the sales process:

  • Caution ;
  • Interest ;
  • Desire ;
  • Share .

The consumer goes through these 4 decisive stages:

  • Initially, it is a question of attracting attention with the help of an attractive visual or a catchy title. For example for a commercial brochure , do not hesitate to play on the colors and the design to catch the eye.
  • Then, the idea is to generate interest in your brand, your products or your services. To do this, show him that your company can solve his problem or in any case help him to do so, thanks to content adapted to your target and precise.
  • Then to provoke the desire to buy, list the benefits of your articles, products or services.
  • The action phase puts an end to this process since the prospect becomes a customer by making a purchase.

The AIDA method is a real communication strategy that allows you to create an effective and relevant commercial brochure.

5. A commercial brochure with an attractive visual

A commercial brochure must contain a commercial speech adapted to this medium, but also a neat visual, in harmony with your activity and your communication plan . The choice of colors and layout are elements that contribute to a smooth and pleasant reading of your brochure.

Choose colors carefully

The colors of your commercial brochure must be in accordance with your graphic charter , if you have one. Your brochure is an extension of your brand or your website and your customers identify you in the first place thanks to their representative colors. To establish a harmonious visual identity, make sure that each prospecting and advertising medium bears the colors of your visual identity.

Choose clear shades to accompany your text and highlight it. For example, if you go for mauve, your second shade can be gray, but not red! In addition, 2 or 3 colors are sufficient. If you don’t want to drown out your content, don’t place too much visual information. Focus on 2 or 3 modern shades that match your theme. It’s a bit like choosing the templates for your website, the same advice applies.

Company presentation brochure

Canva is an effective tool that allows you to tailor a commercial brochure or all types of communication media. Canva software is really the easiest way to create a professional business brochure. Canva supports you in the creation of your company document: layout, insertion of an image or design, it is a tool that offers multiple possibilities for the design of your commercial brochure.

The article contains some affiliate links, but this does not change our recommendations because we really recommend the tools. This means that we earn a commission if you purchase the product after clicking on our link. The price remains unchanged for you.

Favor a clean design for your commercial brochure

The design must also be attractive, but effective. Remember that it is your company’s information that must be valued by the visual and not the other way around. Limiting yourself to 2 or 3 colors and favoring a clean design is essential to make your brochure a real commercial tool and mark your visual identity.

For more concrete, placing an image, a photo to illustrate your article for example is beneficial. Remember, your commercial brochure must trigger the purchase, for this, your customers need to see in real life or in a photo what they are buying.

6. A company presentation brochure with relevant content

After the design, it is the content that must be meticulously written. Remember the AIDA method! With your distinguished and up-to-date visual, you have managed to capture the attention of your audience. It’s time to generate interest and this requires the presentation of your products and services.

The essential information to put on your commercial brochure

Several pieces of information must appear on your brochure :

  • The name of your company;
  • Its logo and slogan if there is one;
  • Telephone number, email address and website;
  • Presentation of your company’s products and services.

If you want to use your commercial brochure for a long time, do not enter your prices and focus on permanent information. Indeed, the prices are elements likely to vary from one year to another, if they are on your brochure, it will then be necessary to update it and print it again.

Company presentation brochure

Clear and structured content on your sales brochure

The titles of your sales brochure should be short and catchy. This is essential, regardless of your industry and the type of your brochure.

The text of your commercial brochure must be clear, effective and structured. It’s not about writing to fill the pages with long paragraphs. The reader must immediately understand what the commercial brochure is about and too much text generally impairs the visual quality of the brochure, which can discourage reading.

The font is also an important criterion to take into account. Certainly, your commercial brochure must be unique and in your image, however do not push originality too far! Choose a sober and readable typography to make the information accessible to as many people as possible.

7. Choose a suitable format for your business presentation brochure

There is no single format for printing a brochure, but multiple possibilities. Double-sided printing, portrait or landscape format, multi-page sheets, it’s up to you to find the type of support that will convey your message in the best possible way.

The leaflet is the type of brochure most used by companies. The most common formats vary between:

  • A3;
  • A4;
  • AT 5.

Making a commercial brochure is not limited to writing relevant content and associating it with an attractive visual, the format is also a crucial step that can influence the reader to read your brochure or not.

Betting on originality or on the contrary restricting yourself to a more common format, what to choose?

It depends on your activity and the message you want to convey through your brochure. For a startup selling a revolutionary item or tool, choosing an original format is a great idea. In addition to attracting attention, it is also an effective way to reinforce the innovative side of its activity.

On the contrary, a more traditional company which seeks to communicate its sobriety and its elegance through its commercial brochure, will naturally move towards a classic layout and format.

The quality of the paper is also a striking element. Coated paper is mostly used because it is very resistant and absorbs colors well. The finish can be matte or glossy. The matte is more recommended for a realization in black and white, while the satin is to be preferred for the bright colors.

Company presentation brochure

8. Digital company presentation brochure, the format of tomorrow?

The creation of a commercial brochure is not necessarily carried out on a paper medium. The digital format is increasingly requested by companies because it has many advantages:

  • Ecological: goodbye mass printing, hello paperless format.
  • Economical, no need to budget for the publication of your brochure.
  • The possibility of updating it at any time and therefore of being able to place more information such as your prices.
  • A more economical and targeted distribution. By email for example.
  • A real interactive navigation proposal and a more accessible contact by integrating the link of your website directly on your commercial brochure.

Digital brochures are increasingly adopted by companies who understand all the benefits they bring. Unlike the traditional advertising document in paper format, virtual brochures allow you to prospect while being in tune with the digital age.

Even if the digital format is a growing idea, not all companies can do without commercial brochures! It depends on how you do it, because if your client meetings are physical, a paper brochure is essential.

Do you want to know how to set up a digital sales brochure? Do not move, it is precisely the continuation of our article!

9. LinkedIn™, a free online brochure

LinkedIn™ is the professional social network par excellence. Worldwide, there are 790 million users and in France, LinkedIn™ has 23 million members! If there is a place where you should show your know-how and the quality of your services, it’s on LinkedIn™!

Company presentation brochure

The creation of a LinkedIn™ company page is necessary to move on to the production of your commercial brochure. In reality, it is not a document or a brochure template to fill out. A LinkedIn™ company page is considered a commercial brochure because it brings together the information present on a commercial brochure.

Your email address, the possibility of reaching you by message but also the address of your website, your achievements and the possibility of integrating your communication media.

10. Thanks to Proinfluent, create an optimized and powerful LinkedIn™ company page

LinkedIn™ is a powerful tool for users who know it. For others, it’s a little more complicated… LinkedIn™, when used skillfully, is a tremendous lever to boost your business and increase your turnover.

As a result, we support professionals wishing to train step by step and above all in the most educational way possible. Proinfluent provides a tailor-made service, advice adapted to everyone and a sharp mastery of digital tools.

Company presentation brochure

We help you convey your message on LinkedIn™ by creating your company page. Stand out from your competitors and make a difference to promote your brand on the most powerful professional digital medium in the world! Contact a Proinfluent expert and start attracting leads and prospects!

Company presentation brochure, to conclude

Commercial brochures are real communication tools that can help you convert more customers. Here are the points to remember to create an effective sales brochure:
  • Defining your target and your objectives upstream is essential to adapt your commercial speech according to them. The SMART method is an excellent strategy for setting achievable goals.
  • It is advisable to follow the AIDA method (attract attention, arouse interest, arouse desire and trigger purchase) so that your commercial brochure is attractive.
  • The visual of your commercial brochure must be neat and distinguished. It is he who will make your customers want to read more about your brand.
  • Two or three colors at the most and prefer clear shades and the design is refined.
  • The content of your commercial brochure is structured, relevant and readable.
  • There are several possibilities of paper sizes, A3, A4, A5 or more original dimensions.
  • The digital commercial brochure is increasingly used by companies because it has many advantages such as being ecological.
  • Creating a company page on LinkedIn™ is like a digital business brochure. Proinfluent supports you in setting it up in order to optimize it as much as possible and take advantage of the power of this digital tool.

Company presentation brochure, to summarize in 4 questions

How to make a company presentation brochure?

There are several elements to take into account in the creation of a commercial brochure:

  • A clean and structured layout;
  • Relevant, eye-catching and clear content;
  • Legible typography;
  • Two or three colors at the most and favor distinct shades;
  • A classic (A3, A4, A5) or original format.

What is a presentation brochure?

The presentation brochure, also called commercial brochure, is a communication medium that allows you to present your company in its best light, as well as its products, services and values. The presentation brochure can be digital or in paper version.

How to write a brochure?

The realization of your commercial brochure requires a certain know-how and an in-depth reflection upstream. Indeed, to write a brochure you must:

  • Find a way to stand out from the competition;
  • Define your target to find the most suitable communication discourse;
  • Offer the reader a pleasant experience by offering a structured, airy layout and a captivating design;
  • Relevant and valuable content for your company, your services and your products;
  • Short and catchy titles;
  • Choose an adequate paper format or opt for a digital version.

How to make a free commercial brochure?

Designing business brochures can be done for free using software like Canva and Flipsnack. Thanks to them, you create a tailor-made commercial brochure in a few clicks. A communication document to present a set of skills or services: your expertise, the quality of your products, the uniqueness of your support, etc.

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