LinkedIn™ catchphrase: 8 tips and 10 examples to stand out!

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Want to stand out from the millions of LinkedIn™ profiles to attract clients or a recruiter? Have you noticed that it’s not that easy! To help you stand out from the crowd, this article is going to show you how to get visitors to follow you. And to do that, writing a powerful LinkedIn™ catchphrase is essential. It’s the phrase you put first, a message that is always visible, next to your photo, or at the beginning of your profile information. So here are 8 tips and 10 examples to make a difference.

LinkedIn™ catchphrase

Catchphrase: the secret of social networks

On social networks, such as Facebook™, Instagram™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™ and even Youtube™, the tagline is of paramount importance.

Apart from the image and title, the first few words are often the only ones visible in your profile sections, search results, or for an article.

Most users read cross-referenced, which increases the importance of the first few sentences. In the end, it’s often these catchphrases or an effective summary that triggers the desire to linger on your post and learn more or contact you. These small messages coupled with a beautiful image are a hit. We have prepared some concrete examples to inspire you at the end of the article.

The catchphrase in the LinkedIn™ profile summary, what is it for?

In the LinkedIn™ profile, you can place a tagline in two strategic places:

  • In the introduction, i.e. the profile title.
  • In the “about” or “info” section.

The introduction is what viewers see right next to the LinkedIn™ member’s photo, but only the first name, last name and first few words of the profile title are visible.

As for the about section, it only appears when you discover the profile page, but not completely. And as for a post, only two to three lines are visible, so you have to be punchy from the first words.

8 tips for a powerful hook

You got it, for a LinkedIn™ summary, profile introduction, summary about or a post, the hooks must be worked on carefully. On the menu, I offer 10 tips to ward off any situation.

1. Prepare well before writing for LinkedIn™.

You have to be short to be read, you also have to hit the nail on the head. To do this, it is essential to be well prepared.

To help LinkedIn™ professionals, there are proven marketing strategies like the 5W technique: Who, Why, When, What, Where.

  1. Who: Who is the target audience?
  2. Why: why should they contact you? Invest in your solution? Buy this product?
  3. When: when should we act?
  4. What: What are the benefits of your products/services?
  5. Where: where can we get information?
LinkedIn™ catchphrase

Ask yourself who your target audience is (your buyer persona), what your main message is, and what might motivate people to read your LinkedIn™ profile or post.

A successful LinkedIn™ tagline should:

  • Getting attention;
  • Convey its message;
  • Reach the heart of its target.

2. Use the structure of the start-up pitch

The pitch, used by start-ups to find investors quickly, has a clear structure that can serve as the basis for its summary:

  • Catchphrase;
  • Value proposition;
  • Call to action.

The goal is the same as for LinkedIn™ teasers: explain the value proposition as clearly as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Don’t forget to follow up your approach with interesting content and an appeal to convert your visitor into a lead or convince a recruiter.

3. Place some key words

Even for the LinkedIn™ profile summary tagline, keywords are essential. LinkedIn™ is well-referenced on Google™. So, when typing in professional names on a search engine, the LinkedIn™ profile usually comes up first. By inserting keywords wisely, you maximize your chances of coming up in the top query results.

The Ubersuggest website is very useful to find relevant keywords.

4. Use a personal tone

The profile summary is not a CV, avoid describing, make it feel.

From the very first words, I suggest that you use a personal tone, using the first person singular. This tone creates closeness and allows you to show your personality. And today, it’s the secret to getting likes and to encourage people to go further on your profiles and posts.

LinkedIn™ catchphrase

The reader must be able to identify with you, because your style is original, personal and authentic. Talk about your job, your background and your experiences as if you knew someone. Convey the passion that drives you, and you will see that something will happen.

5. Wake up the Internet users

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but on social networks, we’re often in a state of limbo, and the information overload makes us skim and zap from one LinkedIn™ profile to the next without really reading. As a result, taking an interest in someone and reading their summary is a kind of wake-up call.

What triggers it?

Don’t do what everyone else is doing: originality, the mark of a creative mind, is undeniably attractive. Be long when others are short, tell a story when others are reciting their CVs…

It is more effective to provoke an emotion than to describe it. Why is that? Because we are different, and a feeling does not impose itself.

For example, if I write “I’m an HR Influencer, LinkedIn™ Strategy Specialist” as a tagline, it’s going to have a resume tone and it’s less effective than if I write, “The world needs humans who talk like humans.”

6. Be inspired by others (but don’t copy!!)

That’s what we’re going to do later in this article with the examples taken from LinkedIn™. Obviously nothing beats the example of the best. It’s not about copying, just getting inspired by LinkedIn™ catchphrases. Choose the ones that seem to fit your personality, and correspond to your target. Then, analyze their technique carefully to replicate it with your own words. One idea leads to another and inspiration allows you to innovate in turn, and often without you being aware of it!

7. Watch your spelling

French mistakes in a LinkedIn™ summary, or on a simple catchphrase, make people who read you assume that you are not serious or professional. Indeed, even if you’re not very good at spelling or grammar, not making the effort to use good tools or ask for help with an important content correction, gives the impression that you’re sloppy in your work. This can turn off recruiters or future clients!

LinkedIn™ catchphrase

This is one of the ten mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn™, read our article!

8. Remember that you are on a social network

Don’t forget emojis, on LinkedIn™ they help reinforce the friendly aspect and complicity with your readers. Be careful though, you don’t use the same familiarity for a designer, a consultant, a recruiter or accountants.

Emoticons are also used to structure your content.

10 punchy LinkedIn™ catchphrase ideas and examples.

There are many techniques for writing a catchy sentence.

1. Storytelling

The storytelling technique is excellent as a first approach, because it arouses the curiosity of visitors and encourages them to read the rest of the story.

LinkedIn™ catchphrase

The motivation to discover your profile or your content is the same as the one that makes you want to watch a movie or read a novel: your story is presented as an unusual adventure.

For example: “At the very beginning of my career, I had the chance to participate in (…). It was an incredible experience and I loved it. Since then, I’ve made it my job.”

2. The cover letter as a summary

Sur leurs profils LinkedIn™, certains font le choix, en introduction, de rédiger trois lignes entièrement visibles qui sont une sorte de résumé de lettre de motivation.

Indeed, this type of speech allows you to introduce yourself and to make visitors understand what you can offer them. For example: “Expert in (…), I have the ambition to (…). I master the techniques of (…), which allows your company to (…) “.

3. Empathy

More effective than a long argument, nothing beats empathy in the end to attract to your profile. That’s the choice of Tiana, who does it all in two lines with emojis and makes you want to work with her:

LinkedIn™ catchphrase♥

4. The problem that challenges

You can hook users with the issue your post raises, or the one that relates to your persona to get prospects to read your profile summary.

Here, for example, Rado emphasizes the current problems of its target group at the beginning of its summary. What problem is more frustrating and difficult than finding customers?

5. The Expert Surety

When you want to network or when you’re looking for an expert, attention is often on catchphrases that reassure you of your skills. But I’ve found that it’s hard to stand out in this field, you still need a little empathy.

LinkedIn™ catchphrase

In this example, you can see the following trust elements: “3 RESULT GUARANTEES”, “99% of executives satisfied”, as well as “Triple result guarantee”.

6. Experience

In the same vein, showing your experience in one sentence always makes a statement. For example, “With over 10 years of experience in the Internet and digital fields, I have real insight into the WEB.”

7. Numbers

Adding a number makes it possible to design formidable hooks, because numbers have a symbolism and have been used since the dawn of time (the ten commandments): “5 pro tips for your web page” or “Top 10 qualities most sought after by recruiters”. It is the promise of an easy and well organized reading.

8. Make use of a CTA

Sometimes the call to action is placed directly in the tagline.

Example of CTA in the introduction of Yannick Bouissière’s profile:

✔Generate 1 appointment per day for less than 1€ per target person contacted ✔99% of satisfied executives ✔Triple Results Guarantee ➤ Want to XXX BtoB? Generate a steady stream of leads? Read on and take my free training: | [email protected] – NOT AFFILIATED WITH LINKEDIN™ 

This introduction goes against a lot of the advice you find on the net: long content, but airy with the use of symbols, as well as a warning in capital letters. The CTA encourages you to click on its link to discover the training.

LinkedIn™ catchphrase

9. The value offer

The idea of this type of tagline is to draw the eye directly to its value offer. From experience, value is probably the most important thing that makes people want to go further.

For example, here is what Estelle wrote:

LinkedIn™ catchphrase

In a line or two, it announces the color. You know what she proposes to do for you, and stands out from the many profiles that just advertise their job.

10. Wisdom

Writing a sentence full of wisdom like a coach or mentor is more effective than many messages. You show your resources: experience, fluency in the language with its formatting, and depth of mind.

Examples: “I accompany you to reveal yourself”. “I prepare talents to (…).”

11. Bonus

Other effective tips for boosting your LinkedIn™ profile:

LinkedIn™ catchphrase in conclusion

A good catchphrase requires creativity, empathy, and must correspond to your target. Be bright, enthusiastic and show your skills and know-how in a minimum of words.

Here are our 8 tips :

  • Prepare well before writing for LinkedIn™. ;
  • Use the structure of the start-up pitch ;
  • Place some key words ;
  • Use a personal tone ;
  • Wake up the Internet users ;
  • Be inspired by others (but don’t copy!!) ;
  • Take care of your spelling ;
  • Remember that you are on a social network.

LinkedIn™ catchphrase, to summarize in 4 questions.

Why do we need a catchphrase?

You need a good hook in your summary or profile introduction to :

  • Get attention;
  • Encourage people to read their profile or the content of their post in depth;
  • Make a good first impression.

How to write a good teaser?

  • Be well prepared by thinking about your message and your target.
  • The tagline should precede the value proposition and the call to action.
  • Place judicious keywords.
  • Speak in the first person to create proximity.
  • Wake up the Internet user with an original and striking approach.
  • Be inspired by others without copying.
  • Take care of your spelling.
  • Use emojis for emotion and to structure the content.

What types of taglines on LinkedIn™?

  • Storytelling, telling your story as a beautiful human adventure.
  • Cover letter in a nutshell.
  • Empathy: use touching words that evoke sympathy.
  • Problematic: present an interesting problem.
  • Expert guarantee: show that you are an expert in your field.
  • Experience: reassure with your long experience.
  • Numbers : symbolic numbers, three, seven, ten, twelve, are useful to mark the minds.
  • Call To Action: a call to an interesting link.
  • Value proposition: show in one sentence the interest to go further.
  • Wisdom: to give yourself an image of a mentor.

How do you write a LinkedIn™ profile summary?

Resume the proven format of the start-up pitch:

  • Powerful catchphrase.
  • Value proposition.
  • Call To Action.

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