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Growth hacking: find email addresses with these 13 tools


Growth hacking: find email addresses with these 16 tools

Who has never found frustrated in front of his computer screen by wanting at all costs contact by email a specific person without having his address? I you see nodding, a smirk. Read on, this article is made for you !

Today we let’s talk about emailing prospecting and growth hacking, with the aim of your database of email addresses with different tools, so that you are not never again in the situation mentioned above. Follow the guide !

Be careful though to read my guide for use emails in good standing with the GDPR .

1. Growth hacking: definition

Let’s start it all first with an overview of growth hacking, in order to have a better idea clear on the principle of the methods used to find email addresses, methods that you will discover as you read.

The translation of growth hacking is a bit risky. Some will call it “growth hacking”, others will call it “growth hacking”. In both cases, it’s not very flattering and even flirts with provocation and “cheating”. In fact, it is a set of various marketing techniques that make it possible to achieve, by all means, objectives while spending as little as possible.

Born in the years 2010, growth hacking is an American concept and aims to grow a business quickly and significantly, no matter what. Roughly, in the world of growth hacking, all means are good. Personally, I prefer to say that all the tips are good to take!

When we talk about growth or commercial performance one immediately hears increase in turnover. And to make sales, you have to sell to customers. But sometimes, it is difficult to get in touch with the target customer base… This is where the theme of the article comes in: growth hacking can be used, using what we could call systems D, email addresses.

The term “Hack” in the expression growth hacking refers to IT, and hacking, but rest assured! Without being an ace programming, code or any other computer skills that could deflect difficulties by insulting ethics, you can use the principle of growth hacking yourself while staying within the legality.

Growth hacking has He has been talked about a lot, especially because of the means used to symbolize. Of course, growth hackers sometimes use clearly limits to achieve their ends, but on the blog of Proinfluent, we we will simply be inspired by the general principle of growth hacking, namely “The resourcefulness”, to help you find the email addresses of people who are part of your target customers.

2. Finding email addresses: yes, but why?

Cold emailing still has a bright future ahead of it. Nevertheless, certain rules and conditions must be respected so that the time spent sending e-mails is used to increase the volume of your clientele, and therefore your turnover, and this without you being (supreme failure ) considered a spammer.

The advantage of email, is that it is very easily customizable. You can adapt it content to best match the recipient, in order to sharpen their curiosity, touch him emotionally taking into account his personality, partially respond to its major problem, etc.

In addition, with a HubSpot-style tracking tool, you can see who opened which email, to when, and if an action has been carried out (for example a click on the button call-to-action that you included in the body of your email). This tracking allows you to analyze the results of your email sending and focus on the most responsive people.

So how to do to find the email addresses of your prospects?

3. The principle of growth hacking to find email addresses

With the principle of growth hacking, no more buying lists of often obsolete email addresses, or even the use of InMail via LinkedIn (although the latter has many strengths, as indicated in my article on the LinkedIn InMail ). The goal of growth hacking being to spend less to increase results, it’s up to you to test the various free techniques to find the email addresses of the right people.

Let’s find out together extensions, applications and other tips for finding email addresses.

4. Extensions and applications to find email addresses

There are many extensions to install on your browser to find the email addresses of people you are interested in. Most offer free trials, then offer paid subscriptions, the price of which varies depending on the number of email addresses you want to find each month. The free trials are rather advantageous, as this gives you the possibility to test for yourself and from your own situation the different tools. Then, it’s up to you to take out a subscription or test other methods. Here is a panel of extensions available to find email addresses:

  • Hunter

I already talked about the Hunter tool in a previous article ( Export your LinkedIn contacts ). I invite you to click on the previously mentioned link to discover the features of Hunter, but be aware that by entering a name, a first name and a domain name, you can find email addresses easily! Free for up to 150 monthly searches, Hunter is very reliable and easy to use.

  • Findthatlead

By entering a name, a first name, a domain name or even specific keywords, find an email address is possible with Findthatlead . You have ten days of free trial, then count around thirty euros per month for 1,500 monthly searches.

  • Skrapp

Just like Hunter, I explained how Skrapp works in an article on exporting LinkedIn contacts . Do not hesitate to take a tour.

  • GetEemail

GetEemail is an extension for your browser that allows you to find an email address from a LinkedIn profile. Paid, this feature is however rather effective.

  • Findthat

By scanning the sites you browse, including LinkedIn, Findthat extracts the email addresses of your prospects, and performs their verification. Fifteen verified addresses are offered to you at start-up, then subscriptions from around thirty euros per month are applicable.

  • This is Norbert

With fifty free searches upon registration, This is Norbert finds for you the email addresses of the people you want to contact.

  • Clearbit

Coupled with a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account , Clearbit is an effective solution if you want to have up-to-date data concerning your prospects .

  • ContactOut

By installing the extension on your browser, ContactOut will work with LinkedIn to find users’ email addresses. Thus, you will be able to get in touch with the members of the social network without going through LinkedIn InMail .

  • Anyemailfinder

Unlike everyone else, Anyemailfinder will only charge you for verified and approved email addresses. If you find an unverified email address that you think is correct, you won’t pay anything. Count around twenty euros for 200 validated email addresses.

  • Datananas

With its fruity name, Datananas can perform an email address search from LinkedIn and allows you to import the results obtained with your CRM management tool.

  • AeroLeads

Install the Chrome extension AeroLeads and start generating a list of the email addresses of your LinkedIn contacts by synchronizing the social network to the application. Strong point: you will be able to collect a lot of data on your leads, not just their email address.

  • Email Extractor

Email Extractor is an extension for Google Chrome. By activating it, you collect email addresses. Then it’s up to you to sort them, because, be careful, you may end up with a lot of email addresses (we will come back to this point later).

5. Find emails: the manual method

Basic, a little time-consuming, but relatively effective and above all free, the method by “Googlization” (yes, at Proinfluent, we innovate in the vocabulary!) has proven itself. If you have a little time in front of you and if you are methodical, test it!

The principle is simple: use your search engine to find the structure (pattern) of the email address of the person you are targeting.

The first step, the easiest way is to find the domain name. For this you need know the company in which your prospect works. This being done, all you have to do is find the complete pattern of the email address.

Then type in the Google search bar: * @ nomdedomainerecherédé . Collect as many email addresses as possible, built on the same scheme, and take inspiration from them to find your prospect’s address.

An email address can be built on different models:

  • lastname + firstname
  • Etc.

Depending of results that you have obtained from your research and information that you know the person (last name and first name, in 99% of cases), you can find his email address.

It’s your turn to play !

6. Finding email addresses in growth hacking mode: precautions and warning

As I already explained in the article export emails from LinkedIn contacts , the CNIL and the GDPR ensure the grain and security of the personal data of European Internet users.

We saw at beginning of this article that growth hacking is sometimes a little borderline, consisting in sometimes taking roundabout paths to arrive at its purposes. This definition, and the use of the word “hack” within even expression can put growth hacking in total opposition to the law.

Yet it is essential to qualify. First of all because the objective here is to find professional email addresses, which will be used in a framework professional. To nevertheless be politically correct and respectful of your target customers, be sure to tell the person asked that they is able to oppose the use of his email address at the future, if she wishes.

As it concerns email addresses outside the professional framework (,, etc.), you will need obligatorily proof of consent of people to whom they belong to be able to use them. Therefore exclude in your research this kind of addresses, to be in accordance with the law.

Nevertheless, I strongly invite you to read the law and my analysis in this article which talks about the use of emails for prospecting .

This is it, you know all about the different ways to find email addresses. You can now use them to prospect but be careful… Always be intelligent, relevant so that your e-emailing campaigns meet the success you deserve. Before “hacking” email addresses, make sure you are relevant in your research. No need to collect hundreds of addresses if their owners do not match your target of customers. As always, focus on quality over quantity!

7. Growth hacking to find email addresses: in summary

  • Growth hacking is a process that will encourage you to borrow many methods, techniques and tips that you would not have thought of at first, in order to achieve your growth goals. Finding email addresses to contact your prospects is part of growth hacking.
  • You can use many tools to find email addresses: between extensions for your browser, specialized sites and basic tips, the choice is vast!
  • Always think about quality, rather than quantity. And if, for that, you adopted a inbound marketing strategy or from social selling LinkedIn to prospect in BtoB ?

If you want to prospect professionals, think LinkedIn! More than 1 in 2 professionals are on LinkedIn… And it is possible to reach them easily, in a human, qualitative and quantitative way thanks to Intelligent Prospecting © from Proinfluent.

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