Sales training: Best practices to develop your BtoB sales!

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Looking for effective business training tailored to your needs? Do you want to improve your sales techniques to be more productive? Do you want to develop your career in sales?

Are you a consultant, coach, self-employed, entrepreneur, or entrepreneur, starting a business and you don’t know where to start to sell your services? Or have you already created your business, but you are stagnating, you cannot exceed a turnover level?

What if we told you that it is possible to overcome your blockages thanks to training:

  • Reliable to show you how to canvass a prospect effectively;
  • Specific to show you step by step how to master a sales script;
  • Tailor-made that provides you with proven advice to set up a prospecting strategy, which brings customers (almost) automatically every week!

Discover in this article all the information on sales training to become a specialist and develop your business.

Sales training: Best practices to develop your BtoB sales!

Commercial training

What is business training?

Commercial training consists of learning or reviewing all sales techniques , commercial prospecting , but also how to approach and support a prospect or a client. Business training is a key step in developing your business strategy and business.

Why invest in sales and business training?

Investing in sales training is necessary because the business is constantly changing. And, it is quite normal to feel a little lost. Indeed, today, the sale of products and services is no longer done only by telephone or physical canvassing, it is multi-channel . Consumers are changing their purchasing behavior and companies must absolutely follow this trend and adapt!

business training

Imagine, your commercial prospecting is perfectly carried out:

  • Your agenda is therefore filled with appointments with potential customers ( ultra-qualified prospects ).
  • You master your closing scripts in order to place people at the center of negotiations.
  • You bring real solutions to your client and get win-win deals!

Gone are the days when you didn’t know how to prospect properly! No more anxiety about the empty agenda! Sales training allows you to address different subjects according to your difficulties, in order to overcome them and above all, to master them!

Sales techniques: what do you need to master in BtoB?

Commercial prospecting

Commercial prospecting in btob is the art of targeting, making contact and acquiring new customers. In b2b, prospecting is a longer and more complex process. It is not simply a question of selling a product to a consumer, but of forging links, establishing a relationship based on trust and finding a win-win agreement to collaborate over the long term.

business training

In btob prospecting, salespeople do not seek to sell at all costs, but rather to offer a real solution to customers, to meet their needs so that they gain in performance. This is a practice that requires knowledge of sales and marketing techniques and human qualities.

Listening, identifying their expectations, understanding their constraints (budget, time, equipment, etc.) and their problems are essential conditions in btob prospecting. It is a work of reflection that is carried out upstream of the professional meeting.

Social selling

Social selling is a successful sales strategy. Also called social selling, it consists of accompanying prospects throughout the sales journey. Social selling is part of the accompaniments born with the growth of the digital age.

On average, 20% of B2B buyers made the purchase on social media in 2021. This is much more than in 2018, with only 6% of decision-makers! With the expansion of digital and social networks, social selling is a sales technique that must be developed now!

In the BtoB niche, social selling applies to professional social platforms like LinkedIn™. A real sales lever, it’s a formidable strategy!

70% of BtoB decision-makers find that interactions on social networks are less commercial and warmer.

In BtoB, if you want to get results and mix prospecting and social selling, LinkedIn™ is the place to go!

LinkedIn™ prospecting in B2B

What is LinkedIn™ commercial prospecting in BtoB?

It has not escaped your notice that LinkedIn™ is the most influential professional social network in the world. Based on a networking system, LinkedIn™ not only allows you to find your current or past colleagues, but above all to enlarge your circle of relations. This BtoB giant is also an incredible tool for attracting or approaching leads and prospects!

Of course, it requires mastery and knowledge, but don’t panic if you don’t currently have any of its skills!

By training yourself in controlled prospecting on LinkedIn™ you:

  • Target your prospects;
  • Extend your network;
  • Develop your image as a leader;
  • Connect with qualified leads and prospects ;
  • Get in touch with influencers;
  • Find new customers!

Not familiar with social media? Or don’t know where to start? What to do ? Proinfluent accompanies you to understand the codes of this digital sales technique, and increase your turnover! Don’t wait any longer, make an appointment and get the first results in 7 days!

How to train effectively in LinkedIn™ prospecting and social selling?

How to calmly develop your activity with LinkedIn™? What are the methods for getting in touch with identified decision-makers? How to find clients each month and with LinkedIn™?

Whether you want to train your teams or yourself, Proinfluent supports you. Our objective ? That you are fully satisfied and above all, perfectly autonomous, in order to manage your business as you have always dreamed of.

The objectives of our LinkedIn™ B2B prospecting training are to enable you to:

  • find customers every month in just 30 minutes a day;
  • create an image of a recognized expert;
  • (you) sell with LinkedIn ™;
  • develop and promote your brand (or yourself);
  • expand your network;
  • gain visibility.

Not convinced ? Take a look at our testimonials (find out more here )! More than 90 professional testimonials of the effectiveness of our support.

pro-influential training testimonial
Proinfluent business training testimonial
business training

Our support is eligible for French training funds. Take advantage of these funds to train yourself. And, icing on the cake, you just have to let our administrative team guide you, it’s simple! This is a Premium service offered. Make an appointment in our calendar below to study your situation together in order to exploit the potential of LinkedIn™ from next week.

Sales training to conclude

Whether you are self-employed, a business manager or a consultant, business training is the key to increasing efficiency. Here are the takeaways:
  • Commercial training occurs at any time in the life of a company and allows the training of young salespeople as well as highly competent sales teams.
  • Investing in a formidable business training allows you to remove any blockages, use the right tools and the right business techniques. Trade is constantly evolving, being in tune with current methods is a good way to renew and boost your business.
  • To carry out the commercial profession with brilliance, it is necessary to master commercial prospecting and social selling. Thanks to btob commercial training, you or your representatives assimilate knowledge and skills to progress.
  • LinkedIn™ is the network to invest in to develop your business!
  • Proinfluent business training teaches you how to profit from the most powerful social network in the world!

Sales training, to summarize in 4 questions

What is sales training?

It is a general term that encompasses all the business methods that allow you to establish a strategy and increase your clientele and your turnover. Sales training concerns the tools, but also the good practices to find, accompany and effectively convert a customer.

Why do commercial training?

It is beneficial for a business to train regularly in business to use current methods, strategies and tools. For example, with the expansion of digital, many sales techniques such as social selling are booming and not everyone has mastered them perfectly. Thus, commercial training does not only concern salespeople and young companies, but all establishments that wish to evolve and stay in step with the times.

Who is the sales training for?

Any company that wishes to extend its skills to perfect its customer support, its sales techniques and its commercial strategy can take commercial training. This takes place at several hierarchical levels (sales team, autoentrepreneur, business manager, etc.) and in several ways (face-to-face or remotely).

What are the benefits of sales training?

Several benefits are to be noted:

  • Use of modern, more efficient tools;
  • Application of sales methods and strategies in line with current consumer buying behavior;
  • Acquisition of leading trade techniques;

The goal is of course to increase its turnover, find new customers and display a brand image in tune with the times.

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