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How to prospect on LinkedIn? Guide to LinkedIn prospecting.

How to prospect on LinkedIn?



This article is a transcript of the above lecture I hosted. I am sharing with you tips from my The Prime Method training course to find clients with LinkedIn without paying for advertising.

LinkedIn prospecting: why LinkedIn?

So why LinkedIn? Because it’s the professional social network in the world. Imagine, 610 million users, a database of 610 million professionals. Before, you had to pay for it and it cost Dear ! And the bases were not qualified. There, we have THE database of professionals which is updated in real time by the members themselves. They provide as much information as possible; you have the keywords, you even know who they are following, what they liked and what they are commenting on.

LinkedIn is present in more than 200 countries and translated into more than 24 languages. And it’s only progressing since there are more than two new members registered per second is gigantic. And in France, that represents 16 million users, i.e. one in two professionals in France, 54% of the active population.

See all LinkedIn key figures .

So, if you work in BtoB, it would still be a handicap of do not go on LinkedIn when there are half of the professionals in France, your target, which is free on the network. LinkedIn in France is also 10 million monthly active users. We see that this is not the all the users who are active and that must be borne in mind when we prospect.

Prospecting on LinkedIn: who is on LinkedIn?

I like to do a little robot portrait of the LinkedIn user to see. Well we see that there is not a perfect parity. 56% of users are men and 44% women. And what is interesting see, it is that the average age of the social network is 44 years, it is the highest average age of social networks!

And what is also interesting is that there is an American study which showed that the level of trust that we brought to content that came from LinkedIn was twice as superior to other social networks, because on LinkedIn, there are a lot of seniors, founders, decision makers, directors, who embody, let’s say, a bit of authority and who have a certain know how. And so, we consider that content that comes from LinkedIn, is more credible than on Facebook for example.

I found this stat interesting because it shows that there are, in majority, the CSP + (Superior Socio-professional Categories). There is everything type of professionals, but there are also millionaires, I think of the boss from Virgin Galactic who inspires their community through content production. He there are all types of people including political figures. President French is currently also an influencer on LinkedIn etc.

A small important point to evolve in your career, you should know that 92% of recruiters are on LinkedIn . So don’t be there if you are tuned in to opportunities you shoot yourself in the foot. I am digressing because we are here to talk about prospecting.

LinkedIn is the leading professional social network in the world, also in France, it has far outstripped Viadeo which has not succeeded in its shift towards internationalization. You will be able to build relationships and especially multiply the points of contact in discussion groups, on LinkedIn Company Page , on someone’s post, on your LinkedIn profile , you will be able to interact with people and also influence and bring value. Providing value is something you will see that will come back regularly today. Via content, via posts, via comments. Make comments that add value to people to show your expertise, to show your network and your target audience that you are the right person to solve their problem, that is the whole point. Build an image of an expert to make people grow. And like that, people will come to you or when they have a problem, they can either recommend you or contact you.

And then it’s a network that is human to human, that’s why it is important to take care of your LinkedIn profile picture , it’s the only thing that brings a human visual to your profile, it’s important, it will humanize the relationship. And suddenly we see that the LinkedIn company page, if you have a TPE, SME, well it will work less well than your LinkedIn profile, since people prefer to speak to a human than to a logo.

Prospecting on LinkedIn: mistakes not to make

We are going to talk about some mistakes and good practices not to be committed and to be committed on LinkedIn, it will be cold prospecting. If you directly contact people with the old method by selling them your product as soon as you’ve added them, you say, “Hello, sir! I see you are the decision maker, I have this to sell”, well this won’t work, you’ll still get the infamous mediocre 1% conversion rate. And again I am surprised that there is still 1% who buys …

Automate the addition of contacts without customizing, it’s over. Today, we have the tools that allow us to personalize the message. We want people to talk to us in a personalized way, here is at least the first name: personalize. And when you are in the BtoB on a qualitative exchange, you will also contextualize your approach message.

For example “I just followed your last news, I see that you have acquired … Congratulation. I am from the same region, I invite you to join my network to share our news “, you see. It didn’t take me a minute. And there I will start the interaction, exchange with this person in a qualitative way by taking him into consideration.

To read :

Don’t harass contacts. We are not going to raise a person 10 times. Especially if we have been commercial. She didn’t answer, that’s okay. Of anyway, with content production, you’re going to attract the people who are interested in your topic and there will be engagement in the posts, in articles or even offline, since they will contact you by email or phone.

LinkedIn prospecting: best practices

Develop credibility on LinkedIn.

This is essential, because the LinkedIn profile is not an online CV. The LinkedIn profile is your professional online showcase. It’s yours website except that it is better referenced, because when you are on LinkedIn, you go up in Google, in Bing and the other research. So, take care of your profile to develop your credibility. That also involves recommendations: show the success of your customers. The common mistake is to talk about our product, but we have to talk about this that you can benefit from the success of your customers with your product.

Develop your network

Another good practice is to develop your network, because what is important is to have a large level 2 network, so the more you have a large network, the more you will be able to reach level 2 when these people will interact.

Join LinkedIn groups

Third point, third good practice, join groups of discussion. There are 1.6 million of them: they are found in all areas. And what is it for, a group? It is the breeding ground that brings together all your target. Do not hesitate to go there. In addition, when you are in groups discussion, you can contact members for free without having the premium. So, do yourself a favor.

Consult the reviews

You have the search by content which appeared in 2019 in France and which allows you to find what is said about you, find what is said about your Marlet. Use this feature.

Connect with LinkedIn influencers

Identify influencers by searching by content, seeing what walk, they can be your relays tomorrow. You can identify them in your publications so that they add value to one of your posts etc.

How to prospect on LinkedIn? The 6 steps of the Proinfluent Method

This slide is the most important and that is why I will end on this one.

LinkedIn prospecting the 6 steps of the Proinfluent Method

If you had to remember one thing, it would be this slide. Social Selling LinkedIn, according to The Proinfluent Method, is these six steps:

Prospecting on LinkedIn – step 1: Identify and add your target

Identify your target, which means to target. Add your target and the target with laser.

Prospecting on LinkedIn – step 2: Exposing it to the brand

Exposing it to the brand in particular by posting content.

Prospecting on LinkedIn – step 3: Publish and share

Interact with these people.

Prospecting on LinkedIn – step 4: Connect

Enter into a relationship where you will contact them at the perfect right time.

Prospecting on LinkedIn – step 5: Generate leads

This will generate leads.

Prospecting on LinkedIn – step 6: Getting bought

And so there you are going to call them, exchange with them to make you buy and close the sale.

Prospecting with linkedIn - Social Selling LinkedIn.

And so, it is these acronyms, CPICAC, which is more important to remember and which is the Social Selling LinkedIn approach, according to The Proinfluent Method. So, I wrote a sentence for you to remember. CPI, It’s Rather Intelligent, my Turnover is Growing! It’s Rather Intelligent, my Turnover is Growing! CPICAC.

Here, I leave you on that, meditate on it, and then I answer to your little questions. Thank you !

To deepen and generate 1 lead per day and 5 customers per month on a lasting basis, I invite you to discover the Proinfluent method .

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