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LinkedIn profile summary: examples and effective framework


LinkedIn profile summary: examples and effective framework

On LinkedIn , a globally extended professional social network, you appear to Internet users in the form of a profile. To have a perfect LinkedIn profile , you must complete several sections that will define your course and your experiences, but above all, you must include a summary that will summarize your past, present and future goals. An exercise that sometimes turns out to be more complicated than it seems. Today I offer you a complete guide to making the summary of your LinkedIn profile a text that looks like you and that will convince your visitors!

1. LinkedIn profile summary: what is it for?

The summary of your LinkedIn profile is very important. Indeed, before going through the different sections that make up your profile, other users of the social network will turn to it when they want to know more about you. Decision-makers, whether they are professionals looking for solutions or recruiters, expect a summary to reflect your added value. By reading it, Internet users should immediately know what you can bring them . In addition, it is in the summary to present a little of your personality. If your summary does not convince, consider that most LinkedIn users will not seek to discover the rest of your profile. Its importance is therefore crucial for the rest of your business…

Your profile summary LinkedIn is not a repetition of your CV or a cover letter. He is much more than that! The rest of your LinkedIn profile is for perform these functions. With the designation of your course and your professional experiences, your profile already provides members of the network information about your course. Your profile summary will come complete it while making LinkedIn users want to better you know and establish a business relationship and partnerships with you.

You can view your LinkedIn profile summary as a marketing showcase to be cared for down to the smallest detail. It is here that you will be able to sell yourself, and make Internet users discover your qualities, what you will bring them, your motivations and your personality.

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2. Tips for a good LinkedIn profile summary

There is obviously no miracle recipe for a foolproof LinkedIn profile summary, since a summary profile must be unique and adapted to each member of the network. However, I will give you valuable advice to make it attractive, effective and seller!

Think SEO and keywords for the summary of your Linkedin profile.

Indeed, LinkedIn is rather well referenced on Google, and arrives in the very first positions after a search containing your name and your first name. By adopting a successful textual construction in the summary of your LinkedIn profile, containing keywords adapted to your industry, you maximize the chances of being found via Google. Be precise in the construction of your text, spend time polishing it. Never forget that the quality always ends up standing out, this is the basis for succeed on LinkedIn ™ .

Think about the elevator pitch.

THE’ elevator pitch exercise is a real gold mine: to learn to summarize the essential while making you want to continue to discover this same essential is really important in the professional world. Do not hesitate to work on this exercise, by varying your speeches, to develop your ability to make a powerful synthesis of your objectives and achievements. With this in mind, you can use LinkedIn emojis to copy and paste , just like you would have facial expressions when speaking to an audience. It can also help you structure the content. Be careful not to overdo it. By adopting this dynamic, you will make your summary a visitor magnet!

Remember to evolve your LinkedIn profile summary at the same time as you do.

Update your summary of LinkedIn profile is essential. I am sure you will evolve in your career, achieve your goals and set new ones. So don’t forget no adapting the summary of your profile as you progress LinkedIn. Be active on the network, and share your progress with your relationships. And then, don’t forget that nothing is ever frozen in the world of business. New opportunities can be triggered just by reporting on the web that you have acquired this or that new skill, or that you are looking to discover new professional horizons!

Don’t neglect the spelling and layout.

In order for it to be pleasant to read, your LinkedIn profile summary must be airy and well constructed visually. So think about the layout and add bullets, separators and depending on the structure use capital letters for the titles. To do this, I have made this available here: bullet points and bold characters for LinkedIn . These elements will structure your LinkedIn profile summary. Finally, be irreproachable from a spelling point of view. Arm yourself with a good dictionary and check the conjugations with a little Google search to prevent mistakes and thus avoid making a bad impression. It would be a shame to be blacklisted because of a mistake that you could have avoided with a good proofreading. It seems that the habit does not make the monk, but know that with equal content, a correctly written profile will always be more credible than a profile with errors. Take the time to reread yourself, and to be corrected.

Do not forget the human and personal dimension.

Be present on LinkedIn is to ensure a presence in the professional world, via the internet and the functioning of a social network. Social networks are supposed to break down borders and connect people around the world to each other according to their goals. LinkedIn is a special case, since it focuses only on professional relationships and career opportunities. However, do not forget the human dimension of your approach. You are a human being, with your own personality, preferred fields, hobbies, life experiences, etc. All of these things have shaped who you are. And that person is part of your professional profile. So do not hesitate, in the summary of your LinkedIn profile, to share a little about yourself. Your readers will identify with you as a person. This aspect should never be overlooked in the professional world, which is made up of interactions.

For students: focus on interpersonal skills.

If you are a student and you are on LinkedIn, you already have a very good attitude. LinkedIn, well used, is a real trigger of opportunities! However, as a student, your experiences may be a bit limited and of little significance. Then bet on interpersonal skills and the motivation that results from it. Recruiters are fond of committed personalities, who know how to adapt and recognize a lack of experience due to a young age after leaving a career. training . By focusing the development of your summary on this “gap” and, by balancing it with qualities sought after in the world of work, you will demonstrate valuable honesty, appreciated humility and great motivation!

Integrate a call-to-action.

Or, more basically, a link to one of your creations, a website, or your contact details.

Insert media.

We all have something to sell on LinkedIn… Our skills, know-how, services or products of our company… Value what can bring credit: a trophy, an article; or what can provide additional information: CV , commercial brochure , flyer , press kit , website. Attach this to the summary it will appear by default without having to click on the “See more” button.

Forget the copy and paste.

It’s cheating, everything simply. More seriously, it will penalize you sooner or later. Prefer take the time to create something that comes from you, that looks like you, and thus respect the creations of others.

Nota bene: be particularly attentive to the first 300 characters of your profile summary LinkedIn. Indeed, only the first lines will be visible from Internet users. To discover your entire summary, they will need to click on “See more”. So make them want to click on the button by taking care of the very beginning of your LinkedIn profile summary! Then, think keywords! Finally, add something to contact you easily !

With these tips, you have what to perfect your summary, so that your LinkedIn profile is both seller, well referenced and above all one of a kind, just like you!

3. LinkedIn profile summaries: models (frames)

A LinkedIn profile summary must be original, or at least sufficiently striking for it to make people react positively the one who will go through it. A nod, a smile, a exclamation, special attention, in short … Any reaction will be synonymous with remember it in the minds of your readers. The objective is to succeed in reacting people who visit your LinkedIn profile and survey your summary … For them to contact you and offer to work together or find out more about what you have to sell!

I will introduce you two frames to structure your LinkedIn profile summary according to your situation, and three examples of summaries that you can draw inspiration from to decorate your frame and build a perfect summary.

Note: in all cases, do not forget the keywords. They are very important for the visibility and consistency of your LinkedIn profile summary. Finally, avoid making the most common mistake: only talking about yourself and not talking about what you are going to bring!

A. LinkedIn profile summary frame for a sales engineer

here is Abstract Frame LinkedIn Proinfluent © , in order to help you structure the different parts of your LinkedIn profile summary, if you are a professional or commercial.

Let’s find out the details together.

  • Hook and call to action

To enhance your business and boost your sales, there’s nothing like starting your LinkedIn profile summary with a catchphrase! Capturing the attention of your readers from the first line is essential. Once the attention is captured, encourage people to go further. This can be a link to your site, a form to fill out, a phone number To contact , etc. Your call to action can materialize in different forms, and be right after your catchphrase to make it happen.

Look at the example below.

  • Your difference

Explain here why you are differentiate from others. You can talk here about your deep motivations, the particularities of your background, your values and your methods. In emphasizing your difference and your specificities, while playing on people by describing your corporate values, you will tickle the curiosity of readers, who will be delighted to read something other than an argument commercial lambda seen and reviewed thousands of times.

  • Issue (s)

If you are here, you are probably interested in the strengths of the Social Selling , of which I speak actively in this blog where I share my social selling tips LinkedIn . You have therefore already thought about your target customers, defining their problems, their expectations and their needs. You will therefore be able to mention them in the summary of your LinkedIn profile, in order to show your knowledge of its needs and the extent of your expertise. By directly addressing the needs and expectations of your readers, be sure to engage them. They will feel concerned, and will be right to be, since you are now going to discuss a solution to their problems!

  • Your solution

To continue the momentum of the previous step of your LinkedIn profile summary, it’s time to talk about the solutions you are able to provide to your customers for meet all their needs. Talk about your skills, use examples clear, get readers to project themselves into the solutions that you mention… Without forgetting the key words!

  • Slogan

Nothing like a good slogan to mark the spirits , impact readers and at the same time spread your brand image.

(I still remember Mercurochrome, the dressing of heroes. It’s horrible, but it’s still there …)

  • Call-to-action

Put a second call-to-action in the summary of your LinkedIn profile by swiping your contact details at the end.

B. Profile summary frame LinkedIn for a job search

Here is the second Frame Summary LinkedIn Proinfluent © , for the use of people in research employment or new career opportunities. Use this frame to build a LinkedIn profile summary that will make the difference in your applications!

  • Hook

The catchphrase is the essential and common step in any LinkedIn profile summary. Without it, you will not be able to capture the attention of Internet users … who will quickly move on! Do not neglect this first sentence, this little introduction that will make the difference and encourage readers to read on. Insert keywords and an email so that we can easily contact you!

How to find your keywords? I recommend you Ubersuggest that makes it easy to find keywords and the associated search volume.

  • Who are you ?

Here, no need to do too much. Just describe yourself in a few words, three or four, no more. It’s about here to define yourself simply, to allow recruiters to put a name post on your profile.

  • Your goal

Now talk about your professional goal, your motivations, what you are there for on LinkedIn and, more generally, on the job market. This step will allow recruiters to better understand your personality.

  • Your characteristics

In three points, evoke your specificities. If you have special skills, now is the time to mention them and explain them. This is where you will be able to make the difference and stand out from the crowd by building on your strengths!

  • What you will bring

At this point in your summary of LinkedIn profile, you will play on the sensitive chord by talking about what you’re going to bring recruiters if they hire you. Too many candidates talk about what they did: we don’t care. What matters this is what you will bring and deliver!

By highlighting this, you will stand out and you will enter the minds of Internet users a precise situation: them and you working together. It’s a message strong and symbolic that you must not neglect.

  • Slogan or quote

Same as for the frame previous, a slogan is a good way to effectively conclude a summary LinkedIn profile.

  • Call-to-action

Remember to include in the summary of your LinkedIn profile your contact details, and to propose to the members of the network to add you, or contact you to exchange.

These two frames will fit you allow to design a solid skeleton for the summary of your profile LinkedIn. Then it’s up to you to add the elements that correspond to your situation and your goals.

To go further, see how to access the hidden market with this training to find a job with LinkedIn .

4. Example of a compelling LinkedIn profile summary

A. Example of a compelling LinkedIn profile summary, structured and thought of as a sales page

This is my own LinkedIn profile summary to be found here: profile of Yannick BOUISSIERE . Optimized, with keywords and the respect of a precise framework, I designed it so that the members of the LinkedIn network are interested in knowing more about my work, or simply asking me for help to solve their issues.

Example of impactful profile summary - Example for an expert with my profile
Impactful Profile Summary Example – Example LinkedIn Profile for a expert

B. Example of a sober and effective LinkedIn profile summary

Impactful LinkedIn summary example of an entrepreneur
Example of a powerful LinkedIn profile summary – Marie-Ange GUILLAUME entrepreneur

In this LinkedIn profile summary, the different sections are well structured. Reading it, everything is clear and clear. Pleasant to read, this LinkedIn profile summary is simple and effective.

C. Example of an original and different LinkedIn profile summary

Example of a powerful LinkedIn profile summary - Mylène RICO, recruiting athlete
Example of a powerful LinkedIn profile summary – Mylène RICO, recruiting athlete

This LinkedIn profile summary is a nugget of humor, puns and good humor. We discover between the lines Mylène’s personality, sunny and cheerful, which dust off her profession playing the humor card. By specifying to take his summary in the second degree, Mylène maintains an attitude that is always professional and truly modern.

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5. Profile summaries LinkedIn: what you need to know

You got it: the summary of your LinkedIn profile is very important. With these tips, the unique frames of Proinfluent © and the three examples given, you have all the tools to design a LinkedIn profile summary that looks like you and that will bring together the players in your field of activity. To go further in developing your LinkedIn profile, I invite you to download for free the Proinfluent checklist for a perfect LinkedIn profile .

LinkedIn profile summaries: in a nutshell

  • The LinkedIn profile summary is essential: it will allow Internet users to continue to discover your profile, in order, in absolute terms, to boost your sales or allow you to find a job!
  • LinkedIn, with 722 million users , is a real breeding ground for players from the professional world. You have every interest in standing out from the crowd on the social network by taking care of your summary and making it unique, in your image. To do this, use the LinkedIn Proinfluent © Summary Frame .
  • With a precise construction and suitable keywords, your LinkedIn profile summary will ensure you a good visibility for find a job with LinkedIn Where gain a steady stream of customers .

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