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Post on LinkedIn: 3 rules to know

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Post on LinkedIn: 3 rules to know

Blogging has always been a great way to create content to quickly grow an audience. Content marketing is, and always has been, a great way to build a business. Besides, the method has developed

And that’s good! Because, for some time, LinkedIn allows the platform to be used as a microblog to publish LinkedIn articles , podcasts, publications or even post videos on LinkedIn .

With just a few clicks, you can quickly create content and share it publicly.

Why LinkedIn? Because your LinkedIn profile is referenced on Googl e ! In other words, in addition to being visible within the social network LinkedIn , you also ensure visibility out of the latter . The positive consequence of this is that you develop your SEO at the same time.

In addition to being a real opportunity to develop your inbound marketing and create engagement with your network, posting articles on LinkedIn can help you position yourself as an expert in your field. So these are 4 effects for the price of one!

As you can see, indulging in content creation on LinkedIn gives a lot of benefits. However, in order for the publication of your content to be as effective as possible, there are several obligations.

Publishing on LinkedIn: the 3 rules.

There are three rules to follow to see the results arrive quickly:

  1. Publish at the right time
  2. Publish regularly
  3. Publish relevant content

1. Post on LinkedIn at the right time.

LinkedIn tells us the best times to connect and hope to reach as many professionals as possible. They are located between Tuesday and Thursday, before or after office hours until 10 p.m. You can also post during lunchtime, as professionals take advantage of this rest time to connect to LinkedIn and browse their news feed.

It is not enough to publish content, you have to know WHEN to post on LinkedIn so that it can be seen by as many people as possible. To do this, you need to know WHO you are posting for and who your target audience is, in order to study their habits and know when they are connecting most often. What is the point of publishing content if it remains invisible to your target? This is why studying the “when” is part of the content marketing strategy.

2. Post on LinkedIn regularly.

Obviously, if you want to generate more leads and retain your network, you will need to be active and regular in publishing your content. Studying your prospect target also allows you to define the publication frequency.

Your visibility depends on when you post, but also on the regularity. Without taking up all the space in your network’s News Feed, you can find a balance between inactivity and overactivity.

Once you know when to post and how often, you’ll need to focus on getting your content relevant.

If your goal is to generate leads or opportunities, I often recommend posting a minimum of twice a week, which makes eight posts per month.

Conversely, the maximum is once a day, beyond that it is too much and less effective.

3. Post relevant content on LinkedIn.

Relevant content is content that will interest your audience and provide them with added value.

In the area of content creation, you have two solutions:

  • write on a subject that fascinates YOU;
  • write on a topic that will be useful to your audience.

The first one seems, of course, more attractive, but will be totally ineffective for your BtoB, or even lead to the failure of your content marketing. You need to put your prospects at the heart of your marketing process and create content that they find interesting.

Indeed, people like to be interrupted less and less in their activities by ads or unwanted content of no interest to them.

On the contrary, if you create content adapted to their profile and personality, you will be able to interest them and encourage them to share your publication, which will be favorable to the development of your visibility.

This quote from Scott Abel sums up that thought perfectly: “ theCreating engaging content is a prerequisite, but it is not enough. You have to start considering your prospects in terms of audience “.

This is why it is important to study your audience and your target prospects before starting to develop a marketing strategy.

But the interest you’ll generate in your prospects by creating relevant content isn’t the only benefit. The LinkedIn algorithm sorts information and highlights the most relevant and popular content on your network’s news feed.

So, you have every interest in posting relevant information and inviting your prospects to interact with your article.

If this is clear to you, you are all set to start posting on LinkedIn!

Post on LinkedIn e n conclusion

Marc Mathieu, Samsung Marketing Director, once said: “ before, marketing was about fabricating a myth and telling it; today, it consists of telling a truth and sharing it “.

Post on LinkedIn to summarize in 3 questions

You now understand the importance of placing your target prospects at the heart of your business. You need to study their concerns and meet their expectations by developing relevant and interesting content for your prospects. LinkedIn makes it quick and easy to write and share an article.

Pourquoi publier sur LinkedIn ?

Publier sur LinkedIn vous permet d’être visible auprès de votre cible et votre réseau, de rester en mémoire de ceux-ci de manière à vous positionner en tant que professionnel de votre domaine et surtout décrocher des opportunités commerciales et professionnelles.

Quoi publier sur LinkedIn ?

Sur LinkedIn vous pouvez publier des vidéos, posts, articles qui vont aider votre audience à progresser dans votre domaine d’expertise. Cela vous permet de vous positionner en tant que professionnel et d’être visible.

A quelle fréquence publier sur LinkedIn ?

Je recommande de poster minimum deux fois à trois fois par semaine sur LinkedIn afin d’être visible durablement.

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