Growth hacking LinkedIn™: how to grow on LinkedIn™ in 7 steps?

Growth hacking LinkedIn



Growth hacking . You know this expression, you may even hear it regularly in the media, on social networks or in your professional circle. This barbaric-named practice may inspire the notion of illegality, and you may be afraid to embrace it for ethical reasons. However, it is formidable to quickly increase your activity. Growth hacking LinkedIn™ , what is it and how to set it up to gain momentum and increase your turnover? Get the answers to these questions and more in our article.

Growth hacking LinkedIn™: how to grow on LinkedIn™ in 7 steps?

Concretely, what is Growth Hacking LinkedIn™?

Rather abstract, the term growth hacking refers to all the marketing and digital methods that make it possible to obtain a brief and impressive growth of a product, a brand or a company. Very popular with start-ups, growth hacking techniques have nothing to do with hacking websites and personal data.

Growth hacking LinkedIn

They use various IT channels and media (website, email, social network, search engine, etc.) using software and the specialized skills of the teams. The ultimate goal of this activity is to find customers, propel the product, service or company to offer it notoriety and boost its turnover.

Practicing growth hacking on LinkedIn™, results in suddenly increasing its popularity rating, that is to say:

  • Obtain more relationships and more engagement on its publications;
  • Become an influential profile, a reference to follow;
  • Attract leads and prospects;
  • Increase the visibility of your publications.

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7 Steps to Grow with Growth Hacking LinkedIn™

1. Define your target

This is the basis of all content marketing strategies: identify and understand your target, your customers to meet their needs and better reach them. It’s about establishing a composite portrait, called buyer persona , of the typical customer who uses your services or products.

Growth hacking LinkedIn

For this, be able to meet many characteristics.

Information you need to know about your target:

  • His genre ;
  • His financial income;
  • His age ;
  • His interests, his passions;
  • His motives;
  • His profession, his professional status;
  • Its problems, its concerns;
  • Its needs.

With this information, you can accurately target your audience on LinkedIn™ and reach them more effectively. Indeed, you know the posts she prefers and her favorite topics, so you know how to hold her attention and reach her. This then allows you to connect with qualified LinkedIn™ profiles .

How to define it?

The essential element to identify remains the problem and the needs of your persona. Is he looking for a logo designer, individual lessons or simply answers to these questions? Try to respond as best as possible to their problem and keep in mind that all needs require a solution.

This is precisely where you come in and it is the knowledge of these elements that make it possible to find new customers, trigger sales and therefore increase your business.

To define your personas, collect the information present in your database, also called a CRM tool. It contains valuable information such as first names and therefore gender, email addresses, purchasing behavior, etc. Based on your customers remains the best option to establish an average and understand their buying motivations.

Otherwise or to complete this method, tools like LinkedIn™ Sales Navigator and Facebook™ Audience Insights indicate, according to the center of interest and the geographical location, the profiles most likely to be interested in your page.

2. Produce quality and optimized LinkedIn™ content

Who said that growth hacking was limited to practices reserved for professional hackers? This activity also involves the implementation of accessible tips, such as regularly producing content with high added value.

Growth hacking LinkedIn

On LinkedIn™, content that generates engagement is valued by the algorithm and enjoys high visibility. For this, nothing is more effective than relevant and attractive publications.

This is why defining your target upstream is absolutely essential to know the kind of content they are looking for, and the keyword on which to place your website for example.

It seems trivial, however, to gain power on LinkedIn™ there are tricks but no miracle. A content strategy is one of the pillars for obtaining more relationships, but also notoriety in its sector.

Optimize your LinkedIn™ content

  • Place keywords, illustrations if it is text or an article;
  • Avoid external links, penalized by LinkedIn™ because the social platform does not want its users to leave;
  • Adding a call to action to conclude is strongly recommended to encourage the reader to react (like, comment, share);
  • Master the techniques of copywriting;
  • Choose the right time to post, i.e. when your target is connected and you are available.

On LinkedIn™ as on Facebook™ for that matter, the more engagement your publication generates, the more it is distributed. On the contrary, if people don’t like it, your next post will see its visibility reduced.

Remember that publishing attractive, engaging and useful information remains the best growth hacking strategy!

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3. Prioritize certain types of posts

As on every social network, there are posts to favor on LinkedIn™. Indeed, its algorithm is based on dwell time, which means that the more time people spend viewing or reading your publication, the more it is boosted in the LinkedIn™ feed.

In other words, to apply the best practices of growth hacking and benefit from rapid growth, bet on the content that works best!

On LinkedIn™, these are videos, carousels , news posts and polls. Have you ever watched a video for several minutes without a specific objective? When browsing your News Feed, you’re more likely to be caught by a video or an interactive post rather than an article.

One type of post is also very attractive on LinkedIn™: the one that invites you to comment in exchange for a gift, a privilege. For example, you post a text on the writing of attractive publications on social networks, naturally, you offer people to comment if they wish to receive your guide for free. The purpose of this method is of course to collect email addresses by asking them to fill out a form, or to obtain connections in the database and boost the traffic of your website.

Growth hacking LinkedIn

However, this is not necessarily the kind of publication your target loves. To determine the type of content to favor, do some tests and note which ones get the most reactions.

If the nature of the post is important, the subject is just as important. Make sure that the themes chosen stick perfectly to your editorial line and do not neglect current events which are generally highly appreciated.

4. Use automation tools to save time

Accelerating the development of your LinkedIn™ profile and growing your business takes time. This is where task automation tools come in. Thanks to them, you save hours of prospecting, searching for contact details and leads.

Automate connection requests

Have you noticed that you receive a notification when someone visits your LinkedIn™ profile? Generally intrigued, you will naturally see his in return. You notice that Alexandre is the author of interesting posts and that you have common interests.

A few days later, it sends you a connection request to which you respond positively. Behind this, Alexandre has actually implemented a connection request strategy, automated by one or more tools.

Growth hacking LinkedIn

This growth hacking strategy on LinkedIn™ is known and adopted by many companies as well as trainers who wish to expand their networks. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create and publish attractive content regularly to make your profile interesting.
  2. Go visit prospect accounts who then receive a notification of your visit.
  3. They then go to your profile in turn, a sign that your activity interests them.
  4. This is the time to send a connection request either manually or automatically by software.
  5. If it is positive, contact the prospect to present your offer, your products, etc.

Automation tools

However, to attract leads and prospects in this way, you have to visit many profiles every day. Thanks to software like Waalaxy™, Podawaa™ and Linked™ Helper, you automate the sending of invitations, personalized messages and profile visits. Additionally, the ability to run scenarios saves considerable time while mimicking human behavior. In the case of our visit strategy, you can schedule the sending of the message of your choice 2 days later for example.

But it doesn’t stop there, since these tools allow you to collect email addresses and be admitted to self-help groups called LinkedIn™ Pods .

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5. Embed LinkedIn™ Pods

LinkedIn™ pods generally target start-ups and marketing professionals wishing to obtain growth on the platform, and boost their business. Nevertheless, anyone can enjoy the benefits of pods. The principle is simple, pods are groups of several users who support each other on LinkedIn™, by reacting to members’ posts.

Concretely, as soon as one of them publishes, it notifies the pods manually or automatically and then obtains likes, comments or shares. The objective is of course to be more visible on LinkedIn™ by indicating to its algorithm that its post generates engagement and therefore, that it must be valued.

Pods are part of growth hacking practices since they allow, for example, to go from 10 to 1000 likes in a few days. However, being part of a self-help group takes time since you are required to react to each post.

The task is bigger than it looks because the pods are sometimes made up of several hundred people. In addition, to be well seen by the algorithm, you must comment with more than 5 words because likes and shares do not have much impact.

Growth hacking LinkedIn

Fortunately, there are tools to automate your comments and reactions for each pod. This is the case with Lempod™ and Podawaa™ for example. Thanks to them, you choose the pods that correspond to your values and your objectives, and you program personalized reactions and comments. Alcapod™ was a well-known tool but it fell victim to its success and multiple abuses which led to its definitive discontinuation.

The Risks of LinkedIn™ Pods

Be careful, however, because even if this trick is attractive, automated pods present risks. Indeed, while it is rewarding to get such engagement in such a short time, remember that your audience is partly artificial. Moreover, if your software slams the door like Alcapod™, be aware that you lose almost all of your community.

Worse still, some malicious people publish fraudulent content bordering on legality. Without knowing it, you are promoting their publications, which discredits your credibility with your network.

6. LinkedIn™ Pulse

This is the LinkedIn™ article writing platform that allows you to publish more complete and professional content than native posts on your profile. Using LinkedIn™ Pulse can be like a growth hacking method and boost your business. But this does not apply to all companies.

Growth hacking LinkedIn

Indeed, an article is not further distributed and highlighted by the algorithm. On the contrary, this one prefers native posts. However, if your profession is in the field of writing, this is the perfect opportunity to broadcast your skills on social media. LinkedIn™ Pulse also allows you to:

  • Generate engagement with readers;
  • Attract members to your profile but also to your website;
  • Become a benchmark and position yourself as an expert.

7. Collect professional email addresses

Obtaining the contact details of your prospects or customers, allows you to contact them to prospect by telephone (phone calling), SMS or e-mail (cold emailing). However, it is a time-consuming process that is not easy to achieve. This is why using an automation tool on LinkedIn™ is more than recommended.

Growth hacking LinkedIn

Kaspr ™ allows you to collect the professional phone numbers and professional emails of the users you are interested in. No more fishing for coordinates for hours and generating very few results. Kaspr™ takes care of it for you!

Thanks to this automation tool, you focus on the tasks that really make sense to you, while obtaining many email addresses effortlessly!

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How the Proinfluent method helps you

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Growth Hacking LinkedIn™, to conclude

Growth hacking is an abstract concept that corresponds to all digital and marketing techniques, allowing to bring dazzling growth to a product or a company. Here are the takeaways from growth hacking on LinkedIn™:
  • Defining your target is the first thing to do. Getting into writing content and implementing digital marketing strategies is useless if you don’t know who they are targeting. Use tools such as LinkedIn™ Sales Navigator or your CRM to identify and target your persona.
  • Regularly producing useful and quality content allows you to attract leads and position yourself as the reference in your field of activity.
  • Some posts are favored by dwell time, the LinkedIn™ algorithm. This is the case with carousels, videos and interactive publications such as polls.
  • Using automation tools is a time saver for programming and automating certain actions (request for invitations, sending personalized messages, profile visit, etc.), as well as for collecting your prospects’ email and telephone numbers without performing a search .
  • LinkedIn™ pods allow your posts to generate high levels of engagement very quickly.
  • LinkedIn™ Pulse can also bring you more notoriety, for example, if your profession is in the field of writing and journalism.

Growth Hacking LinkedIn™, to summarize in 4 questions

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking refers to all the digital and marketing techniques that bring exponential growth to a product, service or brand. Many marketing companies implement growth hacking strategies using high-performance software but above all, advanced knowledge and skills.

Growth hacking is legal and has nothing to do with hacking, it does not just use a single channel, but exploits all possible means to increase an activity, a business.

What is the objective of growth hacking?

In summary, the ultimate goal of growth hacking is to manage to generate sudden and very rapid growth of a product or a company. In other words, to obtain a great notoriety and to propel its turnover very quickly.

How do you set up growth hacking on LinkedIn™?

Several growth hacking techniques and tricks can be applied on LinkedIn™:

  • Play with the algorithm by favoring interactive and attractive posts such as polls, videos and carousels.
  • Go to people’s profiles and send them a message or an invitation a few days later.
  • Integrate a LinkedIn™ pod so that its publications benefit from a high rate of engagement and that they are more widely distributed.
  • Opt for automation tools to program large numbers of scenarios and actions and expand your network. They also allow you to collect email and telephone details of your prospects for your prospecting.

Why use growth hacking on LinkedIn™?

Growth hacking can be used to increase website traffic, find new customers or increase awareness on social networks. On LinkedIn™, applying growth hacking methods and tools allows you to:

  • Extend your network;
  • Obtain more engagement on its publications;
  • Increase its visibility on the news feed;
  • Attract leads and prospects;
  • Create a climate of trust with your community;
  • Increase your turnover.

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