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📧Cold emailing: the essential BtoB prospecting tool



If you’re reading this, it’s either out of curiosity, to perfect your skills, or because your cold emails are always a total disappointment. Tired of your emails not getting the attention you want? They go to spam and you don’t understand why? Would you like to shine thanks to your cold emailing campaign and finally obtain a satisfactory opening and response rate?

It is true that this contact by cold emailing works to generate positive results. Note that to excel in this practice several aspects must be mastered.

Do you want to know the secrets of cold emailing and make it your ally in prospecting? To obtain qualified BtoB meetings? What more can we say except that you are in the perfect place for it! Here, in this article, we provide you with the resources to build a relevant cold email and finally unravel its mystery.

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What is cold emailing?

Cold emailing, also called “outreach emailing”, “drip emailing” or more simply, cold emailing, is a method of prospecting by email, using growth hacking. If the name is barbaric, don’t worry, it’s simply a matter of mastering all the marketing strategies to activate a consistent growth of a company or a start-up.

Cold emailing is the new method of prospecting 2.0 which is firmly opposed to door-to-door, intrusive and whose discourse is universal, without any personalization to its interlocutor. We can relate cold emailing to the evolution of cold calling, once very profitable.

Today, prospects expect more than a simple canvassing offering them a service, a product or a service. This is precisely why cold emailing, if done well, works very well to get a return or an appointment. Stay with us, this is precisely what the rest of the article is about.

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What are the advantages of using cold emailing?

Sending cold emails can be extremely efficient if all the steps are followed and implemented. Here are the benefits you enjoy when you use and master this weapon in b2b sales prospecting .

A low-cost digital strategy

Cold emailing in b2b is a very inexpensive marketing strategy . Indeed, you have to determine your objectives, build a database and write e-mails with personalized content (which will hit your target right in the middle). On this last point, having a CRM tool greatly facilitates things and avoids or reduces the cost of purchasing e-mails.

The CRM tool is the pillar of your customer relationship! Thanks to it, you can find information about your customers in a synchronized and accessible way. From navigation on the website, to purchase and return on its acquisition, all this information is stored in a centralized database, in order to perfect and be always more responsive to customer requests.

Here are all the steps to implement a winning cold emailing strategy:

  • Define your objectives and choose your argument according to your buyer persona ;
  • Write relevant, effective and benevolent content;
  • Gather the information necessary to personalize and distribute your e-mails;
  • Proceed to send.

What pays off in cold emailing are the tools used to facilitate your campaign. Indeed, it is possible for example to automate mailings , offer integration and manage contacts.

A caring approach

Indeed, even if in France, sending emails as part of b2b prospecting does not require the recipient’s authorization, aggressive and irrelevant content has no chance of being read by your leads. or your prospects.

cold emailing

So think above all about being kind and providing help, support or information that may be of interest to your recipients. For example, a meticulously placed link to your blog articles , your video or even a white paper can really hit the mark and bring answers or even solutions to your interlocutors.

Remember that the primary objective of cold email is to break the ice! A bit like when you meet an unknown person for the first time and you would like to ask them for a possible service.

In addition, companies and companies that use cold emailing wisely, embellish their image with their customers and prospects, by offering free content. It is a real added value that helps convert a prospect into a customer and increase sales.

A relatively high open rate

When cold emailing is mastered, there is a real return on investment with effective opening rates (up to 70%) and conclusive response rates. This is partly explained because a cold emailing campaign is not sent by a mass email server. No, instead when the techniques are well controlled, it is a “real” email address with a healthy domain name that takes care of that. In addition to ensuring good deliverability and avoiding the spam box, this gives the reader confidence. In addition, it is possible to send e-mails to the whole world!

If you have created an email address specifically for your cold emailing campaign, don’t forget to “warm it up” beforehand. This term means that it must pass as an email address of a real person before the launch of the campaign. To do this, we are trying to restore normal email traffic.

The AIDA method for successful cold emailing

To succeed in your cold emailing campaign, you need to know and implement a powerful marketing tool: the AIDA method . These are the 4 phases through which a consumer goes before he decides to take action (purchase, make an appointment, etc.). This is an extremely capable plan for cold email.

AIDA is an acronym meaning:

  • Warning,
  • Interest,
  • Desire,
  • Action.

It is necessary to challenge the interlocutor who is probably drowned in emails, so that he chooses to open and read yours. You really have to stand out by bringing meaning to the reader. For example by responding to a need, a need that the prospect seeks to solve.

To determine this, nothing is more effective than drawing up a buyer persona to define your target precisely. It is a robot portrait, a typical profile of your ideal client, which allows you to better understand who to contact in concrete terms. For example, you know the average age, passions, fears and needs of your customers. You are then quite capable of defining their needs and whether or not they are likely to be interested in your services , products or services.

70% of buyers take action to get a solution to a need, so it is necessary to be there for the right prospects at the right time. To do this, get as much detail as possible about them in order to hit the bullseye when the time comes!

Setting up a cold emailing campaign: the key factors

Personalization, the deadly weapon of cold emailing

Cold emailing is used to break the ice with an unknown interlocutor, so that he takes action. This is where personalization comes in to help you get an encouraging response and open rate. It is essential to show that you are interested in your recipient and more particularly in his problems, in order to then initiate the transition on what you can bring him.

cold emailing

Personalization has several resources:

  • She challenges, attracts attention when reading emails. The majority of prospects receive too many emails and automatically go straight to the trash. Adding the beneficiary’s name or city in the subject line can arouse their curiosity.
  • It humanizes email. Indeed, prospects do not want to read an impersonal email automated by a robot. They are looking for authenticity. More specifically, solutions offered by a company that takes the time to find out about its customers or prospects.
  • She gives confidence. This is a key factor in obtaining an appointment, building trust as soon as you make contact. If you take the time to adapt your speech according to the targeted needs of each, it certainly takes time, but the feedback is extremely positive.

The art of copywriting, the secret of cold emailing to convince the reader

To begin with, copywriting is a marketing technique that consists of encouraging the reader to make a decision once they have finished reading . Using copywriting is not an obligation when writing a cold email, but it is strongly recommended for:

  • capture the reader,
  • encourage him to continue reading until the end,
  • make him adhere to your words,
  • and accompany him to take action.

Indeed, it is a very convincing way to reach your prospects and see your calendar fill up with appointments!

There are a multitude of copywriting techniques, for example starting at the end if possible, using catchy phrases, relying on statistics or customer testimonials, using magic words or even writing your email like a story.

In any case, having a good pen is essential to increase your open rate. It takes time and inspiration, but it’s a proven writing technique!

To stand out and to avoid landing in the spam box, try not to follow the classic plan of a newsletter or a sales email! It is simply a question of proposing a first contact to start building a relationship of trust.

Legislation and cold emailing

In terms of emailing, certain notions are to be known in order to respect the law and also, not to fall into spam. This legislation differs from one country to another, find out a minimum before you start!

In France, it is legal to send prospecting emails only to professional email addresses. In addition, the recipient must be given the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time.

cold emailing

If your cold emailing campaign is aimed at consumers who are not professionals, make sure you comply with the GDPR law (General Data Protection Regulation). This requires the user’s consent to send him an email. Therefore, to protect yourself and ensure that people who subscribe to your newsletter are aware of what this entails, it is possible to send them a thank you email, a double authorization also called double opt-in.

The technical aspects to respect in cold emailing

Several technical indicators must be checked or implemented to ensure the smooth running of a cold emailing campaign.

  • Certain expressions are to be banned in the subject line and in the body of your emails. Anything related to “promotion”, “sale”, “discount”, “free”, “urgent”, “incredible discovery”, “master card”, “paypal”, “help me”, “gift”, etc.
  • Work well on the content and design of your email. Try to balance the images against the text and avoid placing one large photo.
  • Completing DKIM (Domainkeys Identified Mail) is an authentication standard that helps combat identity theft, phishing and spam. To set it up, you must add in each outgoing email a signature containing a list of “key=value”.
  • Configure an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) on your domain name, like the DKIM, it helps prevent identity theft. The server that receives the email verifies that the sender is authorized to do so. Concretely, it checks the consistency of the email and the name of its domain.
  • DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication and Reporting and Conformance) is a system that uses SPF and DKIM to authenticate email senders, so your recipients’ servers don’t block your emails.

To have emails that arrive in your target’s inbox, that are opened, that are read and that trigger an action, mastering all these technical aspects is essential! You can either train yourself or outsource. In any case, our Proinfluent experts are qualified to support you.

Train yourself in cold emailing

Cold emailing is therefore a real discipline that must be mastered in order to excel.

cold emailing

Precisely, at Proinfluent, our cold-emailing experts perfectly master ALL the elements to obtain guaranteed results:

  • Surgical targeting: it is extremely precise to send your emails only to interesting prospects in order to ensure a high opening rate;
  • Writing emails: absolute mastery of copywriting techniques to be persuasive;
  • A perfect knowledge of the legislation related to cold emailing: legal cold prospecting within the framework of the RGPD;
  • Configuration techniques: our teams know all the tricks to ensure that emails pass spam filters, and arrive directly in the priority mail inbox;
  • The technology: it is not a mass server that sends the content, but a real email address “warmed up” upstream, in order to obtain the trust of the recipient’s server.

The average open rate for a cold email is 15 to 28% depending on the sector of activity. Our team of Proinfluent experts achieves between 60 and 70%! Cold emailing is an art, a discipline that requires mastering several aspects and constant training.

Need new customers quickly? Do you need training ? If you want to excel with emails or BtoB prospecting, make an appointment now with a Proinfluent expert in the agenda below!

Cold emailing to conclude

Cold emailing is a commercial prospecting marketing strategy that must be absolutely mastered to generate a response rate and satisfactory results. It’s a benevolent way to get in touch with an unknown interlocutor and arouse his interest. Here are the points to remember about cold emailing:
  • Cold emailing amounts to breaking the ice with a prospect by offering him, for example, informative content.
  • It’s an inexpensive method of prospecting that still requires a good pen and to be comfortable with writing.
  • Benevolence is key in a cold emailing campaign. Put the interlocutor in confidence and show him that you are really interested in his problems.
  • The AIDA method is the plan to follow to build your prospecting emails. Grabbing the reader’s attention is the first step to getting a good open rate.
  • Personalization is the lethal weapon of cold emailing. A personalized email is the assurance of more openings and more responses. The name of your prospect must be present and ideally, other information that relates to him such as his city or his sector of activity for example.
  • Copywriting is recommended to write texts that convert and thus help the reader to make a decision.
  • Legislation must be respected before launching an email campaign. In particular, make sure that you comply with the GDPR law!
  • The technical aspect for the most comfortable with computers also comes into play to prevent your emails from falling into spam.

Cold emailing to summarize in 4 questions

Quel est le principe du cold emailing ?

The primary objective of cold emailing is to break the ice. These can be leads, prospects or customers, whose email addresses you have retrieved from one or more databases. It is therefore a simple contact in a professional context.

Cold emailing can:

  • Directly present your products, your services and your company;
  • Ask for a feedback on an offer, or informative content likely to interest the reader;
  • Suggest a meeting.

Quel objet pour un mail de prospection ?

To hope for a positive response and opening rate, opt for a short and attractive object. Indeed, in his inbox only the first words are visible to your prospect before opening, so try to arouse his curiosity from the start.

For example, make him feel concerned by an event or bet on the support card:

  • {first name}, this article is about you;
  • I hope you are well ;
  • {first name}, following our last collaboration;
  • Following our contact on LinkedInâ„¢.

Comment rédiger un email de prospection ?

A prospecting email is also called cold email. To write it, we use the AIDA method which means: attention, interest, desire and action. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Write an attractive object to convince the prospect;
  • Present yourself clearly;
  • Personalize the content according to your persona;
  • Make sure the email is qualitative in terms of information;
  • Do not hesitate to make reminders.

Qu'est-ce qu'une campagne d'emailing ?

Emailing is a marketing technique whose purpose is to:

  • Convert leads into prospects;
  • Convert prospects into customers;
  • Build customer loyalty;
  • Promote your company, brand, products, etc…

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