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Finding a job with LinkedIn ™: the 10 steps


Find a job with LinkedIn : the 10 steps

In the digital age, many recruiters scrutinize CVs online.
Gone are the days when employers were cluttered with paper CVs. Today, the majority of them are on the internet looking for the perfect candidate.
In this context, LinkedIn is the reference tool to connect employer and job seeker.
Nearly 92% of recruiters use LinkedIn as part of their research .
Here are some tips for finding a job through LinkedIn

HOW A WORK ON LINKEDIN in 10 steps: video

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1. Find a job with LinkedIn : make your profile attractive

It is essential to work on your LinkedIn profile to make yourself attractive and find a job with LinkedIn . For this, there are several points to be observed. Your profile photo should be professional and your cover photo should be directly related to your industry. Your profile headline and title should be catchy. At a glance, the employer must know your field of activity and the job you are looking for or the one in which you worked during your previous contract. The summary, meanwhile, makes it possible to specify that you are a job seeker and listening to new opportunities. It must be as complete as possible and relate the different experiences you have to your credit. Avoid long and lengthy summaries, especially if they contain information that is neither useful nor relevant to the employer. Remember that your LinkedIn profile is referenced on Google. So use keywords related to your activity and your different strengths. Thus, an employer will find you more easily whether it is on LinkedIn or from Google.

2. Find a job with LinkedIn : r teach skills

To stand out, you must fill in the different skills acquired during your various jobs. Among these skills, identify your key skills and your major assets. To put it simply, define yourself in a few words.

What are your technical and intellectual skills?

What are your values?

Your knowledge and know-how?

Once the questions have been asked, complete the skills section of your LinkedIn profile using the correct keywords.

3. Find a job with LinkedIn : ê be active on LinkedIn

Nothing worse for a recruiter to see a “dead profile” or passive. Having an active profile proves your active approach to find a job. It is important to regularly post content or updates to your profile to show that you are present on the network.

Do not hesitate to join groups to interact with other professionals in your sector. It’s a great way to meet new people and expand your network.

Position yourself as an influencer in your employment pool by posting relevant content on various LinkedIn groups or by sharing information that may be of interest to others. In this way, you will be able to develop a larger network, which is a positive point in your job search.

Indeed, an employer will always look at your contacts on LinkedIn. . Having several people who follow you necessarily inspires confidence.

4. Find a job with LinkedIn : é expand your professional LinkedIn network

The network is essential, I am not teaching you anything.
He is the one who can recommend you, talk about you and your services.

This network grows and is maintained in physical and virtual life.
LinkedIn is the cornerstone of this system.
Link between the virtual and real world, it is the tool on which to invest to maintain and develop the network.

The network on LinkedIn is not only used to like your posts, it is interesting to reach your target.
On LinkedIn , it is the network of your network that is really magic .
Because it is in the relationships of your relationships that your next ‘buyers’ are found (including recruiters)!

Except that to touch them, you need a minimum of contacts: 500 is the first step!
To increase your number of LinkedIn connections , it is necessary to apply certain strategies that I present to you here in this new video: 12 tips to develop your professional network on LinkedIn .

5. Find a job with LinkedIn : To view LinkedIn recommendations

We cannot repeat ourselves enough about the importance of having good recommendations. An employer will be more inclined to retain your profile if they can observe several recommendations and favorable opinions in your favor. Don’t hesitate to ask your previous employers or former colleagues to post a recommendation about you. Having recommendations reinforces the confidence associated with your profile … and therefore the chances of landing a job with LinkedIn .

6. Find a job with LinkedIn : To view an online presence

In the digital age, it is essential to familiarize yourself with social networks and blogs, in order to ensure a digital identity.

Today, social networks have been widely democratized. Many companies are present on LinkedIn , but also on Twitter , on Facebook, Instagram, etc. This allows them to be closer to their target audience, but also to gain visibility.

Post relevant information on Facebook , for example, can quickly go viral and be shared hundreds of times. Suffice to say that it is a very positive point to develop your visibility and your notoriety. To establish your digital presence, you can also create a blog or a website. This blog must reflect your image, your personality, but above all, demonstrate your expertise. Open a blog in the field of employment you are interested in, produce multimedia content, such as articles or videos, on an interesting topic. Host a webinar to help professionals in the same industry move forward.

The possibilities are not lacking and are numerous to allow you to considerably increase your visibility and your credibility with an employer in addition to establishing a clear differentiation compared to other candidates. The goal is to think outside the box and imagine new ways to gain the attention and confidence of recruiters to find the ideal job through LinkedIn. .

7. Find a job with LinkedIn : s anoint his image

A mistake made by many talented people is to focus only on their education or experience. Self-marketing, however fundamental, is forgotten. Self-marketing consists of working on your image, or your “personal branding” to sell it to recruiters. Working on your image includes working on your relationship skills, or relationship marketing, and communication skills. To enhance your image, you must not be self-centered.

Always put yourself in the place of the employer, try to understand what he is looking for in a candidate to better understand and succeed in the job interview. Remember that everything you do on the internet is visible. Be sure to establish consistency between what you say and what you do.

8. Find a job with LinkedIn : vs view job offers

Most job seekers go to pole-emploi or any other “classic” recruitment site. Today, many entrepreneurs and business leaders use social media to post job offers. On LinkedIn, thousands of job offers are published in the “career” section. You can apply directly from the site. You can also download the “LinkedIn Job Search ”which also contains several interesting job offers.
To find a job on the internet, I recommend my selection of 10 job search sites and apps.

9. Find a job with LinkedIn : p post an ad

You can post a job search advertisement. For this you need to develop a strategy. Your advertisement must contain precisely the sector targeted and the type of position targeted, the place where you would like to work and your availability. Make sure that a few people in your network will be able to relay and share this ad to their own network. Thus, taking the lead in publishing your ad will ensure you greater visibility and credibility, because you show that you are active and persevering in achieving your goals.

Find a job with LinkedIn : e n conclusion

By following the different points presented in the article, you are now able to mobilize your professional network as well as social networks to find a new job opportunity on or through LinkedIn .

To do this, you must demonstrate a proactive personal approach and know how to communicate about yourself. This process is called the self-marketing or personal branding .

These tips are from my online training Find a job with LinkedIn . Thanks to which you will be able to follow a method that works to find a job with LinkedIn and thus gain 40 times more visibility with recruiters.

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