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AIDA method: how to write texts that convert?


Tired of spending time producing content that doesn’t convert? Do you have the impression that you are not succeeding in converting your leads into prospects or your prospects into customers? Your business is no longer progressing and you think your career is at an impasse ?

Rest assured, it is common to encounter difficulties in your ascent to success. Obstacles that sometimes seem insurmountable, however, all have their solutions. Often times, the method used is simply not identified or the wrong one and a little push is enough to get back on track for success.

The AIDA method is a valuable aid which, if used well, triggers more sales and boosts your turnover !

In this article, we show you how to set up the AIDA method with the help of specific advice, in order to write texts that convert and take advantage of its benefits quickly!

AIDA method: to write texts that convert

What is the AIDA method?

The AIDA method is a marketing technique defined in the 19th century by an American publicist named Elias St Elmo Lewis. It identifies and classifies the stages through which a consumer passes, when he completes a purchasing journey. To go further, it is a roadmap to keep close to you when you write your texts or content for advertising or marketing.

The AIDA method stands for:

  • Warning
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

The goal of this marketing technique is of course to integrate it into your advertising messages in order to facilitate the conversion of leads into prospects, then possibly into customers. Concretely, the AIDA method assumes that retaining the attention of your consumer is the key step to flow on to the other phases. If the attention is not retained, the interest, the desire and the action are not at the rendezvous.

Then, show your prospect what are the interests of your product or service so that he can solve his problem. In other words, what do your products provide and why does he need them?

Then arouse the desire, show the qualities, the benefits and particularities of your support for example.

Finally, take action with a call to action. That is to say, an invitation to contact you, to download your guide, your menu and to make an appointment, to subscribe to your newsletter, etc.

Why use the AIDA method?

Obtain concrete customer conversion results

Imagine, your emailing campaigns get a high open rate, your advertising content generates interest to the point that you receive multiple meeting requests, or does your last video record an impressive number of views? Yet, you haven’t outsourced to professionals, you simply set up a copywriting text structure to promote your company.

The AIDA method is above all to gain in performance and productivity by obtaining a better customer conversion rate, without providing more effort. You just need to change your basic organization and think differently in order to create texts that convert.

AIDA Method: Getting Results

The AIDA method, suitable for all profiles and all media

It seems simple especially since it is accessible to all profiles, young start-ups or successful companies wishing to renew themselves, small or large portfolio, everyone can choose to opt for the AIDA method. This is precisely what makes it a real lever for success for your business.

In addition, this structure is valid for any content: emailing, blog article, landing page, sales page, newsletter, white paper, LinkedIn ™ post , video, etc. Each content you distribute then becomes a real source of personal satisfaction and success. Indeed, nothing is more motivating than success in the tasks that one undertakes. The more we triumph, the more we want to surpass ourselves and be more efficient. Motivation is the key to the success of any action, and the AIDA method can do this for you!

Is writing not your favorite field? Precisely, the other advantage of the AIDA method is that you do not start with a blank sheet because you follow a standard structure. Just apply the frame to get high-performance content that converts!

Okay, but how do you put it in place? How do I get my texts to finally convert? Don’t move, this is precisely the continuation of our article.

How to set up the 4 elements of the AIDA method: attention, interest, desire, action?

Reap the benefits of this relentless plan by bringing it to fruition. Indeed, it is important to understand from the start what are the elements to put in place in order to validate each step of the purchase journey of your prospect, and convert him into a customer.

A- Attract attention to better seduce, the weapon of the AIDA method

The first pillar of the AIDA method is attention. It is the element that determines the success of the process, do not neglect it! Concretely, this means that if you fail to retain and capture the attention of your audience, the method is compromised.

How do I find the right content to be sure to grab the attention of my prospects?

Know your target to better reach it

AIDA method, target buyer persona

Yes ! Knowing your audience is the secret to your success, and by knowing you don’t just mean their name and age.. Go into details, try to understand this person and find solutions to their problems using your products! The goal is to build a buyer persona , that is to say, a typical profile of a person likely to be interested in your business. To do this, go out and meet your customers in order to obtain truthful information.

To know your target, ask or collect the following information:

  • first and last name ;
  • social and marital status;
  • place of life ;
  • leisure, psychology in life;
  • fears, anxieties which wakes her up at night;
  • inspirations, lifestyle;
  • dreams, motivations in life.

The goal is to receive as many responses as possible in order to clearly identify your target. Depending on the buyer persona you build, you are able to understand how you can help them and which channel , medium and type of content are likely to capture their attention.

Keep in mind that your buyer persona is a robot portrait of your ideal customer, which is established through market research and real data from current customers. Give it many characteristics to make it as real as possible. Believe me, this is decisive for your success!

Synchronize your content according to your buyer persona

It is a question here of identifying with precision which content to choose and how to put it forward to validate the first phase of the AIDA method: attention.

The first things to define are the preferred communication channel and medium . Usually the average age of your audience says a lot about the means they use. For example, an age group between 35 and 45 years old, your prospects are more sensitive to cold calling and emailing. Young people aged 18-24 prefer browsing applications on social networks such as Facebook ™, Instagram ™, Snapchat ™ and Tik Tok ™. This is the first step in creating content that captures your audience.

The challenge of A of AIDA is really to stop the user’s scroll. He is sufficiently shocked or challenged to stop his research in progress and read your text. The same with an email whose subject is so intriguing that he will open it out of curiosity.

Then all you have to do is adjust the content according to the medium used: social networks are more suited to sharp and fun visuals that do not include a lot of text. While email prospecting is more focused on text: short title, but catchy then personalized and attractive information to hit the mark.

Tips to get your target’s attention

Now that you know on which communication channel and which medium to distribute your post, know that there are little tips that can make it more attractive. Please note, these tips should only be implemented if it is consistent with your editorial strategy !

  • Bet on bright and distinct colors if your graphic charter allows you! After all, what could be more eye-catching than a flashy pink and chick yellow post? By the way, do you know Canva ? It is a tool that makes it easy to create professional visuals in your image.
  • Provoke with shocking images, always be careful if your sector of activity allows it. Not all subjects can afford it, however, this option is effective in capturing attention.
  • Choose an original handwriting font. For example 𝓬𝓮𝓽𝓽𝓮 𝓹𝓸𝓵𝓲𝓬𝓮 or 🅒🅔🅛🅛🅔-🅒🅘 stand out completely from the rest of the text.
  • Coloring the title or part of the text is also effective.
  • Dare to use humor to make an impression and especially to intercept them!
  • Share surprising information.

The article contains affiliate links. We share them, because we like the products. We prefer to be transparent on this.

I- Generate interest to convince the prospect

To create text and content that converts , make sure to pique your consumer’s interest so that they continue reading or browsing. For this, it is not yet a question of revealing your offer with precision, but rather of:

  • Offer a trailer, create a teasing to make her mouth water to know more.
  • Focus on his problems and his pains, the goal being that he recognizes himself completely in the situations mentioned.
  • Show empathy in order to play on emotions and arouse curiosity while not focusing on your product.

All this with the ultimate goal of making the prospect understand that we are really interested in him and that we are trying to help him.

AIDA method

For example, your target mainly concerns leaders of rapidly growing start-ups who wish to improve performance and productivity. Precisely, you offer outsourcing services for a set of tasks.

In the interest phase, instead of describing your services and your prices, mention outsourcing in the broad sense of the term: “Do you dream of being able to devote yourself again to your core business? Not easy when you run a business … Indeed, we have to manage many functions and we end up losing this flame that animated us. Commercial outsourcing allows you to delegate thankless tasks or those that are not productive when done internally. “

Storytelling can be used to better engage the consumer and generate interest more easily, as long as your story is consistent and relevant!

D- Awaken the desire to convert your prospect into a customer

Now that your qualified prospect is charmed and won over, present your selling points and your expertise. Show him why it is to you that he must outsource a sector of his business. Unveil your offer and the quality of your services. Concretely, sell yourself by stating your strengths.

In this phase, it is a bit of a question of “seduction”.

Your future buyer must be aware of the advantages of your offer and the solutions it brings to their problem. He understands that thanks to you, certain aspects of his life are now less stressful because they are simplified. Our booming start-up leader approves that if he outsources the administrative part of his business, he saves between 3 and 5 hours a week to devote to urgent missions. It also learns your rates and that you are an expert in your field. Short ! He wants to become your customer!

A- Action, or the success of the AIDA method

You have successfully captured the attention, aroused interest and aroused desire in your prospect, now the last step is to encourage them to take action.

Depending on your goal:

  • Sale This is the purchase phase, when your qualified prosect becomes your customer ;
  • Make an appointment ;
  • Subscribe to a newsletter;
  • etc.

To do this, integrate a visible and effective call to action. A clickable link to your website, button, phone number or email are all relevant ways to complete a purchase.

Our advice for properly deploying the method

Here are our tips for effectively implementing the AIDA model:

  • Ensure that you and your workforce understand the 4 key steps of the AIDA model;
  • Define your target in order to achieve a relevant marketing message that grabs their attention. Do not hesitate to update your standard profile from the data you collect;
  • Identify the communication media and sales techniques that work the most and try, when possible, to adapt them to the AIDA method;
  • If this is too restrictive for you or if you are not satisfied with your content, outsourcing may be your solution to distribute texts that convert!
AIDA method

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The AIDA method: in conclusion

The AIDA method is a marketing technique that dates from the 19th century. Developed by Elias St Elmo Lewis, a famous American advertiser. Here are the takeaways:
  • The aim of this method is to reproduce the 4 psychological phases of the consumer during his purchasing journey;
  • The 4 stages correspond to the acronym AIDA which means: attention, interest, desire and action.
  • The AIDA method produces texts and content that converts more;
  • Knowing your target is essential to distribute the right content and attract the attention of the prospect;
  • To arouse his interest in your business, make sure to arouse his curiosity and especially to press on his pains so that he recognizes himself;
  • We arouse desire by presenting our offer and why the customer should choose it;
  • Finally, a call to action is necessary for the consumer to take action (eg purchase).

The AIDA method to summarize in 4 questions

Qu'est-ce que la méthode AIDA ?

The AIDA method is a marketing technique having the following 4 main phases as attributes:

  • Warning ;
  • Interest;
  • Desire;
  • Action.

These 4 steps correspond to the purchasing behavior of the consumer before he makes his decision. This method applies to all types of content: prospecting emails, landing page, white paper, articles, e-mailing, etc. The goal that we seek to achieve when applying the AIDA method is to obtain a good conversion rate.

Comment susciter le désir d'acheter ?

To generate the desire to buy, you have to determine in the prospect why your product is the one for them and how it can improve their life. Play on emotions, name the characteristics and strengths he possesses and expose them so that the qualified prospect will say to himself “yes this is exactly what I need to solve my problem”. It’s important to stand out by adding a skill that your competition doesn’t have. For example, personalized support, impeccable customer service, etc.

Comment attirer l'attention de l'acheteur ?

The first thing is to know your target in order to better reach it. Build a buyer persona to understand and anticipate their needs. Seek to determine its problems in order to provide it with real solutions.

Then, make an attractive visual either with the help of bright colors or a shocking image. Using a particular font can also help catch the eye. Finally, placing humor or surprising information can also help capture your audience. Keep in mind that this must be consistent with your market as well as your graphic charter.

Quels sont les 4 éléments de la structure AIDA ?

AIDA is a plan to help you produce copywritten content. It breaks down into 4 parts:

  • Warning: hit hard enough to distract your reader from what he is doing;
  • Interest: talk to him about him to get his attention;
  • Desire: present your offer as a solution to his problem to convince him;
  • Action: Encourage him to take action.

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