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How to contact LinkedIn? All effective means decrypted.



Learn all about ways to contact LinkedIn

You use the professional social network LinkedIn and you don’t know how to contact the platform? There are many reasons you might want to contact LinkedIn. If you need information about your Premium account, or your classic account, various complaints, assistance, reporting or even customer service, contacting LinkedIn can be urgent and important for you. So how do you contact LinkedIn? In this article, find out how to contact LinkedIn and share your comments with the social network.

1- Before contacting LinkedIn …

First of all, you should know that LinkedIn has a large FAQ that lists many questions / answers about its use. The platform of LinkedIn help is designed to get your question answered as quickly as possible.

Simply type your question in the tab that appears and view articles posted on the LinkedIn Help Platform. Many subjects are present, from the configuration of an account to the addition of a photo through the explanation of the different functionalities of the professional social network.

So, before contacting LinkedIn, simply check if the solution to your problem is on the LinkedIn help platform. If not, read on to find out how to contact LinkedIn!

2- Contact LinkedIn via contact forms (recommended)

Two contact forms are available online so that you can send a comment or ask a question to LinkedIn.

Contact LinkedIn for all types of requests

The first is intended for a particular account, basic or premium, and also allows you to share a suggestion for improvement, report a malfunction, etc. It is in fact quite simply the LinkedIn help page , which we have seen previously. To share a special note with LinkedIn, you will need to click on the “Request our help” tab, and follow the steps provided.

This can you to interest :

This is the option that I personally use and recommend. Quite simply, because it is the means designed by LinkedIn to help you whatever your language. Often the answer to your question or problem can be found in the FAQs. If you really can’t find it, click on “Contact us” or “Request our help”. You will arrive on a form, you just have to choose the category of your choice and it will be sent to the right service at LinkedIn in the United States. LinkedIn responds within days.

Contact LinkedIn for inquiries related to business offers or advertising

On the web address of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions , you will also find a contact form so that you can be put in touch with a LinkedIn advisor about the LinkedIn Ads advertising and any other approach intended for businesses.

You may be interested in:

3- Contact LinkedIn by email

If you want to contact LinkedIn by email, you’ve probably come across some email addresses at @ Please note, none of these addresses is verified or indicated by the official website of the professional social network. You can obviously test, but there is no guarantee that you will get a response.

Don’ts: LinkedIn is a big machine, there’s no point in contacting people directly, it’s not going to move things forward.

4- Contact LinkedIn on Twitter

On the other hand, the Twitter account LinkedIn Help is renowned for responding quickly to urgent requests. The account is in English. A team is available 7 days a week to assist you!

If your request is simple and urgent, this seems to me a very good quick and efficient way to contact them … In English, of course!

For those who only speak French, the Twitter account LinkedIn France can give you a lot of information in the event of a request for assistance.

Finally, LinkedIn is present on Facebook with the official LinkedIn page , where you can send messages. On average, you will receive a response to your request during the day.

5- Contact LinkedIn by phone and fax

There are two phone numbers for contacting LinkedIn. These two numbers are international and therefore have to be paid if you are not in the United States:

  • 1-650-687-3600
  • 1-650-687-3555

You can also reach LinkedIn by fax:

  • 1-650-687-0505

Are there still people using Fax? 🙂 More seriously, if your request is for assistance with using LinkedIn, no need to call them … Everything is centralized in the help section and the form as detailed in point 2.

6- Contact LinkedIn p by mail

If you want to send an email to LinkedIn, here is the postal address of the head office:

2029 Stierlin Court
Mountain view
CA 94043
United States

The head office of LinkedIn France can also be reached by mail:

LinkedIn France
37 rue du Rocher
75008 Paris

As an ordinary user, sending an email to LinkedIn seems unnecessary to pars to request the deletion of personal data or send a registered letter. Nevertheless, to have the most complete article I put this here, it can be useful to someone.

7- Solve a problem without contacting LinkedIn

Have a specific question about your use of LinkedIn? A question about your account? Don’t know how to set up some apps on LinkedIn? But, above all, do you have neither the time nor the inclination to spend your energy trying to join the social network?

I have been practicing LinkedIn on a daily basis for years. The questions you ask yourself, I have asked myself before, and I have managed to answer them over time. LinkedIn no longer holds any secrets for me (or my team)! This social network is also at the heart of my professional activity!

To help you, we have created offers of LinkedIn coaching and in particular the offer SOS LinkedIn to help you unlock video situations with remote control of your mouse (if necessary).

Do you have a project with LinkedIn? Want to find clients with LinkedIn? Train your salespeople to prospect in BtoB using LinkedIn correctly? We have the solution: LinkedIn training designed for companies and entrepreneurs called the Proinfluent Method .

Do you want to find professional clients without spending your days there? Do you want to delegate this to a team of Experts? We created the Outsourced LinkedIn prospecting .

Finally, you have not found the answer to your need here and want to take a time to discuss with me or my team to find the ideal solution? You can book a time slot in our agenda !

You now know all the ways to contact LinkedIn. Whether by online messaging, phone, post or directly via LinkedIn contact forms, you will be able to send all your comments / requests / questions to the professional social network.

Please note: I am not a LinkedIn, I am a freelance LinkedIn Expert. I founded the Proinfluent agency to help and support professionals in using LinkedIn to achieve their goals. No need to contact us if you want to make a complaint with LinkedIn or can’t find how to edit your profile.

How to contact LinkedIn: in summary

  • First of all, check on the LinkedIn help page that the answer to your question has not already been published.
  • Contacting LinkedIn can be a bit long, since the company is based in the United States and response times are not immediate.
  • The fastest way to answer your question will be the FAQ, if it’s urgent: Twitter otherwise the online form available on the help page.

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