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Follow-up email: 7 examples and expert secrets to relaunch professionals

Prospect or customer follow-up email



Manager of a company, entrepreneur, job seeker, you need to follow up with a contact person by email: for a partnership project? To recontact your future client? Or, to follow your application? You have already sent a mail of revival to professionals, but this remains unanswered. We explain in this article with concrete examples how effectively revive professionals.

follow-up email expert examples

How to write a follow-up email?

A follow-up email summarizes the situation to your future customers and takes note of the next meeting. It brings together the context, the environment and the objectives set . Also, it should contain a call to action button.

Personalize your emails

The golden rule is to personalize your emails. Above all, do not send the same follow-up email to all of your prospects and partners , at the risk of scaring them all away. You can also contact your interlocutor directly by phone to check if he has received your e-mail. At the same time, offer him a date!

The structure of a follow-up email

Frame restart mail
Structure of a follow-up email

Your reminder email must contain:

  • The personalized polite formula: “Hello + name / first name”;
  • The hook: “I hope you are doing well, or I hope your event went well…”;
  • The context: date of the interview + reminder of the situation, “following our last interview, you would like…”;
  • The project: details of the solution, “we had proposed a budget of… to complete it”;
  • The call to action: open questions in order to propose a date to discuss “are you available to discuss it face to face? “;
  • The transition: “hoping to be able to carry out this project …”;
  • Closing the email: polite phrase such as “awaiting your return, I wish you a nice end of the day and of course remain available…”.

Sample prospect reminder email

“Hello Emma,

I hope that our interview was able to help you in your process of training on the professional network LinkedIn ™.

To find out more about the Proinfluent® method , your training to gain up to 1 prospect per day and 5 professional clients per month with LinkedIn ™ , I invite you to make an appointment on my agenda .

It is, indeed, the moment to take advantage of it, in addition, you are sure to have results with the guarantee “Satisfied or refunded” so click here to join The Proinfluent® Method .

Or reply to this email if you still have questions for me.


Yannick Bouissière “

Here is an example of a follow-up email from Proinfluent. Concise and precise, it clearly sets out the details of an advantageous offer. The end of the email offers the possibility of dialogue directly with the company director in order to establish a bond of trust as well. I personally respond to each request and I personalize all my e-mails.

Example customer reminder email

“Hello Yannick,

First of all, I hope you are doing well? Please note that we are delighted to be able to consider this collaboration for the long term!

I will come back to you concerning… (project + details). Indeed, we did not receive the necessary elements as requested during our interview on… (date).

Here are the elements we need to be able to meet your deadline:

Would you be able to transfer the documents to us before the weekend?

Pending your return, I remain available to discuss this subject and answer your questions.

Antoine “

Prospect or customer follow-up email

Example of a commercial follow-up email following an appointment

“Hello Olivier,

First of all, thank you for our interview on… (date).
We enjoyed our exchange and would be delighted to be able to move forward together to complete your project. Not having had any return to my previous email, I allow myself to follow up with you.

Please note that we have taken into account your main objectives which are:

We heard your budget and wanted to find a win-win arrangement for effective collaboration. I would like to be able to talk to you in more detail about this one, what are your availability? I can free myself on… (suggest several dates).

Looking forward to your return and hoping to be able to collaborate with you, I wish you a pleasant end of the morning.

Marie “

Example of a follow-up email after an unanswered interview

Your previous follow-up email went unanswered. This can be for several reasons. Your future client has not yet had the time to look into it, his company is facing turbulence, he has studied the project, but ultimately does not have the budget … Your e-mail therefore remains in nothing. However, whatever the reason, you need to know whether or not your project is going to be successful. Here is an example of a follow-up email that you can draw inspiration from.

Appointment reminder mail

” Hello sir,

First of all I hope you are doing well since our last interview on (date). Regarding the event project for the opening of your next store which should take place on… (date), I will come back to you to find out if you have been able to think about the budget that we had proposed to you.

Indeed, in order to set up the entire communication strategy as mentioned in my previous e-mail, we need to know the deadlines.

Are you available… (date), so that we can discuss this subject?

Wishing you a good end of the day,

Elodie “

You can also leave a follow-up voice message. You can read an article on this subject here .

Short and effective follow-up email example

You can also send a very short email such as:

“Hello Antoine,

I am following up on my previous e-mail of … (date), which remained unanswered.

Indeed, concerning the project of opening your shop, is it still relevant? Having had no feedback from you, when are you available to discuss it in person or should I speak to another interlocutor?

While waiting for an answer from you, I wish you a nice end of the day,

Best regards,

Sat “

Short and efficient follow-up email

Example email of unanswered spontaneous application reminder

Are you looking for a job ? You applied following an advertisement found on a job board or you have sent an unsolicited application. But, you still don’t have an answer? Do not hesitate to send a follow-up email.

“Madam, Sir (put the name of the recruiting officer)

Following my application for the position of…. , I sent you my cover letter and my curriculum vitae on….
Indeed, the values of your company and the description of the position for which I am applying correspond perfectly to my profile. I would like to be able to carry out all the projects with you. Indeed, my experience as… allows me today to propose an action plan following the requests set out in your offer.

I am again attaching my curriculum vitae and my cover letter to this email and am at your entire disposal for an interview in order to be able to explain my background and my motivations.

Looking forward to your return, I wish you an excellent weekend,

Maxime B “

To get an interview, I recommend you take a look at this resume template designed after years of improvement. Once the interview has been obtained, do not forget to send your contact person a thank you email .

Freelance reminder email example

“Hello Jean-Michel,

Following our telephone interview of… (date), I sent you the article concerning… (title) on (date) as agreed.

It therefore contains all the information requested, namely:

  • the SEO-oriented subject,
  • 3500 words,
  • optimized images.

I will come back to you to find out if you have been able to carry out a proofreading? Do you have any areas for improvement? What are your availability to exchange face to face?
For my part, I am available… (date), what do you think?

Looking forward to discussing this subject and awaiting your return, I wish you a good day.

Best regards,

Anaïs “

Follow-up email: 7 examples and expert secrets to relaunch professionals: in conclusion

To revive the professionals, here are some important tips that make the difference:
  • Always personalize your emails;
  • Be specific with a goal by email;
  • Adapt the tone used according to the person;
  • Always propose a solution and a date in order to discuss the subject of the project;
  • Be benevolent;
  • Do not insist too much;
  • Air your layout: bold, bullet point, italic.

Reminder mail: to sum up in three questions

Comment formuler un mail de relance ?

Your follow-up email should arouse the curiosity of your future employee. It must imperatively be personalized, with a polite formula, the context of the project, the solution you wish to bring to it and an open question in order to propose an exchange. Always be benevolent and take an appropriate tone.

Comment relancer une personne qui ne répond pas par mail ?

To relaunch a prospect, email is the most effective tool. Without tracking down your interlocutor, one or two reminders are welcome. Get straight to the point with short texts and a goal. If he does not respond, you can contact him directly by phone.

Quel objet pour un mail de relance ?

The subject line is just as important for your follow-up email. For example, you can use an interrogative form to attract attention and make your future customer want to open it. More classic, but effective, when you have already had a first interview with your client, the object of the type “project progress pending event” allows your future employee not to waste time understanding what it is.

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