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Coach LinkedIn ™: the guide to a successful partnership


Make LinkedIn ™ a springboard with LinkedIn ™ coaching

In your professional life, you hear more about LinkedIn . Everyone seems to be there, but you feel like not many people actually know how to use it. Many tell you that, in the end, LinkedIn doesn’t do much for them. Your acquaintances who are looking for a job have not encountered any opportunities, and entrepreneurs are struggling to gain visibility. Others, on the contrary, know flourishing success thanks to LinkedIn . Their secret? They called on a LinkedIn coach, an expert who knows all the inner workings of the social network and who helped them use it to achieve all their goals.

But LinkedIn, contrary to what most professionals think, is not just a network to post your “CV online”. In fact, LinkedIn is much more than that. With this platform, you can simply turn the turbo up to your professional expectations.

However, LinkedIn can be difficult to learn. Little-known settings and tips can allow you to radically change your presence on the network. A LinkedIn coach knows inside and out everything you need to know to use LinkedIn for a single purpose: succeed and sustain your professional life .

Today, we’ll take a look at what a LinkedIn coach can do for you, how to choose one, and all the benefits you could get from this partnership, full of promise and fulfillment.

Why is LinkedIn essential for your business?

First of all, before talking about a LinkedIn coach, it’s important to understand how LinkedIn is the platform to invest in for your professional needs.

a- A planetary impact

First, let’s look at LinkedIn from a statistical perspective. The numbers that relate to the use of LinkedIn around the world are inspiring. Across the globe, more than 660 million users are present on the social network. For France, these figures are also telling: 64% of the French working population is on LinkedIn, and 92% of recruiters use the social network to find collaborators (Source: LinkedIn key figures ).

Second, let’s talk about LinkedIn from a societal perspective. For several years, professional habits have changed. The arrival of the Internet in the early 2000s in homes has upset the codes, and has spread to the professional level. More recently, in the 2010s, social networks have become absolutely essential. Now, consumers are researching social media before they buy, and are giving growing credit to what’s going on.

Very different from Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn has positioned itself in the professional niche. The average age is higher there than on other social networks (around forty years), and has put forward a modern sales technique: the social selling .

b- Exceptional potential

Whatever your goal ( find a job , new customers, recruiting, etc.), social selling is the art of selling and selling yourself to your target audience through social networks.

Do you want to prospect effectively? LinkedIn will make you visible to your target audience.

Is finding a job in a specific sector your goal? LinkedIn will allow you to sell yourself to recruiters.

Are you looking for talent? LinkedIn will connect you with those who matter in your industry.

The opportunities on LinkedIn are huge. But, like everywhere, it is essential to work, to improve oneself and to learn to be able to benefit from it. LinkedIn is not magic. Thus, coupled with your desire to evolve and your own talents, the network is a real springboard .

A LinkedIn ™ coach, is it necessary?

LinkedIn has many advantages. However, if we had to give it a fault, it would be its complexity of use, for those who do not know the hidden features and the scope of its potential. It is mistakenly thought that LinkedIn is just a social network where posting your professional experience on your profile will be sufficient.

a- A LinkedIn coach is a specialist

Why call on a LinkedIn coach? Because you will, thanks to it, be able to do many things:

  • Know the benefits of LinkedIn and learn how it works;
  • Build a profile worthy of a real sales page, which will magnetize your target;
  • Obtain maximum visibility;
  • Know your target perfectly in order to be able to reach them precisely with a dedicated presence;
  • Learn to build an effective professional network , reliable and relevant to your objectives;
  • Understand social selling and put it into practice to generate customers, get a job, recruit the best people;
  • Know the tips and tricks that really make the difference;
  • And much more !

LinkedIn is not necessarily very intuitive in its handling, the LinkedIn coach will allow you to save precious time. You will start AT ONCE the process of success. Indeed, he will teach you to avoid the traps, to detect the potential of certain functionalities, will guide you in the construction of your profile and your strategy and will be able to give you many advices to gain visibility with your target.

b- LinkedIn ™ coaching is a partnership

While many only see the technical side, it is important not to overlook the human dimension. Because yes, a LinkedIn coach is also a human presence. Professional life is made up of meetings and partnerships. Start from the start with this idea to combine success on LinkedIn with a reliable professional relationship based on exchange, sharing (and performance)!

Thus, the valuable advice of a LinkedIn coach will make your presence on LinkedIn a process where your expertise is the focal point . The LinkedIn coach is there to help you shine on LinkedIn and to become influential, visible and referent.

Choosing the right LinkedIn coach: tips

After thinking about the immense opportunities of LinkedIn, you have decided: you are going to hire a LinkedIn coach. Well done ! It’s a great investment, which will help you evolve and grow professionally.

But beware ! For your approach to be successful, you must choose the right LinkedIn coach, the one who will help you, understand you, create a tailor-made program adapted to your expectations. You and your LinkedIn coach will be working together for a while. It is therefore essential that the current passes, and that its work is of quality.

You will find many LinkedIn coaches by doing a simple search on the web. Some are serious and effective, others less so. To help you tell the difference between real experts and “dream sellers,” here are some tips dedicated to finding the perfect LinkedIn coach.

a- The relational and human aspect: a condition sine qua non

Let us start from a simple observation: the professional world is a patchwork of encounters and human relations which form the basis of success and progress, on both sides. Indeed, quality human exchanges are a guarantee of productivity, results and positivity. It is therefore essential that your LinkedIn coach is someone with whom contact seems natural, easy and consistent.

This is why a good LinkedIn coach is aware of this aspect. He must, on his own, interact with you in an honest manner. Cordiality, honesty, politeness and positivism are the strong pillars of a professional relationship worthy of the name. To verify this, there is only one solution: make contact.

The reception, whether physical, telephone or electronic, must be pleasant and benevolent. The LinkedIn coach must be interested in you and your projects to build an effective relationship start. The current flows ? That’s great ! You have already validated a very important aspect of your future partnership.

b- The experience of your LinkedIn coach

Obviously, your LinkedIn coach must be experienced in his field! To verify this point, a search on the internet should already give you a lot of information.

A good LinkedIn coach is on the web, and information about their experience and work should be easily searchable. A website, a blog, a YouTube channel are all elements to browse to gauge its experience and its services.

But the most important thing is to go to the coach’s LinkedIn profile! This is the most important element. After all, LinkedIn is his business tool, and the cornerstone of everything he does. Be curious and go visit him to read his recommendations, and see if by reading his summary you will intuition to do business with a real professional.

LinkedIn coaching is not an ordinary purchase. I invite you to select a person who has experience and results. You will get straight to the point, the coach will understand your market and will have already improved, perfected his practice over the years.

c- The opinions and recommendations of your LinkedIn coach

An effective LinkedIn Coach is a LinkedIn Coach who has positive customer reviews and recommendations. Social selling has highlighted the ability of consumers to go and seek information themselves. So do the same!

Reviews and recommendations are precise indicators of the professionalism of your LinkedIn coach. That way, go check them out. However, be vigilant and check the identity and profiles of people who shared their point of view. If the reviews seem honest and reliable to you, you can undoubtedly consider that the LinkedIn coach is a serious person, whose results are proven.

Real, verifiable recommendations are a good way to judge the quality of a coach. Are you going to entrust your strategy to a LinkedIn coach who has been on LinkedIn for 2 weeks or to someone who has dozens of returns from satisfied customers who have had results?

d- Likelihood: important point for your LinkedIn coach

In all likelihood, we are talking about the fact that the LinkedIn coach should NOT “sell you the dream”. If on your LinkedIn coach’s profile or website you find a plethora of offers that are too good to be true, be careful. A LinkedIn coach is not a magician, and should not promise you to earn 100,000 euros in a week by subscribing to one of its offers.

Many bad guys take advantage of LinkedIn users’ inexperience to extract money from them and sell them interest-free training. Don’t fall for the trap. To ensure the quality of the offers of a LinkedIn coach, the latter must clearly specify in his documentation that social selling or work on LinkedIn is the result of a medium and long-term commitment.

Without regularity, hard work, and motivation, you won’t get the results you hope for. The LinkedIn coach is aware that his expertise will make your success if and only if it is coupled with an effort on your part, an effort resulting from unfailing motivation and a desire to succeed in your process.

Yannick Bouissière, LinkedIn expert coach

A good LinkedIn coach knows the social network inside out and knows the immense potential of the platform.

Yannick Bouissière, LinkedIn expert n ° 1 in Francophonie, is part of this category of LinkedIn coaches. Its history is linked to the professional social network.

Indeed, in 2012 after fruitless research, he realizes that LinkedIn may be the solution: he then learns to use the network, tries, tries, sees what works well and what does not. Over the years, he has acquired very important skills and has used LinkedIn to position AXA as a leading insurer among Insurance Stratups in Asia, again within the AXA Group to promote employee engagement in the part of his position of communication manager.

It was only then that he embarked on LinkedIn coaching and support.

As a result, its clientele is multifaceted: business leaders, salespeople, managers, job seekers, recruiters, freelancers, department directors, etc. He gives them advice, gets to know them in order to target their expectations, and offers them services perfectly suited to their needs. Thanks to him, they boost their careers and see their goals materialize thanks to LinkedIn.

And the opinions are unanimous:

Proinfluent customer review
Proinfluent customer review

Yannick Bouissière’s technical aspect is combined with a deep desire to help his clients. His vision of things is humanist, and Yannick puts relationships at the heart of his work. For him, exchange and sharing are strong pillars, which effectively support everything that surrounds coaching on LinkedIn.

Click to view dozens of testimonials and Proinfluent reviews .

Yannick Bouissière’s LinkedIn coaching

LinkedIn coaching is real support. Yannick Bouissière follows a precise method during his LinkedIn coaching.

First, making contact allows Yannick to get to know you, to listen to you, to identify your needs and to adapt the sequence of events.

Then, Yannick and you share video discussion times, with screen sharing, to guide you on using LinkedIn. You will learn how to configure and then build your LinkedIn profile to attract your target like a magnet, then to use the network to gain visibility with your activities (publications of posts, articles, various creations, etc.). Between each session, Yannick draws up an action plan for you to follow for more results before the next in-depth coaching.

You have a question ? Throughout the coaching, Yannick is available to answer all your questions and clarify your doubts. The support takes place for the duration of your choice. During this time, you will see your use of LinkedIn evolve towards the success of your goals. LinkedIn coaching with Yannick Bouissière is a concentrate of expertise and human-to-human exchanges. Your results will not be long in coming!

Access LinkedIn coaching

Whatever your goal on LinkedIn, Yannick Bouissière’s coaching will answer it. To access training courses and various LinkedIn coaching sessions, all you have to do is click and discover the best service from LinkedIn coaching !

Then you can make an appointment or a free strategic session by clicking here .

You have questions, ask them by clicking on the section contact . Yannick Bouissière or his team will answer you.

A specific need? An urgent question? Do you have to find new clients, a job, talents very quickly? Make an appointment and reserve your personalized discussion time to share your needs in person.

The LinkedIn coach: in summary

  • An effective LinkedIn coach is a true professional who accumulates many quality experiences in the sector.
  • An effective LinkedIn coach is a true professional who accumulates many quality experiences in the sector.
  • Proinfluent offers personalized LinkedIn coaching tailored to all your goals.

LinkedIn ™ Coach to sum up in 3 questions

Qu'est-ce qu'un coach LinkedIn ?

Le coach LinkedIn est un expert du réseau social professionnel, qui maîtrise tous les rouages de la plateforme et qui va vous accompagner pour évoluer en l’utilisant en fonction de vos objectifs.

Pourquoi choisir le coaching LinkedIn ?

En optant pour le coaching LinkedIn, vous mettez toutes les chances de votre côté. En vous coachant, l’expert vous fait gagner un temps précieux, vous apprend à vous servir du réseau social et vous aide à obtenir les résultats que vous visez.

Comment contacter Yannick Bouissière, coach LinkedIn ?

Vous pouvez écrire un email à Yannick à l’adresse, ou réserver un temps d’échange en cliquant sur contact !

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