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Outsourced LinkedIn prospecting: 80 prospects contacted per day!


What if we prospect for you?

In your professional activity, prospecting holds an important place. And for good reason ! Without it, no customers. Essential, prospecting is however a difficult task, which can end in bitter failures and discourage you in the good performance of your business. Proinfluent has the solution for you: Outsourced LinkedIn prospecting . Find out what it is, its advantages, and how it will breathe new life into your business.

1- Commercial prospecting: your best enemy

a- When prospecting harms your business

Prospecting … An essential step in any business strategy , prospecting is the search for new customers . If you don’t prospect, you no longer collect qualified leads, and you no longer make sales. Your turnover decreases, and your activity declines for lack of contracts signed to sustain your business.

How do you go about prospecting? Are your methods working up to your expectations? Are you fully satisfied with your flow of new customers?

Cold emailing , phoning , paid advertising… Many methods can be used to prospect. But, let’s be frank… They are time consuming and inefficient.

I’m not trying to convince you here. If your usual prospecting works the way you want it to: AWESOME! Increase the flow in this case. If, on the other hand, like many professionals who contact me your usual channels are exhausted, then read on, you may well have a new effective lever there.

I know perfectly well what you are going through with prospecting. She is sometimes ungrateful, complicated, capricious. And yet, it is essential.

How do you feel after an unsuccessful phoning session?

  • Frustration, because you couldn’t get a date despite hundreds of calls. You know you’ve wasted time, precious time that you could have dedicated to something more productive.
  • Discouragement, because you have the terrible impression that your multiple efforts are yielding little results. It is as if you are trying to fight against a gust of wind: you know you are lacking in strength.
  • Panic, because without new customers, your entire business is in danger of collapsing. This flow of customers, you absolutely need it. It is the guarantee of a successful business, of evolution and success.
  • Embarrassment, too, because the feeling of intrusion is persistent. With phoning, you have the impression of disturbing. At the end of the line, you feel that you are not really welcome. It is exhausting, by force.

Intrusive, time-consuming and particularly complex to manage, so-called “classic” prospecting techniques have a rate of return that is too low to allow you to really sustain your activity.

b- Commercial prospecting 3.0

Getting in touch with your target customers is one of the major difficulties of prospecting. How many calls have you made in vain because a secretary was filtering the phone ? How many emails went unanswered because they weren’t read by the right person? The frank, clear and precise contact that you must have with your target is very difficult to achieve. Yet it is essential and is an important condition for successful prospecting.

It is increasingly difficult for you to live well with your prospecting. This is normal, I understand you. You have a number of other tasks to deal with. Worse, you feel that your prospecting, which is not going as you would like, is interfering with the smooth running of your activities. Prospecting is there, always in the back of your mind, and prevents you from giving yourself 100% in the realization of your projects.

But, rest assured, there are ways to prospect that are very profitable and efficient! Of course, they take time and investment, but they can allow you to gain new customers and:

  • No longer feel frustration, embarrassment or discouragement;
  • Boost your turnover while promoting your brand image;
  • Become a referent in your sector of activity;
  • Extend your professional network;
  • And many others.

These more modern prospecting techniques, more in line with professional sharing values and more focused on consistency, you can put them in place. Several channels have all the assets to do this: LinkedIn is part of.

2- LinkedIn: immense potential to find professional clients

a- An extraordinary social network

LinkedIn is a social network where professionals register to share information, build a network, and prospect! With 660 million registered users across the globe and over 200 countries represented, LinkedIn is quite simply the largest professional database in the world (source: LinkedIn key figures )

For France, LinkedIn accounts for 64% of the working population. All sectors are represented there, and many executives and sales managers are present on the social network. On the human resources side, 92% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find their future employees.

The LinkedIn figures are colossal. The possibilities are therefore also, since your target is NECESSARILY on LinkedIn. You know, this target that is so difficult to reach through traditional channels, such as the telephone, email or advertising?

With LinkedIn, geographic boundaries are blurred, and reaching someone directly on the other side of the world is just a few clicks away. Present on LinkedIn to obtain information, recruit, prospect or quite simply develop their image, decision-makers are personally involved in their use of the social network: to contact them directly, it is ideal!

Prospecting on LinkedIn takes on a new dimension, based on exchange, relevance and people. Unlike traditional techniques, prospecting on LinkedIn allows your target to get to know you before you come into contact with them. Your professional relationship then begins on a less frontal approach than a phoning, for example.

b- Commercial prospecting on LinkedIn

The functioning of LinkedIn, coupled with its immense potential, makes it possible to establish precise and very effective prospecting.

Whether you have a Premium account (like LinkedIn Sales Navigator ) or basic, you will be able to laser target the people with whom you want to come into contact, or simply the members of the network to whom you want to expose your brand. LinkedIn is a platform where content is very important: your target is there largely for that.

On LinkedIn, a formidable sales technique can be implemented: the social selling LinkedIn . What is that ? It is in fact a process during which you distribute content with high added value to your target to make your brand image, your products and / or services known, so that they become familiar with your universe. The content, which must be of high quality, will show your target customers that you are an expert in your field. As and when, she will react to your publications or contact you directly.

Social selling is a business strategy in its own right. Creating and distributing content takes time, and responds to your target’s interactions on the network as well. Very effective and allowing direct contact with decision-makers, social selling on LinkedIn is nevertheless a daily task, which must be prepared upstream and which requires a lot of involvement.

Social selling works in the medium to long term, but dramatic results can happen in just a few weeks! LinkedIn is a channel where the possibilities are endless… Here we are far from the 1% success rate of phoning, where frustration, discouragement and the feeling of intrusion reign.

Choosing LinkedIn as a prospecting medium is an ideal solution. Indeed, you will find new customers, retain them through the management of your brand image, increase your visibility, expand your professional network and thus multiply all the opportunities, all without constraints of time or place!

Unfortunately, are you running out of time to start prospecting on LinkedIn? Do you think you don’t have the skills to properly use the professional social network to find new clients? Ideally, would you prefer to focus on trading rather than prospecting? Whatever your situation, Proinfluent has the solution thanks to LinkedIn outsourced prospecting!

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3- Outsourced LinkedIn prospecting: outsourcing your business prospecting

a- Have new customers … without prospecting!

Imagine …

You arrive at the office, have a coffee as you like it, start your computer. Whatever happens, today you are calm and motivated. Why ? Because you know that new qualified prospects are waiting for you to start the conversation and be offered business offers.

In your mailbox, we tell you that nearly 80 people in your target have been contacted for today! Great ! No frustration, no feeling of intrusion… You will only be able to concentrate on the exchanges with the leads generated, to lead them quite naturally into your sales funnel and convert them into customers .

Gone are the grueling sessions of phoning which mostly ended in dismal failure. No more emails that you send knowing full well that they will not be read. Today everything is different. You just focus on the sales process, not on prospecting.

How do you go about living this day for as long as you want? By choosing the solution of the Outsourced LinkedIn prospecting . The principle is simple: we prospect for you and you collect the exchanges with your target and qualified prospects.

b- Outsourced LinkedIn prospecting: how does it work?

To be able to focus effectively on all the spheres of your business without experiencing the many frustrations of prospecting, which is essential for your business, commercial outsourcing is a perfect solution.

At the start, we support you to understand your target, their purchasing behavior. Then, we support you in overhauling your LinkedIn profile and your LinkedIn page to transform them into sales pages.

Once these foundations of your future business success are established, we add your target audience to your LinkedIn network. By making contact by messages according to a precise methodology, we generate interactions with your target, if this is not the case, we relaunch it. You focus on replying to prospect messages and making appointments with your target audience and prospects.

To make this action more effective and to have cumulative effects, we may also create and publish content for you.

This strengthens prospecting and allows you to position yourself as a referent in your market. Knowing that a customer only becomes one after 7 points of contact on average, by posting content regularly, you stay in the mind of your target; while increasing your frequency of exposure which increases the likelihood that she will contact you or recommend you.

Without commitment, and with a predictable ROI, entrust your prospecting to a LinkedIn expert who will, by targeting your typical clientele, contact up to solicit up to 80 professionals in your target per day.

c- Outsourced LinkedIn prospecting is not for you if …

  • You are not targeting professionals. LinkedIn is a social network where we exchange from professional to professional. If you sell products to individuals, LinkedIn is not for you unless you are targeting wholesalers, buyers, or other professionals to sell in volume.
  • Your products or services sell only after an exchange with a salesperson and are worth less than € / $ 1,000. If your product or service is worth less than € or $ 1,000 but the process is automated, this may be useful, should be investigated.
  • You are not ready to take the time to interact with your prospects.

d- Why choose outsourced LinkedIn prospecting?

Prospecting, as we have seen previously, is a difficult task, which can quickly take you time with little results. If you have decided to use LinkedIn to prospect, you are already taking a big step forward, since the professional social network is the largest database, updated in real time! But using LinkedIn for prospecting also takes time, and requires specific skills that you need to master in order to achieve your goals.

By entrusting your LinkedIn prospecting to a network expert, you will:

  • Free up time to perform other essential tasks;
  • Increase your sales potential, your network, your visibility EVERY DAY;
  • Collect qualified prospects;
  • Concentrate all your attention on your commercial proposals and your exchanges with your future customers;
  • Be more serene on a daily basis in your activity and the performance of your work;
  • Etc.

The Outsourced LinkedIn prospecting is a concentrate of expertise, intended to give you a sustainable flow of qualified prospects. In addition, you benefit from a real strategic follow-up to carry out the entire sales process.

In addition to the daily collection of qualified prospects, Proinfluent will:

  • Precisely define your target customers to be able to prospect effectively by addressing the right people;
  • Personalize your prospecting to exactly match your target, but also your products / services;
  • Design a personalized follow-up message to help you best convert the less “hot” prospects;
  • Provide you with valuable advice to build an influential LinkedIn profile;
  • Listen to you.

Are you feeling the frustration of prospecting? Do you urgently need new customers? Do you need to make time to do new work in your business? Outsourced LinkedIn prospecting is for you.

Without commitment, outsourced LinkedIn prospecting will allow you to focus on your exchanges. Depending on your goals, you can stop the subscription and resume it as soon as the need arises.

Discover without further delay the outsourced LinkedIn prospecting, to gain a regular flow of qualified prospects who are waiting for you to discover your offers and engage with you.

Take a time for discussion in our agenda:

Say goodbye to the frustration, the feeling of dissatisfaction, the anxieties of the lack of cash, and benefit from an expert follow-up to achieve all your professional goals!

Outsourced LinkedIn sales prospecting: to summarize in 3 questions

Qu'est-ce que la prospection LinkedIn externalisée ?

Entrust your LinkedIn prospecting to an expert in the professional social network, so that you can focus only on exchanges with your qualified prospects and convert them into loyal customers: that’s what outsourced LinkedIn prospecting is!

Comment fonctionne la prospection LinkedIn externalisée ?

Every day, my team prospecting on LinkedIn on your behalf. You collect “hot” prospects and can thus begin the sales process without going through the prospecting phase.

Comment accéder à la prospection LinkedIn externalisée ?

To free yourself from the constraints of prospecting and benefit from new qualified prospects every day, all you need to do is contact

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